Relive the 2006-07 Vancouver Canucks Season

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The 2006-07 season for the Vancouver Canucks was a major turning point for the franchise. It marked the entrance of several major characters in the storyline of their march to the 2011 Cup Final, including a new head coach, and the acquisition of the greatest Canucks goaltender of all time. That’s a busy year.

This was a time of conflicted expectations. Prior to the previous season, many expected the Canucks to thrive on the new obstruction rules following the lockout, but they ended the season out of a playoff spot. Consequentially, many analysts picked the Canucks to miss the playoffs again, being a relatively low scoring team that had proceeded to lose a number of point producers in the off season.

However, this theory severely miscalculated the value of adding Roberto Luongo and the cohesion the team would find under their new head coach.

Let’s get started in unpacking the 2006-07 Vancouver Canucks campaign.

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Team Level:

Team Record  Total Points Standings Goal




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49-26-7 105 1st in Northwest Division

6th in Conference

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+21 9.0%

.920 99.9

For a team that was predicted to finish outside the playoff picture, or at best battle for the 7th/8th spot, the Canucks certainly impressed. Largely due to the efforts of new starting goalie Roberto Luongo, the Canucks became a formidable team in the West and captured the Northwest Division title for the second time in 3 seasons. The team’s .920 save percentage was far above the league average of .905. Their offensive output was less impressive, scoring just 2.64 goals per game (22nd in the NHL), but their stingy defence and impeccable goaltending (2.40 GAA, 5th best in the league) allowed them to achieve success without having to fill the net every night.

Individual Level:

2006-07 Scoring

(Courtesy Hockey Reference)

The Sedins had begun to match the point production of Naslund’s line in the previous year, and with the West Coast Express dismantled, they were now officially first liners; and they produced like first liners. Meanwhile, Naslund’s production had begun to tail off as he posted his lowest point total in 8 years, though he and Morrison still put up respectable second line numbers.

The Canucks received an impressive 45 goals from their backend that year, accounting for 20.7% of their total volume of goals (217). Kevin Bieksa led the charge, amassing 42 points in his sophomore season.

2006-07 Goaltending

(Courtesy Hockey Reference)

Luongo was freakin’ incredible in his debut season with the Canucks. He set team records including wins in a season (47) and shutout streak (136 minutes, a record he later broke), and was nominated for a Vezina (losing to Martin Brodeur – Luongo would later exact revenge by stealing Brodeur’s starter gig on the 2010 Olympic team), as well as the Hart and Pearson Trophies (losing both to some schmuck named Sidney Crosby).

Oh, and Dany Sabourin was there too.



During the off season, Dave Nonis replaced head coach Marc Crawford with Alain Vigneault, who had been heading up their farm team, the Manitoba Moose. Lorne Henning was also hired prior to this season.


2006-07 Trades

(Courtesy NHL Trade Tracker)

Free Agents:

New Signings Relinquished
  • Willie Mitchell
  • Marc Chouinard
  • Shaun Heska
  • Yannick Tremblay
  • Jan Bulis
  • Joe Rullier
  • Ed Jovanovski
  • Keith Carney
  • Jarkko Ruutu
  • Wade Brookbank
  • Mika Noronen
  • Jason King
  • Anson Carter

Waiver Claims:

  • Dany Sabourin – claimed from Pittsburgh October 4th
  • Jeff Cowan – claimed from Los Angeles December 30th
Net Gains and Losses:
Gains Losses
Roberto Luongo, Willie Mitchell, Lukas Krajicek, Brent Sopel, Taylor Pyatt, Jeff Cowan, Bryan Smolinski, Tommi Santala, Dany Sabourin Dan Cloutier, Alex Auld, Ed Jovanovski, Bryan Allen, Jarkko Ruutu, Jason King, Anson Carter, Todd Bertuzzi, Keith Carney, Mika Noronen

2007 Drafting

(Courtesy HockeyDB)

This was a hell of a draft, even by Vancouver’s standards. Not only did none of these players play a game in the NHL, not one of them even became a regular in the AHL. Sixth rounder Taylor Matson led all picks with 39 AHL games. That’s unbelievably pathetic, prompting its unofficial designation as the:


The only saving grace here is Patrick White, who Mike Gillis eventually magicked into Christian Ehrhoff in a salary dump from the San Jose Sharks.

