Burrows Suspension Possible After Game 3 Skirmishes

Once again, a frustrated team at the tail-end of a one-sided loss increased physicality and triggered some fisticuffs.

In Game 2, it was the Flames, and Deryk Engelland narrowly avoided suspension. In Game 3, it was the Canucks, and we’ll see what happens with Alex Burrows. He was assessed a game misconduct for instigating a fight with Kris Russell late in the third period following a big hit to Johnny Gaudreau (which he was already being penalized for).

Here’s the relevant part of the rulebook (via the NHL’s official PDF of their rulebook):

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.03.13 PM

Based on the letter of the law, unless the league feels the officials really got it wrong with the instigator, we’ll see Burrows get dinged with a one-game suspension and Willie Desjardins get a $10,000 wallet-lightening.

Dan Hamhuis also took a late-game penalty for hitting Sam Bennett in the head, but Bennett finished the game and didn’t appear to have any injury, so I personally doubt there are any further supplemental discipline following Game 3.

  • Kybb79

    Burrows is the biggest coward in the game next to Bieksa! He proved it tonight! He will get his ! Next game he plays! He must of been upset after Ferland made him cry in game two! LOL

    Hey Nuck fans your classless team got there butt kicked tonight! All of CANADA hates your Cheap shot team!

  • wojohowitz

    Poor little Johnny Hockey gets swatted for being the annoying little fly that he is and Calgary fans start talking suspension. Got your panties all twisted up around your throat do ya. The Canucks will be looking for blood on tuesday and suspensions all around.

    • Kybb79

      LOL Canucks scare nobody! Who wants suspensions Burrows and the Sisters hahaha

      What kind of style is it the Nucks play? I mean there biting,head hunting and cheap shots? It’s not Canadian what is it?

        • Kybb79

          Johnny gets hit then he pops right back up! Even when your hero Burrows hit him from behind! Ferland is abusing your team with his clean, Canadian style body checks! Ferland is not scared of no Nuck especially your middle weight Dorsett! You see Ferland knows how to play hockey not just fight but he will !!!! I see Bollig out there none of your middle weights are willing to step up to him!

        • gnam

          I don’t recall Johnny even insinuating that he can’t take a hit. Nor complains. He’s been throwing his body around actually. He’s kind of an ambassador of the game and if you can’t respect a good kid making a name for himself then that’s kinda your problem. Does it feel demoralizing that Calgary is giving Van all they can handle with nothing but broken wheels and rookies?

          I’m happy to see fans from other clubs discusssing our youth by name. That’s right, you said it, “Ferland and Johnny Hockey” Even your sympathizer Jim Hughson seems to like saying their names. Regardless of the outcome of the series, Vancouver fans envy (respect) Calgary’s players. Sadly it’s not mutual.

  • gnam

    Whatever … Ferland shoulda known that was coming. He can have himself a good cry about it at bedtime tonight and come back at em on Tuesday. Keep yer head up kid!

  • slapshot444

    I can’t imagine Burrows being suspended for that (although he is despised by league officials) as Russell went after him and was a willing participant. If anything, Bieksa should have gotten an instigator penalty for going after Ferland (but didn’t as he is adored by league officials).

    Not sure why Burrows got a penalty for body checking Gaudreau. He had the puck and it was shoulder to shoulder.

    All in all, extremely weak game by Canucks. Continually turned the puck over in their zone and had numerous bloopers and flubs.

    • Kybb79

      No way did Russel “go after him”…like…at all..Burrows went straight to Russel and dropped his mitts and started chucking…total instigator.

      Burrows hit JHockey from behind,close to the boards,classic penalty called all year.

      Without being overly emotional or one sided,your team should be without 2 guys for game 3 (Hamhuis and Burrows)

      I was kinda embarrassed about our antics at the end of game 2,but your team was gutless and took it to a lower level

    • Burnward

      You clearly weren’t watching the same game everyone else was. It was very clear that Burrows rushed Russell right after he hit Johnny so nice try there buddy. Blows my mind how delusional all these nuck fans are.. blows my mind….

  • Johnny B___hBoy needs to know that know matter how short you are you are still going to get hit.

    SUCK IT UP, its hockey.

    Flames fans complaining about cheap shots.

    Ferlands Slash on Burrows wrist was what?

    Russell’s cross-check to the back of a players head in the prone position is what?

    Running a goaltender just standing there is what?

    • gnam

      Getting a puck in the face and trying to sell a high stick on Nat TV is what?

      Burrows overselling a tap on the hands is what?

