Canucks recall Nicklas Jensen from Utica

The Jensen Train is headed at full speed down the Long Island Rail Road.

On Saturday evening the Vancouver Canucks announced the recall of Utica Comets winger Nicklas Jensen. Jensen, 21, has managed 10 goals and 20 points in 38 games in the American Hockey League this season.

The Jensen recall is a likely indication that winger Alex Burrows will be unavailable to play on Sunday evening against the New York Islanders. Burrows was a late scratch on Friday night against the New Jersey Devils with a lower-body injury. 

The Canucks’ first-round pick at the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, Jensen has struggled to establish himself as a top-six quality forward in the professional ranks. His AHL production – 31 goals and 49 points in 118 AHL games – is well below the .7 points per game rate one expects from a future top-six NHL contributor. 

On the positive side of the ledger, Jensen has an above average shot, even for the NHL level, and has been a quality shot-volume generator at the AHL. He’s managed over 2.8 shots a game in the AHL this season, a solid clip, though that volume shooting hasn’t translated at the NHL level in his 24 games played. 

  • Vanoxy

    Hopefully he plays well, allowing McMillan to sit in the pressbox and eventually be waived when guys get healthy.

    Nothing I’ve seen from McMillan says “NHLer”.

    If Jensen shows that he belongs it will be easier to move one of the pending UFAs at the deadline too.

  • Vanoxy

    Kassian’s dreams tonight are going to be dominated by a smug Danish smile and a Latvian sneer; in the background McMillan howls to a mustached moon above whiteboard plains..

  • Fortitude00

    This is a good recall should give management a chance to see if Jensen is a future NHLer. If Jensen can play good enough they can replace some higher priced vets next season.

  • This Jensen recall has made me suspicious. Lets say Burrows is out with injury so we have Kassian to replace him as well as McMillan. Bonino is on the trip and is expected to play. Trade deadline is only a week away. Logic suggests Jensen is being show cased. Is it coincidence that Boston also recalled Ryan Spooner today? Not saying…..just saying

  • WTF was the point of picking up McMillan? Last game he had no shots, no hits, no nothing. Must be discouraging for the kids on the farm to see someone brought in and placed ahead of them, especially someone that has never shown he’s an NHLer

  • Dirty30

    McMillan once shovelled the driveway of a guy whose uncle worked with a guy whose step-brother-in-law’s second cousin’s son’s friend from school once delivered newspapers to a guy whose daughter dated a guy whose brother had a friend who played midget hockey with a guy who went on to play with a guy who met a guy who went to a game Willi-D coached.

    So like phuck Kassian and play McMillan because in Willie’s mind you can’t trust no one ya never kinda coached real good or something equally stupid.

    I got nothing against Vey other than he doesn’t have much upside and think Kassian is acting like a jerk but has a ton of upside — I’d simply like to see WD put the same effort into Kassian as Vey and give him the same chances and let the best man win.

    And if Kassian blows it then at least he had a fair shot and most teams will see him as the next Steve Bernier not the next Bertuzzi.

    • andyg

      Or it might be better to trade him when other people think that there is a chance he might be Bertuzzi.

      I think he has huge potential but maybe he is just lacking the hockey IQ to go with it.

    • Ruprecht

      “McMillan once shovelled the driveway of a guy whose uncle worked with a guy whose step-brother-in-law’s second cousin’s son’s friend from school once delivered newspapers to a guy whose daughter dated a guy whose brother had a friend who played midget hockey with a guy who went on to play with a guy who met a guy who went to a game Willi-D coached.”

      I’ve met this guy at a party once.

  • Fred-65

    This team is crying out for some pure skill. The future post Sedin era is dark.

    Horvat agreed by most to be the best prospect is feint praise because at best he might turn out to be a Kesler type players. Kesler was a second line centre here and now in Anaheim. There is no clear cut #1 line player in our prospects…..the closest we come…the closets we come for pure skill, possesion and ability to make other around him better is Vey. A skill first muscle second type player. The guy is what 22, first year in the NHL and apart from his lack of compete level at the beginning of the season is showing some good signs. His competition for that spot amongst the current Vcr/Utica roster is Bonino and at 26 with 5 season of trying to make an NHL career for himself….. he is what he is. Vey may turn out to be another Bonino but right now he’s the best chnace we have. Jensen needs to start showing some positive progress, his strength we are lead to believe is his shot ( a finsher) but he’s failing that assignment in Utica. When Benning starts saying things like he’s made a lot of improvemnt it seems like code for we figure he’s a third line checker and we already have a roster full of third line players. I had high hopes for Jensen but it looks more and more my hopes were unfounded

      • Fred-65

        From every thing I’ve read or been told by the likes of Benning they talk about these guys being two way players, and I’m not saying that we don’t need to have two way players….there’s a place for them, but none lead the CHL on the skill stats. Remember how every one was swooning over Jensen. None of those players from what I gather are going to be players that other teams build a game plan around shutting them down, they don’t strike fear with the high skill levels. And maybe Vey won’t either but he’s the only player we have that has some of the vision, IQ and skills to MAYBE fill that roll. … a play maker.

        Remember this post 12 months from now.

        This team need a play maker and as we speak he’s the best option…maybe Shinkaruk some time in the future…he’s a skills first type. The rest muscle and hustle

        Evn Benning mentioned Virtanin is a player that needs some one to feed him chnaces

        • andyg

          The point that I am making is that it is going to take a few years. If all we have is players in our system to fill the bottom 9 then once the twins contract is done we will have cash for ufa’s.

          McCann may be the one center that has a higher offensive upside. Being solid defensively should not be a negative and does not mean that he will not become a number one center at this level.

    • Dirty30

      If the first line future of this team is riding on Vey, oh heck, the future of any line on this team depending on Vey is like building your defence on the 2015 version of Dion Paneuf …

      Right now I would trade Vey for a ten pack of Tim-bits and feel I won the trade 10x over!

      He may be an okay player — May-Ray lite at best, but he’s no difference maker now or in the foreseeable future.