Canucks Army Prospect Report – November 26th, 2014


It’s been another full week of prospect activities with all
of Vancouver’s players in the pipeline playing games.  The OHL has surprisingly been the least productive this week while Jake Virtanen,
players in the NCAA, Europe, and the ECHL have all been very active. The World Juniors will be coming up very shortly and Hockey Canada plans to announce its camp roster soon.  That being said a number of Canucks prospects have been in discussion to make their respective national team including: Horvat (CAN, but unlikely to be released from the Canucks), Virtanen (CAN), McCann (CAN), Subban (CAN), Cassels (US), Forsling (Sweden), and Demko (US).

Without keeping you waiting, continue past the jump for the
latest on your Canucks’ prospects.

Ontario Hockey League

Name Pos DOB Age Team GP G A P PPG +/- PIM
Cole Cassels C 1995-05-04 19 Oshawa 22 12 27 39 1.77 10 53
Jared McCann C 1996-05-31 18 Sault Ste. Marie 15 8 9 17 1.13 1 6
Jordan Subban D 1995-03-15 19 Belleville 24 12 13 25 1.04 3 26
Evan McEneny D 1994-05-22 20 Kingston 21 0 14 14 0.67 2 18
Kyle Petit C 1996-01-18 18 Erie 19 6 0 6 0.32 0 2
Miles Liberati D 1995-06-21 19 North Bay 21 1 4 5 0.24 8 19

  • Cole Cassels continues his dominant pace on the year having
    played 2 games scoring 2 goals and 2 assists while earning a -1 and 9 PIM.  Cassels is currently sitting at 6th
    in OHL scoring.
  • Jared McCann had a quiet week playing in 3 games but only
    scoring a single goal.
  • In similar production Jordan Subban played in 3 games
    scoring 1 goal, a -1 and 2 PIM.  He is
    still in first in OHL defencemen scoring, but Oshawa’s 17-year old and first time draft eligible Mitchell Vande Sompel has caught
    up (take note, Jim Benning). Subban holds the tie breaker though with more goals.
  • Evan McEneny played in 3 games scoring 3 assists and earning
    a -1.
  • Kyle Petit did not play in a game this week.
  • Miles Liberati played in 3 games earning a +1.

Western Hockey League 

Name Pos DOB AGE Team GP G A P PPG +/- PIM
Jake Virtanen LW 1996-08-17 18 Calgary 14 5 11 16 1.14 2 20
Anton Cederholm D 1995-02-21 19 Portland 24 4 2 6 0.25 -8 32
MacKenze Stewart D 1995-08-10 19 Prince Albert 22 2 3 5 0.23 -6 39

  • Jake Virtanen has finally had some puck luck; having played
    3 games he scored 2 goals and earned 4 assists along with a +4 and 4 PIM.
  • Anton Cederholm played in 3 games earning a -1 and 4 PIM.
  • McKenze Stewart played in 2 games and earned a +1 and 2 PIM.


Name Pos DOB AGE School GP G A P PPG +/- S S/G Sh% PIM
Patrick McNally D 1991-12-04 22 ECAC / Harvard 9 4 9 13 1.44 11 20 2.22 20.00% 2
Joseph LaBate F 1993-04-16 21 Big 10 / Wisconsin 8 1 3 4 0.50 -5 23 2.88 4.35% 16
Ben Hutton D 1993-04-20 21 Hockey East / Maine 12 2 3 5 0.42 -4 31 2.58 6.45% 2
Mike Williamson D 1993-09-05 21 Big 10 / Penn State 6 0 1 1 0.17 -1 8 1.33 0.00% 8
Matthew Beattie F 1992-12-14 21 ECAC / Yale 8 0 1 1 0.13 1 7 0.88 0.00% 2

