Canucks looked at dusting off the 90s flying skate jersey for Pat Quinn night


On Monday the Canucks took to the ice for practice sporting the Vancouver Millionaires sweaters. It would seem that the players and the organization were preparing for Pat Quinn night, which the club will host at Rogers Arena on Tuesday evening.

The Millionaires sweater has been the club’s go-to ceremonial sweater ever since the club purchased the Trademark from Canadian heavy metal legend Thor (no, seriously). The problem is that the Millionaires sweater, as nice and historic and formal as it is, isn’t exactly a jersey thats connected in any way to Quinn. 

Which is probably why the club explored using the 90s flying skate a.k.a. the spaghetti plate jersey, according to president Trevor Linden:

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So we might perhaps see the ‘flying skate’ sweater in the near future, eh? Because if there’s one thing this franchise needs, it’s a 14th different logo and jersey combination…

What the Canucks decide to do with their sweaters going forward is worth watching, actually, because there have been a number of hints that change is, if not imminent, then at least being considered. 

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Linden suggested in an appearance on the TSN 1040 this summer, for example, that the organization has considered changing their primary logo from the current killer whale (a logo that can trace its origins back to John McCaw and Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment), to one of the Johnny Canuck logos.

The club even debuted a ‘fashion sweater’ at the Canucks Store this season, which is green and features the full-body Johnny Canuck as the primary logo:

I’ll be interesting to see whether or not the skate logo, which notably doesn’t work with the club’s current blue, green and white colour scheme, becomes a real thing the club wears occasionally before the Johnny Canuck logo does. 

Surely the skate and its accompanying black, red, and yellow colour scheme makes more sense as an exercise in 90s nostalgia, rather than as a full-time replacement for the angry corporate Orca. 

Whatever happens, Canucks fans should expect change in the not-so-distant future. Even beyond what the new management group is hinting at in conversations on the radio and with reporters, the club has sported their current iteration of the orca sweater since 2007. So change is overdue, at least based on the colourful history of the franchise and their madcap approach to hockey fashion. 

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  • yugret

    I’d like to see them get a new uni. I was never a fan of the Orca… How do you connect an Orca to the Canucks other than the corporate ownership connection from back when.

    • I like the Flying V in green and white…..BUT

      Green and White Hockey stick logo! Get rid of the Orac! Always has bothered me.

      My question is why Trev couldn’t make a retro jersey night in honor of Quinn happen? Everyone knew there was a home game on St Patties eve and it’s been a while since Pat passed? Should have done it. Would have been nice remembrance.

  • I’ve grown to like the Orca. I like the west coast native feel to it. The ‘C’ is a bit redundant with Calgary & Montreal featuring it in their logo as well though. Johnny Canuck is ok as a shoulder patch, but a bit too cartoonish to be the main logo. Reminds me of John Tortorella on skates. Lol. I’d like to see the flying skate in green & blue to see if works.

  • RandomScrub

    Best jersey/logo was the original one, in 1970. You’d have to add the names on the back at some point, but otherwise it was perfect. People think the stick-in-a-rink is too boring but compare it to the Flyers logo for 70’s simplicity. If it had just never changed, it would now be an absolute NHL classic. Even if it was tweaked slightly over time to arrive at the contemporary version, with the bolder and simplified stick-in-a-rink logo and modern typography, it would still basically be the same thing and would be entrenched as iconic.

    Go with the whites as they’re shown in the top-left in the graphic at the top of this post, but for the blues go with the modified version without the “v” in the arms and the modified piping, more from the mid-70’s. Looks better that way on blue.

    I say ditch the Orca and go with the Johnny Canuck and Stick-in-a-rink as the logos, with the rink as the primary, and Johnny the primary on the alternate jerseys. Stay to white and blue jerseys, though… the primary green jersey is too Hartford Whalers…

  • SJ

    Appreciate the feel good over honouring perhaps one of the great achievements (amongst many) in the coaching career of Pat Quinn. However. the love of the 90’s spaghetti skate is way over the top.

    Yes, the team was scrappy and made it to the Final in 1994. Aside from that single post-season run, the team consistently underachieved – especially in that jersey.

    1990-91 28W 43L 9T (4th Smythe). Made the playoffs and lost to the Kings in the first round.

    1991-92 42W 26L 12T (1st Smythe). Made the playoffs and lost to the Oilers in the 2nd round.

    1992-93 46W 29L 9T (1st Smythe). Made the playoffs and lost to the Kings in the 2nd round.

    1993-94 41W 40L 3T (2nd Pacific). Lost to the Rangers in the SCF.

    1994-95 18W 18L 12T (2nd Pacific). Lost to the Blackhawks in the 2nd round.

    1995-96 32W 35L 15T (3rd Pacific). Lost to the Avalanche in the 1st round.

    1996-2000 Truly Awful Teams. Needless to say, they didn’t finish well in any division. Did not make the playoffs at all. Jersey change in 1997-98.

    The skate is way overrated.

    • SJ

      I grew up with the skate and it’s a logo I remember from back when. To each their own so if you think the skate is overrated then that’s you. Don’t speak for the rest.

      The Canucks were a sad sack franchise for way longer than just the 90’s. They were pretty lame, for the most part, from inception to the 2000’s. I appreciate the winning seasons and good seasons cuz they didn’t do as wll prior to the 2000’s.

      • SJ

        Appreciate the sentiment, Ted.

        However, if you wanted to associate the Canucks with a winning record, wouldn’t you choose the Orca logo – where the team actually won games?

        The skate logo teams, from the eighties onward, were either awful teams to watch. Absolutely awful. Or they underperformed. Hugely underperformed.

        Aside from the 1993-94 season, the team won nothing other than regular season Smythe division titles. .500 records are nothing to celebrate.