      In both cases, not a penalty.

      Russell’s cross check was an accidental on purpose fall. Not too hard. Kind of a love tap. Kelly Hrudey said he was tripped to cause the fall so it wasn’t as malicious bad as some claim.

      Series is 2-1 what is that?

      It’s one more win than YVR.

      thanks for popping in.

      • gnam


        Yup Calgary is completely innocent, and they are saints in all of this. They are the epitome of fair play.

        I absolutely HATE burrows and bieksa and some other Canucks, but you Calgary fans who are trying to make Calgary look like they are the picture of fair play are EMBARRASING yourselves.

        Let me guess Bollig just accidentally tripped over his skate laces and fell on top of the Canucks goaltender and he just accidentally put him in a headlock and wouldn’t let him up.

        You should be an attorney with that kind of imagination……

        Kris Russell “FELL” and accidentally cross checked bonino in the back of the head with his whole weight driving into the cross check……. Hahahahahahahaha

        • andyg

          Dear Mr. Serious,

          Let’s say I am competing with you in the stanley cup playoffs…

          If I accidentally on purpose fall on you as you trip me, I am literally trying to hurt you and your feelings.

          If it takes me an extra 5 seconds to get off your goalie I am deliberately trying to piss off your team and your entire family.

          In all of this I also hope you lose sleep and get fatigued. Not for a second do I expect my fans to convince other fans that I am a saint.

          It’s what you call playoffs.

          I’m glad you hate Bielksa and Burrows. You should.

  • Andy

    The depth of stupidity and homerism on display in the comments section here is astounding. Whatever happened to the intelligent fans and posts this site used to proudly have? Canucks fans comment on deployment, strategy, statistics and other intelligent things. Calgary fans pound their chest and grunt. Almost as bad as Boston fans… almost. Did all the internet get drunk and show up here to post their uneducated and frankly blind opinions?

    • Brent G.

      There are definitely some biased comments on here from both sides but, in all fairness, I’m not sure I would consider the majority of comments here to display “stupidity or homerism” as you explain.

      Also when you refer to Canucks fans commenting on, “deployment, strategy, statistics and other intelligent things.” Take off the blinders, you are no better than what you are calling out. First of all I’m pretty sure fans actually need to comment in order to provide what you boast and yet no one comments on any of the articles on Canucks nation.

    • Nick24

      Hey buddy, I can confirm many comments are factual on here & hardly drunk & uneducated. I was at that game, maybe you noticed me, I was the guy in Red. Burrows, did what he had to for his team in a game where his team where getting beat. He is still a gutless puke & chased Russell & instigated that fight. Maybe get your glasses checked & watch the video replay again. Bieska was being Bieska. Personally, he was doing his job as well at that point of the game. He also was guilty of starting that fight with Ferlund & how he never got an instigator is beyond me. Bollig is one dirty SOB out there as well, but I am sure glad he is on the Flames. Better get used to what you saw with the likes of Bollig & Ferlund because the future isn’t going to get any easier as we have a few big boys in Wolf & Smith chomping to get a spot on this dance card. It’s nice to be having playoff hockey again.

  • Kybb79

    Canucks fans had plenty to say after last game when Flames were looking to fight straight up. Called them “goons”.

    What do you have to say now?

    Canucks are totally classless. Cheap shots and sucker punches is the only kind of “toughness” they’re capable of. No wonder fans around the league hate them so much.

    As ugly as the end of tonight was, I just keep reminding myself how sweet it’s going to be in the end.

  • Burnward

    It’s clear Burrows isn’t getting suspended. He took a penalty (against Johnny Hockey — oh No! LOL) and Kris Russell came right at him. That’s an instigator. Burrows was tossed from the game to calm things down.

    It will be rescinded because Engelland was and Engelland actually started a fight to “send a message”.

  • KiLLKiND

    Now that I see it I think it is worthy especially after that dirty hit. I’m not sure I think it could be worthy of 1-2 games usually but after NHL didn’t suspend Engelland I bet Canucks would be pissed if Burrows got suspended even if the little rat deserves it.

    • Brent

      Shoulder on shoulder hit. Shouldn’t have even been a penalty. No suspension as Russel went after him first but have to admit Burrows dropped the gloves fast, probably too fast. Much faster than Ferjerk did with Dorset. Oh ya, he didn’t….

