Babych Please – March 19th


From Boston College to the NHL, the Canucks’ goaltenders brought all their A-games this week, both on the ice and, more importantly, on Twitter: 

  • Eddie Lack making young fans happy is sort of a constant occurrence at this point. Here is his reply to a letter sent to him by a fan: 

  • What we’ve learned is this: Eddie Lack writes letters exactly as you’d imagine Eddie Lack would write letters. He made sure to confirm that it was indeed from him.

@Ali_C177 it is from me:)

  • Sick of being outdone, Ryan Miller has made sure that his twitter game has suffered no setbacks during his time on the IR. 

  • After sending Daniel Sedin a beautiful stretch pass that lead to the game winning goal, Alex Edler threw a bit of shade at his alternate captain’s skating skills. Of course, Alex Edler’s shade is pretty much equivalent to the shade created by those tiny umbrella’s you get in fancy cocktails:
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  • That same goal proved, thanks to Burrows and the twins, that you can be an excellent first line while simultaneously being a trio of human disasters:

  • Follow Ronalds Kenins’ as he journeys from a shopping mall in Latvia to the hearts of Canucks fans. There appears to be some sort of taxidermied bobcat involved at 0:35. Classic Ronalds!
  • Thatcher “The Iron Goalie” Demko made an absolutely nonsensical save for Boston College this week: 
  • Some Canucks shared their favourite pranks for Frankie Corrado’s contribution, which involves a phone book, a manila envelope, some shaving cream, and a door, is absolutely fascinating. 
  • Interesting theory: Eddie Lack might be a wombat. 
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