Alex Burrows Suspended 3 Games

As we expected last night, Alex Burrows has been suspended for 3 games for his hit to the head of Montreal Canadiens defenseman Alexei Emelin.

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Here’s the play in question, in case you haven’t yet seen the play:

And the most incriminating frame:


This isn’t really a controversial opinion, but Burrows’ suspension is well deserved. He doesn’t have a history of headhunting, and this is actually his first NHL suspension, but the hit was late and he caught Emelin in the head. It was an easy suspension to hand out.

Here’s what we said last night:

Emelin would return to action to start the third period, but let’s be straight up with ourselves here: it was a dirty hit. It was late, it was to Emelin’s head, and while it didn’t appear to cause anything more than a stinger, it’s interference at the very least, and a probable rule 48 violation. Although there was no penalty on the play, there absolutely should have been and Burrows does deserve to be suspended. Send out the Sixtito Signal, since they’re going to need a replacement.

By the looks of things, the Canucks fully expected to be without Burrows as he skated earlier today playing defense with Ryan Stanton. He will be eligible to return Thursday against the San Jose Sharks.

  • Spiel

    Yeaaaahhh…. I don’t think anyone is very surprised.

    Burr was way too late on that hit to try and justify an accident. I’m honestly surprised the Ref didn’t blow the play dead or call a penalty. Nucks got lucky in that goal.

    Wonder if Burrs absence might mean a call up for Horvat? Put him on the third line and give Kass a shot on the second line.

    Kassian has played two good games in a row. Showing some skill, some toughness on the boards and no brain farts on D. For three games why not?

    The goal helped probably salvage and OT win, but I hope Emelin will be fine.

    • Spiel

      Horvat’s intended return is Sunday anyway. I doubt they’d recall him early just for a day trip to Edmonton. Anyway, they’ve been talking about giving Tom Sestito a chance, so they’ll do it and then they can say they did it (and probably, it didn’t work out… needs more work.. blah blah blah).

      And then they can play Horvat on Sunday and forget about this whole Sestito nonsense.

  • Spiel

    Tom Sestito in the lineup sucks for sure, but it’s still not an excuse for losing to the Oilers, and hopefully by Sunday he’s out again in favour of Horvat.

    Still, hilarious that it’s three games. One for the hit, two because screw you Alex, nobody likes you.

    • pheenster

      Exactly. The League has been waiting for this opportunity for years.

      He’d better watch his step from now on. He’s a repeat offender and he’ll get 10 games for looking at somebody wrong.

      • pheenster

        Well that’s Alex for you. He can’t score goals so the only thing she can do to is to bite fingers and dish out cheap hits.

        They say he’s a streaky player. He’s streaky alright, his not doing anything streak has gone on for ages.

        Time to bag him and send him home to make poutine.


      • pheenster

        This is why I believe last season tank was a blessing in disguise.

        1. Canucks had and still have a reputation as whiners and divers… Warranted or not the refs and league have that view and it’s up to the players to change it. PK was a weasel and pounded Danny on the ice defenseless. Any other star gets that call for roughing!

        2. Was is and was perceived as a weasel of the highest magnitude. Took a sneaky approach to get his job and shot his mouth off way too much. Obviously it would take the Canucks more to get a deal done than other teams because of his rep.

        3. Torts was a big “Richard!”

        League officials, GMs and Refs are human beings that like and dislike people.if the faces of your franchise are unlike able guess what… Business is harmed to get done. This group is well respected and I love the fact Trev is going down to a successful franchise like the Spurs and seeing what they do right. A completely different feel to even watching games!

  • pheenster

    I agree that Burrows needed a suspension, but I would say 1 or 2 games. As far as lineup changes. I think this works out. Kassian to the second line against the Oilers, since they don’t have a second line, his occasional error should not matter. Hansen to 3rd line, which plays the big line (only line) in Edmonton, told to forget offense, and just check, check, check. Move Sestito on 4th line for a game so he stops bitching. For Nashville, stay the same. Then for first coastal game, try moving Vey onto 2nd line RW, move Kassian back to third, Hansen back to 4th with Horvat in the middle and Sestito back in the press box, where he belongs. One rule for Sestito while he is playing, NEVER, NEVER, EVER go below the circles in the offensive zone. He reminds me of Phaneuf, fast enough going one direction, but please don’t ask him to turn or worse yet turnaround.

  • pheenster

    What a surprise:
    You clowns don’t get it!
    That was a DELIBERATE intent to injure.
    One or two games?
    That’s what you think that cheap, cowardly ,GUTLESS hit deserves?

