Canucks Army Prospect Report – March 11th, 2015


Courtesy: @KalamazooWings

We are back with another edition
of the Canucks Weekly Prospect Report where I dig into all the latest stats,
rumours, gossip, news, achievements, and even made up stories from around the
different junior hockey leagues. We look into the play of all (non-AHL) Canucks prospects from the CHL, NCAA, Europe, and
even the ECHL.

Without further ado, continue
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Canadian Hockey League

Name Pos DOB Age Team GP G A P PPG +/- PIM NHLe
Cole Cassels C 1995-05-04 19 Oshawa 50 29 48 77 1.54 32 94 38
Jared McCann C 1996-05-31 18 Sault Ste. Marie 54 33 44 77 1.43 25 27 35
Jake Virtanen LW 1996-08-17 18 Calgary 44 20 29 49 1.11 16 72 24
Jordan Subban D 1995-03-15 19 Belleville 58 24 23 47 0.81 -7 60 20
Evan McEneny D 1994-05-22 20 Kingston 61 8 33 41 0.67 -5 67 17
Miles Liberati D 1995-06-21 19 North Bay 62 11 25 36 0.58 19 41 14
Kyle Pettit C 1996-01-18 19 Erie 58 16 11 27 0.47 -4 10 11
Anton Cederholm D 1995-02-21 20 Portland 61 7 9 16 0.26 15 70 6
MacKenze Stewart D 1995-08-10 19 Prince Albert 59 4 6 10 0.17 -4 101 4
  • Cole Cassels had a four point game (including a hat trick) while earning a +1.  He played a second game but had zeros across the box score.
  • Jared McCann scored 1 goal and 1 assist in 2 games with a +1 and 2 PIMs this week.  He has a broken finger (or maybe a broken hand?) and will miss 1-2 weeks.  While Jared McCann is definitely giving Canucks fans a reason to be excited this year, his most recent uptick in success seems to have started around the OHL trade deadline, when the Soo acquired a bunch of top players including Anthony DeAngelo and Nick Ritchie.


  • Showtime Virtanen scored 1 goal in 2 games this week with a -2 and 6 PIMs.
  • In one game this week Jordan Subban was a -2.
  • Exciting week for Evan McEneny this week who scored 2 goals and 1 assist in 3 games earning 2 PIMs.
  • 1 assist and a +1 in 3 games for Miles Liberati since the last report.
  • 1 assist and 2 PIMs in 3 games for Kyle Pettit.
  • 1 goal in 2 games for Anton Cederholm.
  • MacKenze Stewart earned +1 in 2 games this week.


Name Pos DOB AGE School GP G A P PPG +/- S S/G Sh% NHLe
Patrick McNally D 1991-12-04 23 ECAC / Harvard 15 4 12 16 1.07 14 40 2.67 10.00% 36
Ben Hutton D 1993-04-20 21 Hockey East / Maine 39 9 12 21 0.54 -15 115 2.95 7.83% 18
Joseph LaBate F 1993-04-16 21 Big 10 / Wisconsin 32 6 10 16 0.50 -17 86 2.69 6.98% 17
Matthew Beattie F 1992-12-14 22 ECAC / Yale 16 0 3 3 0.19 5 18 1.13 0.00% 6
Mike Williamson D 1993-09-05 21 Big 10 / Penn State 13 1 1 2 0.15 0 15 1.15 6.67% 5

2012 draft pick Ben Hutton is planning on going back to Maine for
another season. Hutton has long vowed to finish his degree before
turning pro, something teams knew at the draft, which could explain why
he was taken in the fifth round when some believed he’d be taken in the

The Canucks, in turn, are planning a visit, which would include Sir
Bennington, at some point over the next few months. The visit would be
to give him the old Weber blueprint on why he should skip his plans and
join the Canucks instead.

The Canucks would like to make room for Hutton in Utica. That’s not
as easy as it sounds. There does appear to be a glut of dmen in
this organization currently.

One which could be remedied by trading KBlock3.

  • Joseph LaBate earned a -1 and 7 shots on goal in 2 games this week.
  • No games for Matthew Beattie this week.
  • Mike Williamson played in 1 game this week.
Name Pos DOB Age School GP Assists Mins GA GAA Record Svs Sv%
Thatcher Demko G 1995-12-08 19 H-East / Boston College 31 2 1870 68 2.18 18-10-3 851 92.60%


Nikita Tryamkin D 1994-08-04 20 KHL / Avtomobilist 58 1 5 6 0.10 3 60 1.03 1.67% 35 14:15 7
  • Nikita Tryamkin is done for the season as Avtomobilist was eliminated in the playoffs by Ak Bars.  In his last two games he was a +0 with 12 PIMs, 3 shots on goal and average around 8 minutes a game.  It’s definitely not been a great season for him as he saw regression across the board.


