Jonas Hiller seeing beach balls, the Oilers aren’t very good at hockey, the Leafs could use Eric Staal, the impact of defense on goaltender stats, loving the game again and more in this weeks Roundup.

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How I learned  to stop worrying and just love hockey



What now for the Edmonton Oilers?

  • Grant

    I think it’s funny that the Flames are1 game over 500 and Calgary fans and media are acting as if they just won the cup .the Oilers are winless in four games and with any luck should be 2-2. I know they lost to Calgary but badly outplayed them for two periods. Did the same thing to Vancouver.
    If not for some great goaltending the Flames should be 1-5. You can’t keep giving up 40 shots per game and expect to keep winning with defense like that.

    • BurningSensation

      I think it’s funny that an Oilers fan thinks they can lecture any other fanbase about anything other than the smell of dumpster fires and the proper ettiquette for wiping Cheetohs residue on your sweatpants.

    • piscera.infada

      This is the difference between Flames and Oilers fans. Speaking on behalf of all Flames fans, we know we should have lost the majority of those games. We also know that in all likelihood these wins will end. No one is calling this a playoff calibre team. On the other hand, we still point and laugh at Edmonton, because we know (as you do) that they should be better than the Flames. They aren’t, they’re worse, by a long shot.

      • BurningSensation

        Reading this made me get tears of frustration in my eyes becasue I wanted to put on my Oilers Sweater, Fly to Calgary, Find you, Play street hockey, Drop my gloves and pound you!!! Only to realize that you are right. I so hate it when a flames fan is right. (Walks to fridge, opens door and gets a tall glass of Blue and Orange KoolAid, drinks quickly.)

      • Parallex

        True. The Flames have the luck Dragons smiling on them right now but we (Flames fans) all know (or at least should all know) that we’re not going to get a .934 save percentage from our goalies over a 82 game season and getting out shot by an average of 12 shots per game isn’t a winning formula.

        As to why the Flames are doing better then the Oilers right now (and last year) I think can be attributed to three things the Flames have that the Oilers don’t.

        1: A legitimate hard minutes Center. Mikael Backlund may not (and likely will never) put up eye-popping counting stats but he puts up respectable numbers while eating the hardest minutes of any forward on the team. If the Oilers had a good tough minute guy to head a tough minute line and provide some shelter to RNH and LD they’d be much better off.

        2: The Flames managed to “luck” into having a legitimate top D pairing. I hate using the term luck but I can’t think of any other way to describe getting a legit top pairing out of an undrafted guy that got on a now extinct three-way deal, NHL/AHL/ECHL, in Giordano and out of a 4th round pick in TJ Brodie (Extend that guy already Treliving!).

        3: Some average-good goaltending.


        Props to CanucksArmy on the AdjSV% articule. I found that really interesting.

    • MGD

      Nope. Nobody at FN thinks this way. The most we could be guilty of is enjoying victories with liberal doses of salt. Also, enjoying your rampant trolling on FN, desperately pointing out every flaw on the team. Hint: we know, it’s been beaten to death. I guess everyone has their own way of making themselves feel better.

    • Cain

      But the Flames ARE winning and ARE getting great goaltending.

      We are NOT getting any “luck”,nor great goaltending, are NOT 2-2 and “should be” doesn’t count.

      What’s so funny?

    • BurningSensation

      We are supposed to be bad this year. No one is expecting the playoffs due to an unlikely start. We are all a bit bemused by the LA win I expect, but why not celebrate small victories over the champs?

      I think a lot of us are hoping for 29th or 30th. If you could tell Buffalo, Carolina, Edmonton etc to stop crapping the bed even worse that would be swell. It isn’t really our fault that they are doing a more terrible job than the flames.

      Go back to wherever you came from.

  • BurningSensation

    Huge props to Calgary. Ive been tuning in to watch them get annihilated as their goalie is a miracle worker between the pipes.

    I have huge respect for them, albeit as an Oiler fan I hate them. At least their rebuild is going the right way, maybe its the coach?