    Burrows had more then enough time to refrain from initiating contact and what does he do? Targets and raises shoulders to do the maximum amount of damage to a vulnerable player.

    And once again, Vancouver fans show as little class as the organization you follow..

    • pheenster

      Nice unbiased opinion. There are lots of Canucks fans that are just fine with the league’s decision. It’s easy to think your team has class when they play in kindergarten (the Eastern conference). Montreal has had more than a couple goons over the years too, no?

  • pheenster

    This suspension is the perfect example of something massively wrong with the NHL judiciary system.

    It seems like the DOPS is of the view that the hit was so late it should not have been made at all, and that Burrows has matched Emelin’s movement at the very last millisecond to ensure he got the player, and he’s only getting 3 games? That’s absolutely bonkers. If that’s their view they should be handing out a longer suspension.

    I’ve got a theory if you take almost every suspension handed out, bar special Torres/Cooke etc cases, and double the length of the actual suspension handed out, you’ve got what the suspension should actually be. Based on they’re thinking, Burrows should be serving 5+ games. Of course, once they do that, the player is able to appeal the punishment….

  • pheenster–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7cT04NQ–/

    This was a hit on Burrows by Neidereiter last year, I’m not condoning the Burrows hit I’m just pointing out the inconsistency and blatant cherry picking by the DPS. The DPS”s review and ruling was that Burrows put himself in a vulnerable position and it was basically his fault. You be the judge of that one.

  • pheenster

    I love how you condone finger biting and dirty hits.
    Not surprising.
    Considering you also shine laser pointers at opposing goaltenders.
    I won’t even get into the burning of your city as that was an embarrassment to the entire country.

  • pheenster

    What’s the matter Matt?
    Does the truth hurt?
    Nothing I’ve said cannot be substantiated..
    It’s common knowledge.

    Or should I go to bed and stop bringing up the TRUTH?

  • pheenster

    No issues with the suspension as hit was late and high.
    A couple of thoughts though…
    1) if 3 games if the baseline for a first time offender, what will players who are deemed repeat offenders penalized?
    2) if 3 games is for a hit where the opposition player wasn’t hurt, then would the penalty be higher if player suffered a concussion?
    3) if this hit happened during the playoffs, how many games would Burrows have been suspended?

    • pheenster

      I hate that things like time of year (playoffs) or whether or not someone was injured comes into the calculation. It shouldn’t matter — intent should be enough.

      I have no problem with this suspension. We can try and spin it anyway we want — it was a bang-bang play, Emelin was off-balance, blah blah — but the fact is that it should’ve been blown dead, it should’ve been a penalty and we shouldn’t have been up 1-0. They caught it after the fact and they assessed the right penalty. Just because the league is haphazard and dumb and completely irrational in its application of “justice” doesn’t make Burrow’s late (and dangerous) hit, Kassian’s idiotic swing of the stick that broke Gagner’s jaw, or Torres’ run at Seabrook somehow ok or examples of how the league has it in for the Canucks. Keith should’ve been suspended for hitting Daniel, Lucic should’ve been suspended for running Miller, Chara should’ve been suspended for running Pacioretty, etc. etc. — it doesn’t make dumb and illegal plays by the Canucks any better.

      The league has it in for logic, not the Canucks.

      • pheenster

        I’m having problems with using intent as a basis for handing out punishment. Especially since we have not absolute way of determining “intent”. A headshot in the regular season should not be penalized differently from one that happens in the playoffs. A first time offender should not be penalized less just because it’s the first time a player is caught delivering an illegal hit. A star player should not be let off the hook and a role player should not be made an example. Suspensions should be laid out in black and white. 5 games regardless for the first infraction. 10 on the second. 15 on the third etc… You will see cheap headshots like the one Burrows delivered on Hamlin go the way of the dodo if the laws are applied consistently to all.

  • pheenster

    Rusty, c’mon
    If I was making unsubstantiated references about your team, city and fans then yes, I would be a troll.
    However, I have not said one word that cannot be backed up with a simple Google search. That’s not trolling sir.

    The fact remains.

    Vancouver fans have been as classless as the team representing them.

  • pheenster

    You tired?
    Need a little nap?
    Little sleep to possibly dream about your team winning something?

    You stated facts…and I agree with them!
    But I’m not allowed to state them as well?

    Or is that so boring that I’m putting you to sleep?

    • pheenster

      Your lame attempts at trash talk are what’s putting everyone to sleep. But by all means keep telling us how terrible a city and team Vancouver has. It really hurts our feelings.