Canucks Army Postgame: Leaft in the Dust

Even though the Toronto Maple Leafs are embracing the tank so thoroughly that they drove a Panzer squadron to the rink and have allegedly hired Georgy Zhukov to oversee the rest of the season, games against the Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada are rarely lacking in entertainment. Tonight was no exception, as the Canucks skated to a 4-1 lead and masterfully trolled Dion Phaneuf too while they were at it. 

For a look at tonight’s events, read past the jump.


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G68 v Toronto

G68 v Toronto2

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  • I don’t think it should surprise anyone at this point that myself and a few of the other writers here don’t particularly think that the Canucks are very good. Their D is pretty shallow, they don’t have any premium forwards playing down the roster below the Sedins, the powerplay is toothless most nights, and the Sedins aren’t the 5-on-5 players they were a couple of years ago – and we won’t even get into that possession and underlying stuff here. But god dammit there are fun players on this team and I love seeing them beat the Leafs.
  • First off, the “fourth line” of Kenins-Horvat-Hansen that wasn’t even supposed to play together was excellent once again tonight. They were among Vancouver’s best lines in terms of puck possession and looked dangerous all evening. Hansen led all skaters in this game with a 77.8% (+14/-4) Corsi, and he also added a goal.
  • Hansen’s goal wasn’t even the most notable thing he did tonight, as he totally clowned Dion Phaneuf near the end of the second period.
  • What’s the better “Canucks troll Phaneuf” moment? This:

  • …Or tonight’s gem (which you can click here to see)?
  • Why was Jannik Hansen mocking Phaneuf for turtling? Probably had something to do with a scrum with Zack Kassian which started like this:

  • …And ended like this:

  • Kassian was allegedly ejected for violating the jersey tie-down rule (though he claims it was torn), but he was concerningly rough with the linesman trying to defuse the situation. I don’t want to speculate on this further, but abuse of an official carries an automatic 3-game suspension, and it would not surprise me if we hear more about this going forward. Thom Drance has a good take on the whole thing here.
  • The all-situations Corsi chart for this game is hilarious. The Canucks controlled play and went up 3-0 while dodging a couple of bullets such as a close call on a Tyler Bozak chance, but you can basically see the point where the referees start trying to make amends for a possible goalie interference call going Vancouver’s way on Jannik Hansen’s goal:
G68 v Toronto3

  • Eddie Lack was good-to-be-lucky-but-lucky-to-be-good again tonight. The only goal he allowed came on a Phil Kessel penalty shot, but the Leafs had some good chances that snuck by Lack but met the iron. Still, Steady Eddie was, well, steady and earned yet another quality start. He’s been excellent of late. Unsustainably excellent, but excellent nonetheless.
  • One last thing:


I’m sure we’ll hear more about the Kassian situation in the coming days, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if he is not available to Vancouver for Tuesday’s game against the Flyers. It would be a shame for Kassian since he’s playing some real good hockey with the Twins of late, but Alex Burrows might be back and you don’t want to take Ronalds Kenins out of the lineup because he’s awesome, and you don’t want to take Dorsett out of the lineup because he somehow had three points tonight. Losing Kassian for three games might hurt Kassian more than it would hurt the Canucks.

Regardless, the Philadelphia Flyers pay a rare visit to Rogers Arena on Tuesday in what should be another entertaining match-up.

  • WTF2

    If Kassian receives a suspension of more than one game, this league is a total gong show. I only hope can contain himself during the playoffs, battle hard, but don’t retaliate.

    • WTF2

      Isn’t it an automatic 3-game for what he did? Which was idiotic at the time. I also wasn’t sure why he was so pissed at Phaneuf — he gave him as good as he got. Dion sure isn’t liked but I don’t really understand why. He doesn’t seem to be as much of a dick as say Marchand.

      If you want to be mad at the refs look at those lame calls (including the penalty shot) that stopped it from being a Canucks blowout.