  • Last week, Harvard played Bentley and won 5-1, then faced Boston
    University Tuesday winning 3-2 in OT.  This
    week, Harvard plays UMass Lowell on Saturday.  Patrick McNally played in 2 games scoring 1 goal and 3 assists, earning a +5 with 3
    SOG and 2 PIM.  He’s starting to make up
    for the lost year due to the giant cheating scandal.
  • The University of Maine had a pair of losses this week including
    a 2-3 OT loss to Boston University and a 1-4 loss to Boston College.  This week, Maine faces Vermont in back-to-back
    games on Friday and Saturday.  Ben Hutton
    played in 2 games earning a -1, 5 SOG and a goal.  He’s definitely having a down year but a portion
    of that can be attributed to the lack of puck luck and the lack of success his
    team is having as a whole. His SOG/G numbers are still a positive sign.
  • Penn State had an up and down week beating Michigan 3-2 and
    then losing 1-8 against the same team. 
    This week the Nittany Lions will play Cornell on Saturday.  Mike Williamson has played in both games earning 2
    PIM and 1 SOG.
  • The University of Wisconsin had a pair of losses including
    2-5 at Colorado Springs and 2-3 at Denver. 
    The Badgers play Friday and Saturday vs Ferris State.  Joe LaBate scored 1 goal, 2 assists, 7 SOG, a +1
    and 6 PIM this week.
  • Yale lost 2-3 at Cornell and then won 3-1 at Colgate this
    last week.  This upcoming Saturday they
    will play Rochester Institute.  Matt Beattie
    played in 2 games earning 1 assist, a +1 and 2 SOG. 
Name Pos DOB Age School GP Assists Mins GA GAA Record Svs Sv%
Thatcher Demko G 1995-12-08 18 H-East / Boston College 11 1 662 23 2.09 2000-04-07 269 92.12%
  • Boston College posted a pair of wins this week winning 5-3
    vs Massachusetts and 4-1 vs Maine.  Demko
    played in both games making 18 of 21 saves and 22 of 23 saves
    respectively.  Demko is currently sitting
    at a .921 Sv% on the year, good for 32nd
    in the NCAA
    in Sv%.


Gustav Forsling D 1996-06-12 18 SHL / Linkoping 22 2 2 4 0.18 6 35 1.59 5.71% 2 18:33
Nikita Tryamkin D 1994-08-04 20 KHL / Avtomobilist 31 0 3 3 0.10 0 38 1.23 0.00% 19 15:54

  • Nikita Tryamkin played in 3 games this week scoring an
    assist, earning a +2, 2 SOG and 2 PIM while seeing a massive drop in his
    average ice time.
  • Gustav Forsling also played in 3 games earning a +1 and 11
    SOG while also seeing a drop in his average ice time.



Ludwig Bloomstrand, courtesy @Sarah_Hobday, KWings Insiderrr

Curtis Valk C 1993-02-08 21 Kalamzoo 11 4 9 13 1.18 1 29 2.64 13.79% 4
Dane Fox F 1993-10-13 21 Kalamzoo 12 3 4 7 0.58 -2 23 1.92 13.04% 13
Ludwig Blomstrand LW 1993-03-08 21 Kalamzoo 9 5 4 9 1.00 -1 18 2.00 27.78% 4
Alex Mallet F 1992-05-22 22 Kalamzoo 14 4 7 11 0.79 -1 21 1.50 19.05% 20
Jeremie Blain D 1992-03-19 22 Kalamzoo 8 2 1 3 0.38 -8 20 2.50 10.00% 2