  • BurningSensation

    Please someone turn on the “RAT” light and summon Katz from his bat cave so he can clean out arkham asylum (oilers head office) and stop the three stooges (lowe, mactavish and eatkins) from visiting anymore pain and suffering on our poor city. please “RAT MAN” make it stop.

  • Grant

    It’s funny that at the beginning of this article the first thing they speak of is the Oilers instead of the Flames. You take more interest in the oilers losing than the flames winning

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      Grant, I have decided to no longer ridicule your pathetic posts (normally I see them as you are trolling over at Flames Nation). You must be the last deluded Oiler fan left in the World. If you can’t see what everyone else including 99% of Oilers fans see, than no one is going to get through to you.

      Like someone over at FN said yesterday, it’s not even fun trash talking Oilers fans anymore. It’s like kicking a sick dog that was already lying on it’s back. It just feels….. wrong. Instead of continuously trolling Flames Nation trying to justify the Oilers terrible start…. I think you should maybe consider therapy or something.

    • BurningSensation should focus more on the Oilers rather than the Flames! I think it’s killing you that the Flames have never had a top 3 pick, are in the 2nd year of a rebuild but have quickly developed a culture of hard work that continuously equats too more wins than the Oilers year in and year out.

      Your also frustrated why the Oilers have had 5 different coaches in the last 6 years and have had a handful of 1st overall picks and continue to be pathetic losers with no end in site.

      The frustration continues when you see Oiler ownership not holding top management and players accountable when Flames ownership holds everyone including Burke, coaches and players accountable for winning.

      Enjoy year 9 of your rebuild and focus on your Oilers. Forget about the Flames it will just add to your frustrations.

    • The Last Big Bear

      The Flames are a little over one calendar year into their rebuild.

      They have Sam Bennett, Central Scouting’s #1 overall pick from last year, lined up as their projected 1C. They have a 6’3″ 210lb Sean Monahan coming off a 20-goal rookie season, who also has 1C upside.

      They have Mikael Backlund, who IS a legit first line centre. Full stop. He played a power-vs-power role in the Pacific Division last year, on a terrible team, and he finished as a PLUS player with a POSITIVE corsi. A lot of people say he doesn’t score enough to be a “real” 1C, which is a funny thing to say, because he plays against “real” first liners, and he out-shoots and out-scores them.

      God only knows what they’ll do with the 6’5″ centreman Joe Colborne, who is already a 3rd line calibre NHLer and still getting better. Also Markus Grandlund, who led AHL rookie scoring last year before he was called up to the NHL, where he scored 3 points in his 7 game call-up. They may have to force these guys to wing. Or they may have to battle with guys like Max Reinhart, the oldest of the three famous brothers, and Matt Stajan, to play a 4th line role. Or they may have to be traded.

      That’s assuming the Flames don’t land McDavid or Eichel in the 2015 draft. Which is a real possibility.

      Because a little over one year into the rebuild, the Flames as an organization are absolutely STACKED for centre depth.

      They have 2 goalies putting up excellent results in a battle to be #1. They also have the top goalie prospect out of Finland, who has a one-way contract with the Flames next season, and arguably the best goalie in the NCAA.

      They have one of the top defensive pairings in the NHL. TJ Brodie is already everything that Oilers fans hoped Schultz could become. Giordano was undrafted, earned an AHL spot on a try-out, played in Russia, fought and scraped and worked his way up to the NHL, got a full- time spot, and kept working to the point where he was shortlisted for the Canadian Olympic team, and was getting Norris votes. THAT’s hard work and determination, and THAT’s why he’s captain.

      There is also a small army of 1st rounders and other high-ceiling wingers in the system, guys like Poirier, Baertschi, Gaudreau, Klimchuk, Ferland, etc.

      So the Flames have a core of 3 young centres who can be expected to succeed in first line minutes, an elite first D-pairing, and a strong stable of goalies that gives them lots of options. They have a strong team identity, a model captain, and a lot of prospect depth at forward. They need one more top-pairing defenceman (to replace Giordano’s on-ice contribution in a few years), and the rebuild will be pretty much finished.

      I know, it’s kind of weird seeing a team rebuild that looks vaguely like a TEAM, rather than just a string of toe-dragging primadonna forwards. But I think it just might be crazy enough to work.

