Canucks Re-Sign Linden Vey

The Vancouver Canucks have announced that they re-signed Linden Vey. The 23-year old forward tallied 10 goals and 14 assists in his rookie season, and was set to become an unrestricted free agent had he not been tendered a qualifying offer this afternoon.

Let’s briefly unpack it after the jump.

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On the surface, Vey didn’t have too poor a season offensively. His 24 points were T-15th among all NHL rookies, but many of them came while playing on the first powerplay unit with the Sedin twins. At even strength, Vey’s production was fairly weak as his 1.09 points/60 ranked him 232nd out of 262 NHL forwards with over 750 minutes of 5v5 time on ice. 

Vey was also among the poorer players in generating shots and controlling the puck last year too, raking among the bottom quarter of the league in ShotsFor/60, ShotsFor%, CorsiFor/60, and CorsiFor% per Part of this is spending most of his season with Derek Dorsett and Luca Sbisa, but Vey wasn’t very strong last season.

Still, $1 million for one year is hardly a large financial commitment in terms of term or dollars, and was just marginally more than the qualifying offer Vey was due. Vey is also just entering his 24-year old season, and has a track record of producing at a high level offensively at each level he’s played at. He was a top player on a very, very strong Manchester Monarchs team in the AHL, and it wouldn’t be prudent to give up on him at this point in his career.

He may still have middle-6 upside, but a 1 year deal is very much a put-up-or-shut-up contract. He will have to take some steps forward as a sophomore to warrant a longer commitment from Vancouver.

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    • andyg

      Because he is 23 and gets a mill. They now have 24 forwards. So if he wants to keep his spot he will need to earn it.

      He will need to be in the best shape of his life.

    • peterl

      Giving up on Vey now is like refunding your lottery ticket for less than purchased money minutes before the lottery numbers are announced.

      If Vey is a good player, then the Canucks can move forward with an NHL asset. If he doesn’t work out in 2015-16, then they can choose not to qualify him next year. If he is terrible and is waived or sent to Utica, the penalties are quite minor. The Canucks and Vey should have another year to evaluate their asset.

      • argoleas

        I agree. One can argue the wisdom of paying with a 2nd round pick for him, but this seems to be consistent with Benning’s strategy to restock the 22-25 year old part of the pipeline, which is extremely thin. This is exactly the same approach as with Adam Clendening and Sven Bärtschi.

        As such, now that we have him, it makes perfect sense to try this for another year. Let’s see where his meat and potatoes lie.

    • argoleas

      Cody Hodgson will be bought out, so he will become a UFA. If anyone thinks he should be signed, the first question would be what qualities would he bring to this team, besides the immense awkwardness.

  • Dirty30

    I hope this is a message from Benning to Coach Really Good that the Summer of Love with Vey is over and that he now has to earn his roster spot and playing time.

    It should be — play Kassian first then Sven second and if they can’t go, check what the Zamboni driver is doing, and then consider putting Vey on the ice.

    And if he plays like Mason Raymond-lite, pull him off the ice and put the Zamboni driver out there.

    Even Hartley had the brains ( and the hardware to prove it) to sit Raymond … Anyone other than Coach Really Good who thinks that Linden Vey is going to take you to the SC is suffering a massive boy-crush.

    The thing is that when JB got Sven, Vey became absolutely expendable and should have been packaged to get a pick back.

    Instead he’s handed a million bucks … There is indeed no justice in this world.