      How good does Horvat look? Faster and stronger every game and making those fantastic moves to the net. What happened to NM00’s predictions for a ceiling of a 3LC? This is the most impressive teenager to play for us in a decade. Reminds me of Linden with his power and poise

      • WTF2

        Hey, hope you’re wrong about the 3 games for Kassian. If lucky he may get off with the fine.

        Kassian needs to control his temper in the post-season. It is a tough task for most players, but the teams that go far can take the extra push the competition gives them in a scrum and do not retaliate.

  • WTF2

    It was nice to see the Canucks beat on an AHL calibre franchise. These are games they should win and they did.

    I love seeing the idiot Leaves and their pathetic fans chirp then have to suck it. It really is a wonderful world.

    • WTF2

      Haaha what Leafs fans are you talking about? The vast vast majority want their team to tank the rest of the way.

      I’m a Canucks fan and I will never understand the level of vitriol and hatred other Canucks fans have toward a team/fanbase that hasnt been relevant (definitely not to the Canucks anyways) in at least 10 years. What gives?

      • WTF2

        The sad bias all of the major sports channels have towards the Laughs. It’s annoying to no end. One of the worst teams for decades and yet they tend to dominate the broadcasts.

        If you look at any other league, the teams that do well usually get more publicity. Not in Canada! We have the Laffs. Even on radio the once local AM 1040 sports radio is now sneaking in way more Laffs content and they’re being talked about way more often. It’s almost like communism.

        Anyway, the Laffs are a joke and not relevant, yes, I agree. I think most fans get a little annoyed when that team is constantly shoved down the Canadian sports fan’s throats. It is a vomit inducing team, no need to shove that stuff down our throats.

        Also, I think they’ve been jokes for way more than 10 years. Way more.

        • WTF2

          I dont listen to 1040 so there’s one thing.

          I get that it’s annoying, but:

          1) Lots of leafs and habs fans across the country. As such, they get more coverage.

          2) It happens in other sports here too. In football (at least in Vancouver), it’s Seahawks 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Baseball? Blue Jays dominate the broadcasts and coverage. Same thing with the Raptors.

          3) Vancouver got a ton of media attention a couple of years ago when we were killing it and winning pres trophies. Then, we whined (not saying you, using the general ‘we’) about how mean the media was to the Canucks. We get less now because the Canucks arent that interesting of a team anymore. I feel that Chicago, LA, the New York teams, and boston/montreal get the most hype. But maybe we get our news from different sources.

          • WTF2

            I somewhat disagree with some of what you’re saying.

            I stopped listening to the 1040 morning show a while ago. When they hired an ignorant blowhard and a homer/geezer who is even more ignorant..ya.. I called no joy on that show and haven’t looked back.

            Yes, there are lots of Laffs and Flabs fans. I get that. Probably more fans than the Canucks have in Canada. However, when you’re in Vancouver, the Laffs should not be dominating the air waves especially when they’re as pathetic as they are.

            We get Blue Jays because Sportsnet/Rogers owns them. All of a sudden the Jays become your local team…in all of Canada. It’s annoying but not as annoying as the Leaves. Same with the Craptors.

            Seahawks are a slightly different beast. They’re doing very well AND they’re somewhat local. Also you get other games on game day and coverage from other areas. It’s way more balanced out. Plus, the NFL network is pretty good.

            Yes, Van got way more press when they were winning but not as much now. Agree. So, why do the Leaves constantly get way more press and they’ve been pathetic for decades? It doesn’t really make sense but it’s the obvious east bias and higher population out there. Yes, it comes down to dollars and sense for the broadcast companies. At least Sportsnet gives the Canucks SOME priority on game nights…kinda.

            I really think we’re on the same page in regards to most of this. I just miss having local sports broadcasts that talked about the teams in this area. I have less than zero interest in the Leaves. I still remember when the only major sports station was the Toronto Sports Network; all Leaves, all the time..barf. Nice to see them not have the primary rights to the NHL 🙂