Evening Headshots: January 28th

Hey folks, having made my mark (for better, and surely worse) on nearly every other Canucks blog in town, I felt the time had come for me to take my talents to Canucks Army. In what I hope is the first of many appearances, I’ll be highlighting work from around the interwebs in tonight’s version…


Canucks Army GDT #54 – Oilers @ Canucks

The Canucks and Oilers played each other just 6 days ago, and while that can have its advantages in terms of things spilling over from one meeting to the other, helping build a story of sorts.. it makes previewing the game the second time out a total nuisance. What else is there to say? Not much…


Canucks Army Postgame: Decline All Future Powerplays

Really, I have no idea how to describe Vancouver’s 5-4 overtime win against Phoenix in any way that isn’t a series on nonsensical grunts and surprised-sounding noises. Vancouver was badly outshot, but carried a lot of the possession. Antoine Vermette scored on one of his shots, but registered a hat-trick. Mike Smith did Mike Smith…


Canucks Army GDT #53 – Coyotes @ Canucks

That wonderful video is courtesy of Paul Almeida and it pretty much sums up everything wrong with the Canucks powerplay right now: they’re generating a lot of shots, they can’t score on any of their shots, and Dan Hamhuis is on it. Now, we’re big Dan Hamhuis fans here on Canucks Army, but the simple fact…


Canucks Army Postgame: Power Outage (Again)

   Paul Gaustad is a large human. Image via Justin Bourne. The Nashville Predators came to town with the 3rd worst 5-on-5 save percentage in the entire league, the 5th worst 5-on-5 possession numbers, and seem to have had a tough time preventing the Canucks from scoring on them in recent years. So that would…


Live Long And Prospal: Canucks to Sign Veteran Winger to AHL Tryout

With their recent run of injuries to key forwards, reports indicate that Vancouver will sign soon-to-be 39-year old free agent winger Vinny Prospal to an AHL tryout contract as soon as tomorrow. Per Elliotte Friedman: Canucks plan to sign Vinny Prospal to an AHL tryout tomorrow. 765 pts in 1,108 games. Will give him a…


Canucks Army GDT #52 – Perds(*) @ Canucks

There’s only one Weber in the lineup tonight, and he’s wearing the wrong jersey 🙁 I think this particular matchup has a stigma of sorts attached to it, out there amongst the general public. That as soon as you look at the schedule and see that the Vancouver Canucks and Nashville Predators are playing each…


Canucks Weekly Prospect Report – January 22nd, 2014

Courtesy of the Utica Comets Welcome to this week’s Canucks Prospect Report. Some things definitely happened on this front over the past 7 days, but I’m not going to dish out any of the goods until you click past the jump. That’s what we call a tease, folks..