Canucks finally sign Jordan Subban to 3-year, entry-level contract

Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin/USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Canucks and Jordan Subban have ended weeks of breathless speculation by agreeing to a three-year, entry-level contract.

Subban, 20, is undersized but he’s a workout freak (his entire Twitter timeline is basically clips of him lifting outrageous amounts) and he’s been one of the OHL’s most dynamic offensive defensemen over the past few years. When you consider the low level of talent that Subban has generally been surrounded with on the rebuilding/folding Belleville Bulls, his level of offensive output is actually extraordinarily impressive.

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The youngest of the three Subban brothers will be eligible to play in the AHL next season, and that’s likely where he’ll start out. There aren’t too many defensemen Subban’s size who are NHL regulars, so we might reasonably say that the odds are against him being an impact player at the NHL level. 

For whatever reason, this deal took a while for the two sides to consummate. In fact, the club only had two weeks to sign Subban before he re-entered the draft pool.

We’ll be left to wonder what caused the delay, but it was probably just a tough negotiation. 

Yes there wasn’t all that much to negotiate – entry-level contracts are capped at a pretty low maximum, the maximum signing bonus can’t exceed roughly $275,000 (paid out over three years), the AHL salary can’t exceed $70,000, and the performance bonuses are standardized – but it seems most likely that the Canucks were looking to compensate Subban as if he were a standard fourth-round pick, while Subban’s representatives with Newports Sports were driving a tougher bargain and looking to get a better deal (with a higher AHL salary for example). 

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Unless either side is explicit about it, or unless very specific details pertaining to the contract and performance bonuses are leaked (from which we can make some strong inferences), we’re unlikely to get the full story. 

Not that it matters, really. The deal got done! The Canucks signed an intriguing if undersized asset! Disaster averted. 

  • Waffles

    This is great! Sure, he may have a tough time actually making the NHL, but this is exactly the kind of high-end skill that we should be looking to roll the dice on.

    Honestly thought this wasn’t going to happen.. great news!

  • Mantastic

    Ted, you really need to get the Turrets Syndrome under control. These outbursts are most unseemly.

    Seems like all the angst over Subban was truly misplaced. Benning said he would get him signed and he did. I really look forward to seeing him in the A next year. I have some optimism about his future despite his size. Great pedigree.

  • Wow I’m so happy to hear this. His potential is amazing. And his bloodlines too. Also hearing he’s a workout freak tells me he is going to be extremely hard working, and is going to do everything he can to make the Canucks. PK says his lil bro has more talent than he does, and considering how good PK is, that says alot to me. Also I’m very happy we signed Mackenzie Stewart. And we got Ben Hutton earlier this year. Next up it’s Patrick McNally. And hopefully in 1 more year Nikita Tryamkin. People who say we got no defensive depth I think are going to be surprised how many of these guys turn out to be NHL players. I also have hopes for Anton Cederholm, Evan McEneny, not to mention Frank Corrado, Adam Clendening, Audrey Pedan, and hopefully we resign Alex Biega. And play all these guys in the AHL instead of all these career AHL guys.

    • Larionov18

      Yup a fine collection of 5 and 6 and 7 guys. No real top 4 guys though. Ben Hutton and Pedan maybe have a shot at being 3 and 4 guys on a good team. Corrado was minus 7 in only 10 games, Benning needs to package some of these guys for picks if he can. Start drafting dmen in the first round.

      • Larionov18

        I’ll agree, but only if the drafting braintrust is as certain as they possibly can be that said 1st round d-man is going to pan out. If we have to take a flier out on someone, I’d rather it be a forward.

        If it’s not someone they’re really targeting with the hope that he slips down to the 20’s, then all things being equal, you’re likely to get better return drafting a forward.

      • Larionov18

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Pedan’s career is already over. He hasn’t played since being knocked out by Stu Bickel in mid-March fight, likely recovering from a major concussion. I haven’t found any news on his progress since then.

          • Dirty30

            No, I have been actively search the internet for news since Benning was quite high on Pedan. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t actually read my comment. But the fact that you can’t find any updates for Pedan if you google for injury or concussion never bodes well. The reports that I found dated around March 2015 had some people saying it was a serious concussion. It’s good to hear that he’s back practicing.

          • Mantastic

            Nick, it’s not super easy to find via Google, but the Utica Comets website has been making regular updates:


            “WEDNESDAY, 5/6 – Practice Day

            3:31pm: Travis Green told Vancouver Canucks’ Tyson Giuriato that Jake Virtanen’s first shot at practice today ripped through the net.

            12:40pm: Some good news to report. Will Acton skated for about 15 minutes after practice today without pads. It is the first time he has skated since he suffered an injury on March 20th. Andrey Pedan once again skated with the Comets, again without a non-contact jersey.”

          • Dirty30

            Ah, thanks. I normally just use Google News. I check the Utica stats page periodically and noticed his games never changed as the regular season / playoffs progressed.

  • pheenster

    I am not all that thrilled by this signing. he is too small to make it as a dman, and I think it would be in his interest and in the teams interest to try him on the wing. Family lines are meaningless. Remember Steve Kariya. It would be better if he got away from playing the position that his diva older brother plays.