      That’s why nobody is excited about the Flames’ record right now. Because win or lose this season, its a rebuild, and so far the rebuild is going extremely well.

      The Oilers, on the other hand…

      Whoooooooo boy.


    • BurningSensation

      None of those things will make the Oilers a winning team, or even slow down the dumpster fire.

      At a minimum the Oilers need;

      – a #1 C (or a #2 C if you are willing to struggle through things until The Nuge is actually a #1)

      – A #1 and #2 defenseman

      – A league average starting goaltender.

      Until then, the gong show rolls on.

        • BurningSensation

          Well, they can’t actually be worse with MM in the lineup, so you have that going for you.

          As for being a winner like the Flames? Seriously, the Flames are currently a bad team, but the Oilers are so much worse they have to look up to us.

      • The Last Big Bear

        You forgot a few needs that the Oilers also have:

        1. Then need a coach who is intelligent and adaptable, not a new age freak.

        2. They need a GM who isn’t locked into the hockey of 15 to 20 years ago, and can’t draft anything other than first round sure things.

        3. A new President, because the current leader is still reliving the glory days of the 80’s and does not seem to realize that is 30 years ago.

        Until those changes are made the gong show continues and it is no wonder top free agents won’t even consider Edmonton. It is like Toronto with a lower average temperature.

  • BurningSensation

    The responsibility of a coach is to diffuse tension when a game has turned ugly. When a coach is stoic and projects a constant scowl it compounds the problem. Eakins is a negative coach. An example of the type of coach Edmonton needs is Pete Carol of the Seattle Seahawks. His excitement and enthusiasm are infectious. Players feed off him. A positive attitude is systemic to a persons upbringing. If a person is raised in a happy family environment they generally are positive. Reading Eakin’s bio of troubled upbringing could explain why he is incapable of changing the attitude on the bench.

  • The Last Big Bear

    If we can stop the Calgary future love fest and the Edmonton pity party for a minute to talk about the Toronto media obsession with getting Eric Staal from Carolina. First, why would Carolina get rid of their big draw just because they won’t make the playoffs, are Toronto going to get rid of Kessel or Bernier, I mean they aren’t going to make the playoffs either. Second, why would Stall who has a no trade clause want to go to Toronto, when he can get as much money elsewhere without the headaches. And if the response it that he is from the area, so what, I used to live in that area, and that would be a disincentive. Third, how does Toronto think another top 6 forward is going to help, that isn’t their on ice problem. Their on ice problem is defense and specifically paying $7 million per year long term for a “captain” defenseman, who would be number 3 or 4 on a good team, who can’t turn and sometimes looks like a pylon as players whiz past him. If he is worth that much then a talented player like Staal must be worth $12 million or so if he goes to Toronto. I mean look at what they paid Clarkson, so can we stop all this ridiculous talk, it ain’t going to happen.

    • The Last Big Bear

      I’d just add that I think Dion makes a near-perfect #2 defenceman.

      If he had a grown-up like Keith, or Pietrangelo to babysit him, he could work more offence from the point, jump up into the big pinches that he used to score 20 goals back in the day, and roam a bit out of position to absolutely destroy guys, just like he used to do.

      If he’s getting 30 mins against top competition every night, with nothing but Gunnarsson on a bad hip to support him, then he has his hands more than full just trying not to get completely pummeled.

      Phaneuf is better than Leafs are giving him credit for. Fans are expecting him to carry the entire team defensively, but his real talent shines when he has a bit of leeway to do his own thing while someone else holds the fort.

  • The Last Big Bear

    We’ll give you J Schultz and Eberle for Giordano!!!!!!! Can we also give you Eakins for Hartley?? You can also take Brad Hunt and Will Acton for free

  • WTF


    “I think it’s funny that the Flames are1 game over 500 and Calgary fans and media are acting as if they just won the cup”

    Comical, watch the highlights from the oilers 1st win this year, fans were crying and Fall and Flopkins were fist pumping like they scored a stanley cup winning goal! What a joke that whole establishment is