Babych Please – Feb 19th


Valentines Day carried on in the hearts of the Canucks this week. 

The week had all the trimmings you’d expect of a great romantic comedy – a fancy dinner, Zack Kassian’s biceps, Bradley Cooper, Zack Kassian’s goatee, a dramatic will-they-make-it-work finish, and even an unexpected musical number.


First we have Henrik, who looks a bit like a vintage version of himself.


Nick Bonino’s model pose serves him well but neither he nor Henrik wear it quite as well as:


Zack Kassian. Look at this. The smoulder. The sleeve. The chest hair. Just perfect. 

  • There’s even still space in the elevator for more Canucks Like some top-pairing defensemen for example. :(. 

How many #Canucks can squeeze into a freight elevator to get to the practice rink in NY? All of them.

  • The Canucks ate dinner next to Leo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper in New York and even Zack Kassian was too mature to go ask for a selfie. This team continues to find new ways to disappoint me. Read about it and the woes of being Nick Bonino at Fort Nucks
  • Watch Bo Horvat’s teammates test their knowledge of Bo Horvat. 

The best bit is Jannik Hansen saying “Chance with a Cloud of… No… Meatballs with a Chance of Spaghetti” instead of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. This does suggest some sort of connection between Horvat and meatball, which makes one wonder: are meatballs Bo’s answer to Eddie Lack’s tacos? We’ll keep an eye on this as it develops.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 6.45.14 PM

  • Alex Biega inspired Raffi to rewrite Baby Beluga this week:

And then CFOX sang it. It’s awful and amazing. 

  •  Derek Jory played Two Truths and a Lie with Kevin Bieksa:

“Are you ready?” smiled Kevin Bieksa, “Welcome to Two Truths and a Lie, by Kevin Bieksa.”

– “The first vehicle I learned how to drive was a three-ton dump truck. Standard.”

– “My dad used to be an amateur wrestler named Al the Animal.”

 “I was voted Grimsby’s Best Sandwich Artist when I worked at Subway.”

Wow. Okay. This is already more difficult than I imagined.


My money is on the third one as the lie. I could see Bieksa driving a dump truck and Al Bieksa could definitely be Al the Animal but no way was Bieksa ever the best sandwich maker in Grimsby.  

  • This is potentially the most fun photo from any Canucks game this season. Whose leg is that behind Henrik Sedin? What is Henrik yelling? Is Dan Hamhuis actually going for the glove save? Is Eddie Lack still smiling at this moment? 

Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press

  • Bromance is, literally, in the air. The most unexpected and bizarre friendship is blooming before our eyes and it’s getting weird:

  • andyg

    Great post, very entertaining! 🙂 Seems like Kass is managing to keep his and others’ spirits up even in this tough time for him. It’s nice to see the young guys bonding.