VIDEO: Jacob Markstrom drops the gloves for 1st career scrap

Vancouver Canucks goaltender Jacob Markstrom got heated during Wednesday night’s American Hockey League tilt between the Utica Comets and the Binghampton Senators. 

Late in the second period Canucks prospect Frank Corrado was jumped by Senators forward Darren Kramer and bludgeoned repeatedly. Kramer wouldn’t let up and right from the get go Markstrom wanted in on the action, despite the efforts of the on-ice officials to diffuse the situation.

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It was to no avail and Markstrom finally got his hands on (and his fists into) Senators goaltender Peter Mannino. As a result of the fight, and his actions in evading the officials, Markstrom was assessed 29 minutes in penalties for a variety of infractions including a minor for “leaving the crease” and a major for engaging in a “secondary altercation.”

  • acg5151

    I like how the announcer was like “WHOA THEY ARE SHADOW BOXING” at the top of his lungs, Markstrom got like 3 punches in and it was over. Lamest fight of all time but it was still awesome.