Season Review

The Regular Season

After missing the playoffs the previous season, the Canucks made some major off season changes and re-geared for a new year. They got off to a mediocre start, scoring far too few goals, including a streak in which they scored 2 goals or less in 15 out of 17 games between the end of October and the beginning of December. As the calendar turned to 2007, they sorted their crap out, adapting to the new coach’s system and scoring at a more respectable pace (around 3 goals per game), while also allowing very few, climbing the standings and silencing many of their critics.

Luongo was the lone representative for Vancouver at the All-Star game, although low-minute defenceman Rory Fitzpatrick was nearly Zemgus Girgenonsed into a spot.

In the 81st game of the season, the Canucks defeated the Sharks 4-3 in overtime, on a Matthias Ohlund power play marker, locking up the Northwest Division.

The season featured a multitude of milestones. Both the Sedins, Taylor Pyatt, Kevin Bieksa, and Sami Salo set career highs in points, Alex Edler and Jannik Hansen made their debuts, and Luongo set his aforementioned shutout streak and wins records. Alain Vigneault broke the record for most wins by a Canucks first year coach, and then broke the team record for wins altogether, landing on 49.

Those Fancy Stats

Ever wonder what the 2006-07 Canucks season would look like if we assaulted it with charts and graphs? Well the wait is over!

CorsiFor PerTotal VAN 2006-07

The Canucks were a fairly strong possession team in 2006-07, despite a huge midseason dip, posting a 51.9% CorsiFor percentage at even strength, good enough to be in the top third of the league.

The Sedins of course led the charge on this front. The team’s CF% dipped to around 50.3% when the Sedins weren’t together on the ice. Daniel and Henrik controlled possession to the tune of 57.6 and 57.8% respectively in terms of CF%, both cracking the league’s top 20 in that particular statistic.

Over the course of the seasons, the Canucks penalty killing became elite, mostly due to Luongo’s stellar .914 4-on-5 save percentage, with help from the slow reduction of unblocked shot attempts per 60 minutes of short handed time (from dreadful mid-season to an average rate near the end). They finished the season having killed 86.9% of man advantages, topping the league for the first time.

But what was the real reason the Canucks had success in 2006-07?

Here’s a neat graph:

Moving OnIce SOG Against Total VAN 06-07

The Canucks began the campaign holding the opposition to a reasonable number of shots. I can only assume that around the December area, they looked behind them and thought “holy s#$t, that’s not Dan Cloutier back there!”, and completely relaxed their attempts to suppress shots at even strength.

You’d think this would blow up in their face, but like a barrage against the Hulk, all it did was anger Luongo into a puck stopping frenzy, as evidenced by the team’s (read: Luongo’s) rising even strength save percentage.

Moving OnIce Save Percentage VAN 06-07

Luongo’s transformation into an impenetrable barrier allowed the team to post a rising Goals For percentage despite being routinely outshot and outpossessed through the middle of the season. Vancouver did manage to balance their possession numbers by season’s end, while at the same time Luongo stubbornly refused to lower his ridiculous save percentage, leading to all around good times for a Canucks team that won 19 of its final 27 games to plow into the playoffs.

The Playoffs

The Canucks entered the playoffs as the 3rd Western seed, having won their division and were rewarded with a first round matchup against the powerful Dallas Stars. This series, which was Luongo’s first ever playoff series, would become a goaltending battle for the ages. Stars netminder Marty Turco pitched 3 shutouts, becoming the only goaltender to ever do so while still losing a playoff series.

The most memorable moment of round 1 is right here. In Roberto Luongo’s first ever playoff game, the team set a record for shots against, allowing 76, while Roberto stopped 72 of them, as the game went into the fourth overtime before the Sedins took care of business:

In round 2, the Canucks took on the Anaheim Ducks, a top four possession team stacked with greats like Chris Pronger, a couple of Niedermeyers, Teemu Selanne and up-and-comers Ryan Getzlaf and Cory Perry. The Canucks offense dried up and they were tossed around, failing to score more than 2 goals in any game and getting outpossessed in 4 of 5 tilts, including getting slaughtered in the series deciding game 5 in which they posted a horrendous 28.2% CF% at evens. The series, and their playoff dreams, finally ended on this whoopsie of a goal:

Poor Jannie. How is that not a hit to the head?! With the loss to the eventual Cup champion Ducks, the Canucks were in the midst of an impressive streak in which they were eliminated by the eventual champions 6 times in 9 playoff berths between 2000-01 and 2011-12 and 5 times in 6 playoff berths between 2006-07 and 2011-12. How’s that for consolation? What? It means nothing?

