Canucks Army Postgame: Shot Down

In one of the most entertaining games the Canucks have played this season, Vancouver put forth a spirited, physical effort against Winnipeg, and on the backs of Ronalds Kenins’ clutch goal and a Luca Sbisa end-to-end overtime rush, came from behind to beat the visiting Jets 3-2 in overtime.

Wait, no. That doesn’t make any sense. Let’s try that again.

In one of the most entertaining games the Canucks have played this season, Vancouver put forth a spirited, physical effort against Winnipeg, and on the backs of Ronalds Kenins’ clutch goal and a Luca Sbisa end-to-end overtime rush, came from behind to beat the visiting Jets 3-2 in overtime.

Yeah, didn’t make any more sense the second time around either. Hockey is weird.

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Quick Hits

G49 v Winnipeg

G49 v Winnipeg2

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  • With about 7:30 to go in the 3rd period, we tweeted this:

  • With about 7:28 to go in the 3rd period, this happened:

  • No lead is safe from Ondrej Pavelec.
  • Kenins’ game-tying goal was his second in two games, meaning that he’s already 40% of the way to tying his goal output for his entire AHL career (granted, his career is only 36 games). You probably all know this already, but expecting Kenins to chip in a goal on a semi-regular basis is likely too much to ask, especially when guys like Chris Higgins (4th on the team in shots, 3rd in ES shots/60) can’t seem to buy one.
  • Zack Kassian is never going to get back in the lineup now, is he.
  • That being said, the fourth line of Kenins-Horvat-Dorsett had a very strong night after getting shelled against the Minnesota Wild. Bo Horvat was a game-high +7 Corsi at ES (good for a team-leading 70.6%), Ronalds Kenins fired 4 pucks on goal and added 3 hits, and Derek Dorsett punched a face. If Willie Desjardins didn’t feel it necessary to return Zack Kassian to the lineup after Sunday’s outing, it seems extremely unlikely he’ll get his next shot on Thursday against San Jose.
  • A ton of this game was played at special teams, as the Jets lived up to their reputation as the most penalized team in the NHL. They were whistled for nine infractions, giving Vancouver six powerplay opportunities, but Vancouver was unsurprisingly unable to score. Fortunately, as inept as Vancouver’s powerplay has felt this season, their penalty kill has held opposing teams to a lower conversion rate. If they get as many powerplays as penalty kill opportunities, they’ll see a pretty good goal differential based on special teams in the long run.
  • With the Wild turning a corner and both the Stars and Avalanche picking up points, it was fairly critical that Vancouver won tonight. What’s even better news is that the L.A. Kings lost once again, as they continue to struggle to gain traction in the Pacific Wild Card race. We know the Kings are good though (they’ve won two of the past three Stanley Cups!) and they’ll figure it out eventually, so the Canucks have to keep distancing themselves if they want to make the playoffs.


Vancouver’s next game is on Thursday as they play the San Jose Sharks, who will also have been softened up by a game against the Calgary Flames the night prior. No word yet if San Jose will be wearing their new threads:

    • His goal is the header video, it’s in the intro twice, and also included in the highlights. What do you want me to say? Surely you don’t need me to tell you it was a) a nice goal, and b) shocking that Luca Sbisa scored it.

      • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

        I think it’s pretty clear that the only guy that bought a Sbisa jersey would like you to say on the record that he’s a better D prospect than Ekblad. He would also like you to reiterate that he doesn’t believe in coincidences or the inherent randomness in the outcome of coin flips.

  • That was a very entertaining game, that was fairly well played.

    The D played solid with some outstanding efforts individually. Obviously Sbisa’s goal, Edler rush in OT showed what he can do and Clendening looks like he could be a real find. He isn’t physical, but moves the puck very well.

    Bonino played a solid two way game and Good to see Burr score with the twins. The Canucks as a team had some very good chances that Pavelic just stopped. I counted at least four tip shots in the slot and a few point blank ones.

    Hope this effort holds vs Sharks and Pens. The team didn’t ask down from a physical team and didn’t fold after a bad “break” on Edlers stick. Solid two points .

    • Spiel

      Hamhuis looked very bad tonight. Horvat’s play has improved but I wonder if he’d look better with a more solid winger than Kenins or Dorsett opposite Hansen. If only we had a skilled big winger we could slot in there on the fourth line…

  • a Luca Sbisa game winner against the Jets is kinda the worst thing, although at least he waited until they got a point

    oh and i guess it’d be cool if Luca Sbisa actually did that joining-in-with-the-rush thing a bit more

  • wojohowitz

    Gotta like them Jets. Big, tough and fun to watch. Big enough to win in California. Canuck fans can only dream of a team like that…and another ex-Bruin Benning didn`t like; Blake Wheeler.

  • Dirty30

    i think i finally figured out how Benning scouts!

    “Look! Its a player no one wants! I was a player no one wanted and I thought I had talent so this player no one wants must have talent too! Let’s get him for our team!”

    Meanwhile, Coach Willi throws in his metric for assessing talent: “Doesn’t Vey look purdy when he skates …”

    I’m starting to watch Leafs game and not laughing. Its that bad around here.