      All credit to Calgary tonight. Totally outplayed the Canucks, made them look old and slow. Your forecheck is simply killing us, almost as much as Sbisa. Canucks need to regroup and come up with a solution to get the puck out better or Calgary is moving on.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      It wasn’t anywhere near as dirty as the Backlund hit in the second period on Dan Hamhuis. But that’s Backlunds style, running and hitting from behind.

    • Brent G.

      One thing to consider is that Burrows is a repeat offender (I think). Not sure if that would have any bearing on the final decision regarding the suspension though.

  • beloch

    My prediction is that both suspendable Canucks will get off and Hartley will be fined another $50K, just because.

    Engelland’s crimes in game 2 were arguably all passion, but the hits on both Bennett and Gaudreau seemed like premeditated attempts at taking out star players. I’d be disgusted with those hits even if the Flames were on the giving end.

    The league would be wise to do something to cool down this series and stop the head-hunting, but I suspect their ratings are just too high. The HNIC panel was clearly loving the ultra-violence in this series, and I bet the league does too. I only hope no player, on either side, winds up injured because of this.

    I hope Hamhuis and Burrows accidentally collide and put each other out of commission through sheer stupidity, but I do not want to see them taken down the way they tried to take Bennett and Gaudreau down.

  • gnam

    “the Sedins are responsible for a team persona and culture which makes them Canada’s most hated team.”

    The Sedins??? Yes, modesty, integrity, pacifism, philanthropy, skill and sublime passing are just so eminently hate worthy. You can’t possibly be serious.

    Also, the “Canada’s most hated team” narrative is so boring. It’s 2015, did you just wake up from a 4-year coma?

    Kind of an odd list of players to cite. Pacifists who love skill, like the Sedins and Hansen. Reactionary “old time hockey” lovers, like Bieksa and Dorsett.

    If the Canucks were still a dominant team, they would be hated. They aren’t either anymore.

    • beloch

      I hate the twins, but I respect them because they’re good. They’re really slowing down in third periods this season though, so I probably won’t have to hate them much longer.

      Burrows on the other hand… I hate Burrows because he’s a dirty, diving, no-good, head-hunting pest. Burrows is who has given the Canucks a bad reputation, not the Sedins.

      • mk

        This x 1000. I dislike the Sedins on the ice because they’re damn good players & usually make their opponents pay on the score-sheet. They seem like great guys and are extremely clean players.

        Burrows, Bieksa and Kassian are the real problem with this Canucks team, as Kesler & Lapierre were when they were in town (+ Bertuzzi & Cooke back in the day). Dirty players who are effective at hockey, but their antics give the team a bad rep. I’d argue the Canucks have (in the past) been on the receiving end of bad calls because of the reputation that Burrows et al give the team.

        • everton fc

          Bieksa’s been a warrior for the Canucks for years. I don’t have issues w/him, even though I hate the Canucks. As a fan, of course!

          I also think Dorsett’s effective, and hoped the Flames would take a punt on him the last trade deadline before he went to the Rangers. He can score. He’s like Tootoo, who was a leader with the Devils this season, whilst playing his game, potting 10 goals. Guys like these have value. But they’ll cross the line, at times.

          Cooke, on the other hand, was way out of line.

  • slapshot444

    Some ones gonna get a game. Either Hamhuis or Burrows. As England got off his BS instigator then Burrows might get the same consideration even thought his was real. The head shot to the rookie won’t go un noticed though and will likely draw a game for Hamhuis.
    Wille should get 100k fine all things being even, if they really want to put a stop to the end of game shenanigans. They will have to pass the hat on the coast.
    Flames 2, Fishbirds1

  • Burnward

    Plus, to borrow from Botch, Ferland is a folk hero, but Burrows is the anti-Christ. C’mon. I think we need some balance here, because if what Burrows did to Johhny Hockey is considered evil and a detriment to the game, than what Ferland did to Sbisa should be looked upon equally.

    Again, the narrative. Canada likes to stick it to Vancouver because everyone needs a Darth Vader — and that character is dead. But watching fans drive media in to a lavishing frenzy, overlooking similarlt dangerous hits — even championing some of the crap the Flames are blantantly getting away with — is a spring event out here on the West Coast. We saw it with Chicago. We saw it with Boston. We saw it with the Kings. And now its the Flames.

  • And let’s not get into “classless” arguments here, folks. There are really cool people who cheer for Vancouver (and Calgary) and utter morons who cheer for Vancouver (and Calgary).

    Let’s just remember one thing: at least neither city has to support the Oilers.

    • Kybb79

      Multiple uses of the term “classless” were used to describe the actions of the Canuck players, not their fans.

