Sign An Offersheet, Be A Cancer Fighter


For those of you that know me well, you know that I am pretty passionate about the fight against cancer. Specifically, the fight against childhood cancer.

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Here’s why.

When my daughter Áine was just about to turn 5, she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her kidney called Wilm’s Tumour. Luckily she received excellent treatment and, merely six months later, she was cancer-free. Now more than seven years later, she’s a happy, healthy, goofy, energetic, hockey-playing 7th grader.

As a cancer survivor, my daughter gets to go to Camp Goodtimes every year. Camp Goodtimes is a truly wonderful place, a retreat in the woods where kids, afflicted with all forms and stages of cancer, and their siblings go for an entire week to just be kids, free from the burdens and worries of a life with cancer. My kids have gone for the past five years, and honestly I believe they are more excited about Camp Goodtimes than they are about Christmas or their own birthdays.

Camp Goodtimes is organized, managed and funded by the Canadian Cancer Society. Not only has the CCS helped my daughter heal physically, they have given Áine and her sisters a lifetime of memories and friends. I am forever indebted to the Canadian Cancer Society for what they have provided, and I feel absolutely compelled to give back.

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I want to raise $5,000 in pledges from all of you fantastic hockey fans, readers, parents, friends, and family. I want to do this by the end of the current hockey season. And I want you to help me.

I will make a pledge of my own to start this off.

I pledge to donate $5 for every Canucks win this season. If they make the playoffs, I pledge an additional $10 for every Canucks win in the postseason.

I’d like you to join me. You can pledge however you like. You can pledge per win or per point or per goal scored. You can pledge based on a player’s results, too. For any of you fancystatists, feel free to pledge based on Corsi-For or Fenwick-For totals. Or if you want to just pledge a flat amount, that’s just great, too.
It doesn’t have to be the Canucks, either. Pledge me based on any team, any player, any way you like.

Frankly I don’t care what you pledge or how you pledge or how much.

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If you want to pledge based on a season-long statistic (such as wins or points), let me know and I will record your pledge and will follow up and the end of the season to pay up. Just email me at [email protected]
and tell me your pledge and your contact information (full name, Twitter, email address).

If you want to simply donate a flat amount, you can donate now or at any time at my donation page here: Sign an Offersheet! Be a cancer fighter!