Curtis Valk C 1993-02-08 22 Kalamzoo Wings 31 11 19 30 0.97 8 78 2.52 14.10% 12
Ludwig Blomstrand LW 1993-03-08 22 Kalamzoo Wings 40 22 11 33 0.83 -6 123 3.08 17.89% 22
Dane Fox F 1993-10-13 21 Kalamzoo Wings 54 22 11 33 0.61 -5 143 2.65 15.38% 75
Jeremie Blain D 1992-03-19 22 Kalamzoo Wings 33 4 15 19 0.58 2 66 2.00 6.06% 34
  • Ludwig Blomstrand has 3 goals and 1 assist in 3 games, earning a +1, 12 shots on goal and 4 PIMs.  He has been trending in the right direction lately.
  • Dane Fox scored 1 goal in 3 games with 15 shots on goal and 4 PIMs.
  • Jeremie Blain scored 2 assists in his first game back in the ECHL with 2 shots on goal and 2 PIMs.
  • Kane LaFranchise is back in the ECHL and has scored 5 assists in 3 games, earning a -2 and 5 shots on net.
  • Mitch Holmberg did not play a game this week.
Name Pos DOB Age Team GP Mins GA GAA Record Svs Sv% SO
Joe Cannata G 1990-01-02 25 Ontario Reign 19 1129 40 2.13 10-6-0-2 502 92.62% 1
  • Joe Cannata has not yet played a game this week back in Ontario.

    Further Reading:

      • jung gun

        Hey, could you guys do a post on Virtanen’s sucess / lack of? I’ve seen some info suggesting he’s suffering poor linemates and tough deployment so his numbers are skewed below what we might expect. Still, are these warning signs, like the associated lack of production in Horvat’s draft+1 season? What can we expect from last years draft class (mccann, virtanen mostly)?

        • Chungus

          Anecdotally, based on the one game I’ve seen him in, he had poor linemates and didn’t play all that much (Calgary rolled all of their lines pretty consistently).

          Incidentally, he got the puck on his stick twice in scoring positions and both times it resulted in a goal.

          His defensive play and positioning was surprisingly good. Noticeably good I would say. His offensive positioning was puzzling. Did a lot of floating up high and didn’t engage in board battles.

          Small sample size, so take it with a grain of salt.

          • jung gun

            Okay, well, that’s some good info. Hardly declarative of his play as a whole, but sounds good. Would you say he has a high hockey IQ? I’ve heard that he’s not the brighteat player, so maybe his floating is indicative of that? Sounds like Kassian – both good and bad.

            • WTF2

              Hard to gauge that in one game.

              One thing that’s easy to see is he loves the physical game. Was in every scrum with a huge smile on his face. Chirped guys pretty hard all game and tried to fight once but it got broken up.

          • andyg

            Are you sure the ‘floating up high’ wasn’t a system that Calgary was using? If there is a loose puck or the opposition has the puck, two forwards forecheck and one stays up high?

            I’ve gone to a bunch of Hitmen games this year. Like AG said, he hasn’t gotten too much ice time and has usually played with poor linemates (although sometimes he plays with Tambellini).

            He’s the type of guy who I think should be able to drive possession. Terrific skating, great at entering the offensive zone with control, very physical. He’s a threat when he is able to gain speed through the neutral zone. His passing/vision really is not as bad as some scouting reports have made it out to be. I will admit that he can occasionally get too set on a shot and not look for the pass, but he is a goal scorer so what do you expect. When he is looking for the pass he can thread the needle pretty well.

            High-end shot… likely been a bit unlucky this year with his goal total.

      • jung gun

        Miles Liberati is still a longshot to make the NHL, but his season is flying under the radar. 11 goals, 25 assists for 36 points in 62 games = .58 PPG. He is also among the +/- leaders on North Bay. Yes, I know +/- can be bush league and misleading but it’s the best proxy we have, to my knowledge, for possession in the CHL so it is worth noting.

        He did score 8 goals last season but he only had 4 assists in 65 games a year ago. I mean it’s an intriguing jump at the very least and warrants some discussion. Haven’t seen anything about him. And it’s not like he is in his OA season – he is still only 19.

      • WTF2

        Also Calgary’s first round pick in 2012 Mark Jankowski is not doing so good. Here’s a short description: There is no chance Mark’s ready to turn pro, but there’s a possibility the Flames want to try to prove their first round pick in 2012 wasn’t a complete bust. His game isn’t void of skill, but he doesn’t get shots off five-on-five and plays along the perimeter more often than not.

      • WTF2

        What is the deal with Liberati? Percentage drive? Cusy deployment? good linemates/d-partner?

        Or has he legitimately taken another step? Curious what your thoughts are.

      • andyg

        The point about McCann benefiting from the arrival of better talent. Being that it is a teem sport that is just a given that his numbers would go up.

        Look what it did for DeAngelo. He went from 1.31 points per game to 2 since the move.

      • andyg

        Kane Lafranchise is up to 9 points in 5 games since being sent down from Utica… as a defenseman… why isn’t he being given a chance in the AHL in an offensive role?

      • cjn728

        I got to see Jake a few weeks ago in Seattle and a few days later in Kelowna. The Hitmen won both games and he combined for three points.

        But he played almost exclusively on the second line. About the only time he mixed with Tambellini and Rankin was on the power play.

        I’m not sure if they felt he wasn’t good enough defensively to kill penalties and/or play 5-on-5 against the Draisitls and Barzals of the world, but it seemed like he was being used gingerly.

        Nobody would like to see him skate next to Bo next season more than me, but I have a feeling Calgary may be waiting until he’s 19 to really give him responsibility. I don’t think that bodes well.

        I’d love to hear if anybody has different information.