Leading Scorers:

Points: Daniel Sedin, 36G 48A 84P

2006-07 marked the first season since 1997-98 that Markus Naslund did not lead the Canucks in points, and began a run of 9 consecutive seasons (to date) that the Canucks scoring title was won by a Sedin. Altogether, that’s 16 straight seasons in which a Swede has led the Canucks in scoring. I can’t be bothered to check, but that must be close to a record. The organization’s “best” (also, only) Swedish forward prospect right now is Ludwig Blomstrand, so Trader Jim better hit the market if he wants to keep this most obscure of streaks alive.

Goals: Daniel Sedin, 36G

Back before Duncan Keith RUINED EVERYTHING, Daniel Sedin made a regular habit of scoring a lot of goals. This was the first of four times he would break the 30 goal mark and one of 9 times he potted 20+.

Of particular note: this was just one season after the Oilers made a run to the Stanley Cup Final, but that didn’t stop the Sedins from exerting their traditional dominance. Daniel dummied the Oilers to the tune of 7 goals (and 13 points) in 8 games (including a hat trick on February 6th), which accounts for nearly 20% of his total goal output that season.

Assists: Henrik Sedin, 71A

Henrik had one of those seasons of his where he just tries to get more assists than anybody has points. He accidentally stumbled into 10 goals here and there, but what are you gonna do? He placed 4th in the league in assists, but later redeemed himself by pacing the league in helpers three years in a row from 2009-10 to 2011-12.

Rethinking the 2006-07 Vancouver Canucks

2006-07 marked the beginning of Vigneault’s habit of putting the Sedins in extremely favourable situations, and their Offensive Zone Start percentages relative to team average (ZSO%rel) jumped from +5.6% +6.9% in 2005-06 to +18.4% and +20.3% in 2006-07. These ZSO%rel numbers were top 5 in the league among skaters with at least 400 minutes of even strength ice time.

One of the most impressive things about the Sedins is that even their ridiculously high possession statistics don’t tell the full story of their dominance. Take the following clip for instance, taking from March of 2007. The situation in question is 4-on-4, though it actually looks like a power play.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the clip:

  • The play is 60 seconds long from faceoff to goal.
  • The 4 Red Wings players touched the puck a total of 3 times.
  • The Canucks completed 18 passes, while the Red Wings completed zero.
  • The Canucks put 3 shot attempts towards the net: 1 blocked, 1 save, 1 goal.

When you watch this clip, you will see one team completely dominate another, with the Sedins in command. Yet when the shift is over, the Sedins are only +3 in Corsi and +2 in Fenwick. 5 hypothetical seconds of a shot-and-a-rebound goalmouth scramble at the other end could even their possession numbers.

What makes the Sedin brand of possession incredible cannot be measured purely in shot attempts. Throughout this shift, Red Wings are routinely pulled out of position, they run into each other multiple times, poor Dominik Hasek is swimming left and right, overplaying wraparounds Tim Thomas style, and Detroit’s defense is outright bagged, allowing Lukas Krajicek to waltz into the slot and bury an easy goal. Vancouver Goal: [insert name here] from Sedin and Sedin. Done and done.

I don’t really feel the need to go through the rigmarole of trying to suggest alternative options to fix what was ailing the Canucks mid season, as Alain Vigneault did a tremendous job of adjusting. If I had a time machine at my disposal though, I could go ahead and tell the Canucks that they didn’t need to sign Marc Chouinard to a multi-year deal, and save from from waiving him a few months into the season. I’d also tell Luongo to keep his eyes on the goddamn puck instead of trying to call a penalty while the series clinching goal floats past him. C’est la vie.

    • Nichushkin Stinks

      Luongo was in an easy division and Canuck goalies have always been over rated. Luongo’s problem was that he was a choke in big games..a reputation well earned and deserved.

      Regular season is for country clubs, the play offs is where he real competition starts.

        • Couodn’t win ONE game in Boston and was on the other end of a shut out. the games he had a shut out were low scoring games, by one goal says my memory.

          choked against Chicago nearly THREE times only to be saved by a rolling puck goal by cherry picking goal sucking Burrows.