      This is a place to discuss the game and share opinions, is it not?

      Perhaps Ryan, you would be better served reading a little more closely and playing referee a little less.


      • The GREAT Walter White

        Classless: posting using someone else’s name on the FN comment board………

        The readers are able to tell the difference between red ink and black ink, loser!!!!!!


    • DoubleDIon

      There are no cool people who cheer for the Canucks. There are no cool players who play for the Canucks. Everything about that team and it’s fanbase is completely devoid of cool.

      • Qualicum Wayne

        DoubleDion wrote:
        “There are no cool people who cheer for the Canucks. There are no cool players who play for the Canucks. Everything about that team and it’s fanbase is completely devoid of cool”

        I’m a bit confused as to why this juvenile crap is all over this blog. I started reading here at Canucks Army because I appreciated the more mature thoughtful approach to the content and feedback. However, today it feels like I’m back reading at canucks.kids. What’s up?

  • While Hamhuis and Burrow’s suspendable offences were bad tonight, Bieksa showed no class at all when he sucker punched Ferland and continued when Ferland was on his knees…all while the young 21 year old still had his gloves on!

    However can’t say I’m surprised anymore by the Nucks group. Bieksa, along with Burrows, Hansen, Dorsett and the Sedins are responsible for a team persona and culture which makes them Canada’s most hated team.

    Thankfully they’ll all be gone in 2-3 years. Hopefully Benning and Desjardins can lead the team culture to do an about-face and lead the team back to respectability with all the new young faces coming in to the dressing room.

  • smith

    I want the NHL to protect the star players. I want To watch Bennet and Gaudreau play not have them knocked out by dirty plays. If Bollig did a headshot on Kane or Crosby I would want a 10 game suspension. Same thing with our young stars. Concussions are two damaging. Look at the number of star players drastically impacted by concussions. Crosby, Kariya, Lindros etc.. A suspension for this crap cannot be too long.

  • everton fc


    What I meant by the “homerism” is summed up awesomely in this (biased) article and by someone above. – scroll down to the comparison of the Burr hit and the Ferland hit (on Sbisa). The Sbisa one was worse, resulted in some significant facial damage, and is one of MANY by Ferland this series. Burrows – not so much.

    If Burrows was doing half of what Ferland is(and Ferland is getting away with, mysteriously), the hockey world would be apoplectic. Burrows has changed a lot in the past couple years (no, not entirely, sadly) and knowing the player, I would not hate him on another team. Unlike Kesler. Or Dorsett. Or possibly Bieksa.

    My point, put earlier as a blatant troll comment, was that CanucksArmy was formerly the domain of statheads and nuanced discussion. Since the joining of the comments, it has been overrun by a fair amount of Calgary folks, who are either throwing down the victim card or bashing Vancouver fans, players, and the city. I have news for all you Calgary fans: you’re not a victim. You’re not really the underdog, mainly because your PDO is incredible. And finally, you’re giving more than you’re getting, so enough with the whining. Except for the 3rd period of Game 3, CALGARY, not VANCOUVER, has been the team getting away with Charging (another couple last night, I counted SEVEN steps on a Ferland hit, WTF is wrong with the refs, somebody’s going to get injured).

    Calgary is an awesome city that supports their team very well. (Well, maybe not as awesome as other Canadian cities like Edmonton (culture), Vancouver (tolerance, scenery) and Montreal and Halifax (just plain awesome), but kinda awesome nonetheless). All cities have fans that wear blinders. Unfortunately, there is a greater degree of such folks coming here to comment, and I used to read the comments on CanucksArmy to become less stupid, not more so. Oh, and I definitely don’t mean all of you Calgary fans, so untwist your panties before blasting back.

    • RedMan

      thanks for helping us understand what complete homerism is –

      not by explaining it to us, but by the superb, faultless demonstration! Excellent Homer!!!

      So, you are miffed that some Calgary fans claim to be the victims, when you are clearly positive it is Vancouver who are the victims. if you want the right to claim victim status – the title is all yours…

      as for the Flames fans – you realize it isn’t trolling because the articles are cross posted, right? if you want to see real trolling, check out the Flames nation, where more then half of the posts are from canuck (and some oiler) trolls who collectively could not must an IQ of 50.

      Welcome to the new world of the internet selfie generation where stupidity and “yo-mama” arguments reign. Nobody seems to worry about making any intelligent or witty comments, but give in to the urge to be complete dolts because they are anonymous and don’t care if they look like the the 5th graders that they really are inside.