  • This week saw another pair of losses for Kalamazoo losing
    1-3 at Fort Wayne and 3-7 at Cincinnati. 
    Next weekend has the Wings play 3 games in 3 days at Fort Wayne, Toledo
    and Orlando on Friday through Sunday. 
  • Curtis Valk played in 2 games scoring an assist, earning a
    -2, and 6 SOG while seeing his shooting percentage almost at the norm.  Valk still leads the KWings in scoring.
  • Alex Mallet has played in 2 games scoring a goal and an
    assist, earning a -2, 1 SOG and 5 PIM. 
    He is third on the KWings in scoring. 
    Clearly Jim Benning was not impressed with Mallet, arguably one of the
    Canucks worst draft pick decisions ever made, and traded him with a 2016 3rd Round Pick for some AHL depth and possible defencemen prospect.  I’m mostly sad about
    the loss of the pick.
  • Top Prospect Ludwig Blomstrand has played in 2 games,
    scoring a goal, earning a -3, 2 SOG and 2 PIM. 
    He is 4th on the team in scoring.
  • Dane Fox has fallen down the roster, in two games this week
    he earned a -3 and 5 SOG and is 8th in scoring.
  • Jeremie Blain played in 1 game scoring 1 goal, earning a -1
    and 3 SOG.  He has been recalled back to
  • Other Comets/Canucks related players and their KWings
    scoring is Guimond (12 pts / 14 gp as a defencemen), Kattelus (9), Longpre (9),
    Scheidl (8), Kaunisto (5), and Lafranchise (3 pts, currently recalled to
  • Patrick Kennedy is back to Evansville and currently has 4
    goals, 4 assists and 15 SOG in 6 games.
  • Mitch Holmberg has come off the injured reserve list and is currently on Utica’s roster but we will see if he stays there.
Name Position DOB Age Team GP Mins GA GAA Record Svs Sv% SO
Joe Cannata G 1990-01-02 24 Ontario Reign 9 542 16 1.77 5-3-0-1 241 93.77% 1
  • Cannata played in one game this week making 34 of 35 saves
    bringing up his Sv% to .934 on the year. 
    For what it is worth Cannata is the “Top ECHL
    ” but they are ranked by GAA
    which loses a lot of value.  Cannata has
    been recalled
    to Utica
    after Markstrom had a slight injury in practice and will not play
    this weekend.   


  • I don’t mind the Mallet trade even with the 3rd round pick going the other way. Pedan might turn into something and our system lacks big, nasty D. If he deals with his discipline issues and can stay healthy then we may have a steal here.

    Mallet is FAR from the worst draft pick ever. Seriously. Do a little homework before making these grandiose statements. I’m sure you, like many other bloggers here, are in your early 20’s and were not around in person for all of these drafts but all of the info is out there.

    Thanks for posting the numbers and organizing some of the prospects.

  • Yeah calling Mallet one of the worst ever is a bit much. Bad pick for sure, but not all-time bad.

    The loss of the 3rd round pick for a player who will probably never get more than a sniff of NHL action is kind of lame though.

  • JCDavies


    What’s the material difference in the expected value of a 3rd round pick and the #57 pick?

    You have been pretty critical of the Mallet selection at 57.

    I don’t see a #57 pick as being much more likely to produce a significant player than an early 3rd round pick (or even a late 3rd round pick, for that matter).

      • JCDavies

        I never said you were…

        But you did just describe the trade of a 3rd round pick as a “nothing for nothing” trade.

        And you did post these in the CanucksArmy Alexandre Mallet prospect profile:

        “Among the many dumb things Gillis has done, wasting draft picks on older players may be the dumbest.”

        “However, wasting a 2nd round pick on the next Darren Archibald is poor process that will likely lead to a poor outcome.”

        “It was a dumb idea at the time that looks even dumber now with an additional year of data.”

        I don’t see how a 3rd round draft pick can be worth “nothing” but wasting the 57th pick could be one of the “dumbest” things Gillis did.

        Is there that much difference between the #57 pick and a pick in the 60s or 70s?

        How are you valuing draft picks?

        • Are you actually trying to have a rational convo with the village idiot? He also tried to twist my logic when I was talking Canucks drafting. He has a very selective and limited memory.

  • elvis15

    Even if he’s in his early 20’s he should be old enough to remember Patrick White, and the only thing White ever did good for us as a 1st round pick was get traded.

    But some good progress by a number of our prospects and I can’t wait to see more of Pedan.

    *** TV alert! ***
    Checked my guide today for upcoming games and saw Maine is playing UMass-Lowell on Dec 9 and TSN2 is carrying it. The Canucks play the Leafs that night too, at 4pm PT, and the Maine game starts an hour after at 5pm. It’ll be good to see Hutton playing.