          THREE games lost in Boston and the biggest one at home says you are the mother of all Canuck selective memory idiots, Ted.

          Yeah, Luongo is so good he’s wanted…in Florida now! LOL

  • J.D. Burke

    I was in Anahiem for the 2OT loss, when Lou lost his concentration and pointed at the ref for r Offsides, then Scott Niedermeyer put the winner past him. I’m still looking around going” What just happened?”

    Too me Lou wasn’t the same after that game, very very good, but not the same.

  • Nichushkin Stinks

    2006-07 blah blah blah…why waste my time reading this? If this is really your first CA piece, you’ll fit right in with the other useless contributors (Drance excluded).

  • Nichushkin Stinks

    If I remember correctly, this is the same year that the “team picture” of the 06-07 Canucks surfaced online. The thing is, the entire team excluding Lu was photoshopped out, so it was just Lu sitting on a long bench in the middle of the rink with the sign saying 06-07 Vancouver Canucks.

    That summed the season up completely.

    I mean, you could have thrown the Sedins in there, because they were really the only other reason the Canucks got anywhere, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that without Lu, they were going nowhere.

  • Bath Roses got it correct! Luongo like Miller are and were highly overatted. Infact had Alain had the guts to dress Cory Scneider in beantown we likely would have finally won the cup.

    Lui would meltdown in droves and lets 3 or more goals in a short period of time/game over. And is there such low promise for this offseason that canucksarmy is resorting to topics of previous yrs so often?

    Again my prediction for this yrs team, deja vu back to the Neale/McCammon era when we tried to win 3-2 2-1 but at least we have Vrbata and the Sedins still. In that era Ronnie Stern was a lot of fun to watch as we had little talent but some toughness.

    • You are correct sir. What “goon” failed to point out is how every single game luongo lost in the finals was essentially a blow out and or meltdown in no particular order. Every game he won was by the skin of his teeth, narrowest of margins. Had the Canucks choked game 1 or 2 at home, it would have been an easy sweep for Boston.

      You could literally see Luongo lose it like a basket case and after THREE games, THREE, AV was intent on putting choker Luongo in net, just to rub it in. And if that wasn’t enough, NO ONE showed up for game 7 except the fans.

      Luongo talked trash during that series and couldn’t back it up. Thornton shot a puck his way during practice before a game in Boston, has a few words for him and Luongo folded like Tiger Wood’s tent at Camp Sincerity.

      Gillis had half a decent team by accident and what did he do after the SCF? He traded every piece that got tot he finals? The next few years they couldn’t even get to the 2nd round let alone win 2 games in the first round.

      Luongo then cries about how bad his multi million dollar contract was, after crying like a baby he couldn’t start some mean nothing heritage game. Classy all the way

      The league and the Bruins knew Luongo was a basket case choker and the Canucks knew too, only they got away with it in an easy division for the longest time, inflating Luongo Luuuu’s ego every chance they got.

      But when the chips are down, the chokers and over hyped rubbish always know to themselves who they truly are, despite the fans, and Luongo’s over inflated ego simply did what all bubbles do, it BURST. And now Luongo is where he belongs, in a crap market on a crap team where people would rather set fire to themselves than watch hockey.

      AV will always wake up fromthe nightmare that is Luongo, and he has no one to blame but himself for ocming so close but sticking a dagger into himself.

      Luongo? Well, let’s just say he’s more interested in beating the retired old fart down in Florida over a game of poker than anything hockey related. I don’t think Luongo even cared, cause it was all about him.

    • And had AV simply put Cory in 3 of those games in Boston, the Canucks would have had their first long long over due cup. I’m willing to bet Cory won’t be choking 3 games in a row off like Luongoat.

      But no, AV HAD to try and win with Luongo in…he just HAD to. The Canucks need to change their name to ” The Suicides ” cause they sure as hell love killing themselves, time and time again! lol

    • Double Dees

      Part way true. The Oilers most likely have the greatest chance of winning the cup out of all
      Canadian teams. The biggest hurdle and factor to over come is.. Gary USA Bettman.

      And you can bet that given Bettman’s track record no cup shall go to any Canadian teams unless the dumbbells up here smarten up and stop handing money over like tax payers.

      You see the one percenters are very smart. Unlike the 99 percenters in society, the one percent actually spend money on bribing -also called lobbying- to whomever they wish as long as they get their way, while the dumb voters think that going to vote will actually make a difference. The one percent do not vote, they use their money to get what they want. They make sure the dumb 99 percent are distracted and fighting each other, and they just walz in a take whatever they want. Politics? LOL another one percenter invention for the dumb.

      Bettman, like the owners, are alsoone percenters and you will never see the cup anywhere a Canadian city again unless it’s part of the plan. Look at all the fools who go to watch loser teams who have no business even being in a league. LOL. People are so dumb. LOL

    • Locust

      Unless Buttman decides that sock puppet Shanahan should get the cup first. Toronto wins the cup by design and Buttman comes out and says ” oh look, see, there was no conspiracy towards Canadian teams, you got a cup finally. Then rinse and repeat for another cupless 50 years in Canada.

      Can’t wait till the hockey bubble bursts and every sock puppet that works in the league loses their jobs.

  • Locust

    Enjoy all the comments from Albertans trashing the Canucks playoff wins / losses etc.

    You would think they would be talking about their teams playoff games…right?


    Never mind.

    • Double Dees

      Why would anyone go to an Oilers site to trash the Canucks? Do you go on to a Canucks site to trash the Oilers?

      Do you go to a grocery looking for clothes? Or to a restaurant looking for mattresses?

      Oh you probably do.

        • Locust

          We ended up with Harper thanks to the morons in this country that don’t know that big money families run everything. While the morons are busy going out to cast a vote thinking that it will change something the very rich are busy spending their money getting what they want.

          The morons who live in the matrix created by the rich are too stupid to entertain the notion that this world runs on paper money and he who makes it out of thin air controls the world. And everyone, can and will be bribed, if not already.

          Are you scared of Harper? I’m not and I’ll explain to you why and who the real tyrants and dictators are in this world. Consider it a free lesson in reality and logic.

          If you should be falsely accuse of treason who come to arrest you? Harper? No, that would be your fellow citizens in the army and navy.

          If you should lose your home unjustly who comes to foreclose and take your home away, the family that owns the private central banks? No, that would be your brothers and sisters in law enforcement.

          When you protest what wall street has done to your savings who comes to take you away? Your fellow citizens who enforce the establishments laws do.

          What can Harper do to you? What can Bush or Cheney or anyone do? They are just one person. When politicians want war who are the first ones who freely to go? Do you see bush or any other president over in Iraq on the front lines with gun? Do you really think that folks like Napoleon actually fought on the front lines with swords and muskets and lived to a good old age because some history book says so? Hahaha .History is written by those who run the world.

          The real dictators in the world are folks like yourself or your neighbors, who gladly keep the one percent in charge for a little bit of paper money pritned out of thin air. People who go along to get along, just like Canucks fans, who open up their wallets year after after year for lousy results. Without those morons in society, how can the Canucks exist?

          So the next time you blame Harper ( and he is one person of many to blame ) ask yourself this. Who funds Harper? You will never be allowed to find out. What can little old Harper do without the morons in society who support him, lie for him, and enforce for him?

          Once Harper is replaced, his replacement will be just as worse. They give you the problem, you then run to their solution. Every one has already been bribed ( aka lobying )…text book suckerism. Create chaos, then provide them with a solution. distract the public with misinformation, deception and use their own to fight our wars.

          If I told you to go over to a foreign country to fight a war you would say I’m crazy. But if Harper or Obama declares war, people line up and go, even while Obama and Harper are here sucking on martinis. Who do you think are the smarter ones in this world? Terrorism? Even terrorists need paper money to buy weapons. Who do you think funds them? Who your media tells you it is? Who owns your media? Have you thought of that one? You don’t like critical thinking do you?

          Here’s the greatest quote ever known to man. The next time you want to believe in the Canucks or government and media, remember this. ” There is a sucker born every minute.” PT Barnum. LOL

          The morons who go out to vote year after year..just like Canucks fans! LOL

          • Locust

            Nobody looks forward to reading stuff from the ‘angry’ troll….or the ‘tinfoil’ troll.

            Best comments come from the ‘funny’ troll or even the ‘stoned’ troll.

            My suggestion for you is to come back as the ‘medicated’ troll.

            Better for you, better for us, better for your caregivers.

  • Dirty30

    I am no oilers fan,geez! They made me sick getting the 1st overall pick again eventhough odds said they should not have.
    And now they grab the franchise can,t miss Mcdavid.

    Well its just very hard to be a nuck fan with all the behind the scenes political krap. I mean it really seems to me that the Aqulinis have mandated to this management team that getting into 8th spot to net some playoff revenues is whats in there best interests. What would be exciting is if Virtanen/Cassels/McCann all made the team in a true rebuild with young speed/toughness. Instead we get to see 4th line clutch.grab motto hockey,gezz!

    • Dirty30

      The reason why teams get players like Lemieux or Gretzky or McDavid is because they plan it out, they sacrifice if they have to. The Oilers and the Canucks both have something in common last season, they both didn’t win the SC.

      The difference is now the Oilers have a big star and at least a huge asset …the Canucks have memories of the first round…meaning they have nothing. The Canucks wouldn’t even lose a game if it meant winning the cup, the only thing their owners and employees are interested in is making some cash in the play offs.

      It’s been their creed and motto since they got into the league, over hyping average players till the cows come home and their SCF runs are their cups to them. Next year they’ll probably try to market Sbisa to sell tickets. LOL

      If the Canucks were Charlie Sheen they would say…

      Winning? HATE IT!

  • Dirty30

    ROM SPACEKNIGHT Could not concur more! Well there was a brief moment in time that the nucks were managed well by the gm/coach and owners.

    It was in 1994 when Pat Quinn ran the show with the Griffiths family support. Thats when we had a legitimate talented and real tough team. Remember Didick and Dirk and Brown on the back end?

    And thats when 6ft plus dman stood up at the blueline and knoced you down right all you Hamhuis lovers. Thats when we gambled on a kis named Bure and he was the real deal. Thats when a goalie named Kirk delivered in the playoffs and the local boys actually produced like Courtnall/Ronning and they were backed by Momesso/ Ojick and crew.

    Now we get rich owners flying into Florida to persuade a goalie like Lui to come back because they traded the better one in Cory. Now we get Benning spending us to the cap on 3rd/4th line players while trying to say we are not in rebuild? Heck we should be in fullscale rebuild and give the kids a try. Not try and tell us how good Baertchi and Grenier are. We need to see Virtanen/Cassels not guys the flames didnt want.

    • Dirty30

      Exactly. The closest the Canucks have ever been to the cup was the Bure team. Only problem was after the finals the owners decided it was best to dismantle the team. the could have had the cup the following year had they added maybe a few more editions but Griffiths was cheap.

      That Bure team had alot of unsung key players like Courtnal and Ronning and Didick etc the list goes on. The had some of those kinds of players in the last SCF but then Gillis and the owner decided, Nah we don’t need them, we don;t need depth, we’ll just get rid of them and everything will be fine, the twins and Luongo and Bieksa will be enough..YEAH RIGHT! LOL

      You know the team knows nothing about competition when the owner has to fly down to Florida to beg an over rated goalie to play for them again….truly first world problems.

      Speaking of the team, what has it become now but a team that just wants to look competitive? The Canucks always talk about “branding”. LOL What about competing for real? You don’t hear Olympic athletes struggling to win a gold medal talk about branding do you? If olympic athletes don’t win big, they don’t have a future.

      The Canucks and their fans are in a vicious cycle now. The fans give money, they lose. More money comes in, they lose again. How can you expect any team to compete when they keep getting money to lose every year? No drug addict is ever going to quit when people keep handing them money to buy more drugs.

      Well if the Canucks like losing they could at least lose with a purpose. You know, tank every year for 5 years or 10 and get the leagues best assets. But NO, why do that when the fans keep giving us monies to be losers anyways? LOL

      Her’s something funny, if the Canucks tanked 40 years out of their 46 years of existence for draft picks, you would have seen the likes of Yzerman and Lemieux and almost every star play here and with it, maybe even a cup. But NO, 46 years of winning nothing with nobodies is much more smarter and worthwhile. LOL

      Elvis has left the building!

  • Locust

    Exhibit A for why goaltender is the single most important position in the game.

    It also shows why analytics needs to get past the whole “Goaltending is voodoo” excuse before it can be taken seriously.

    If analytics can’t get a handle on the game’s most important position, it’s relevance will be marginal at best.