The 2014-15 season is officially underway. We’re talking
Phil Kessel, John Tortorella, Pacific war room, season predictions and more in
this week’s Roundup.

In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Time for predictions!!


Forward March: A welcoming Vancouver introduction



  • Czar

    @ A Rye Morning, I made a $20 donation to the Heart and Stroke foundation since you took round 1 of the BOA. I’ve posted a copy of the receipt on the Nations twitter account to verify.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Dear Maple Leafs,

    Thanks for giving up on Joe Colborne after 16 NHL games in which he scored 6 points and finished +1.

    I mean, I guess if you guys had such a tremendous logjam at centre that you BOUGHT OUT Mikhail Grabovski, theres no way you would have had room for Colborne anyways. And a guy his size is probably a major burden on the team in terms of taking all the leg room on the plane and stuff.

    But wow. Dat size. Doze HANDS. And this season and pre-season he’s really taken to driving the net hard. It turns out that good things happen when a 6’5″ centreman with amazing hands drives the net hard.

    Who knew?

    I’m not going to give the guy the Hart trophy or anything, just because he can barge through AHL level defence, like in the pre-season or against the Oilers. But for the price of a 4th rounder, the guy is already a legit NHLer with size and skill, who is steadily improving and still has an intriguing amount of upside.

    So once again, thanks.

    You still owe us a couple of lopsided trades after the Gilmour and Phaneuf trades. But this is a start.


    -Flames fans.

    • Czar

      From: The Toronto Maple Leafs

      Thank you for your letter Flames Fans….I do acknowledge that we did get Dion at a bargain! Had your Darryl Sutter done his due diligence and shopped him around the league than I’m sure someone else would have traded for him and given you a lot more in return! Having said that do not under estimate Matt Stajan as he is a hard working 3rd line centre who will benefit your young stars as a valuable mentor and at the same time chip in with an honest 30-40 points per season as a centre at a bargain contact price!

      Now pardon the harshness…because of Dion’s high profile we were forced by the market to pay him $7.7M per season over a 7 year period. As it turned out this highly valued but highly over rated asset continues to be erratic in his defensive play and has not helped us be a play-off contender let alone a championship team!. His personal development has not improved much and his only strength is his booming shot. Heck he is not even physical anymore!!

      As a result of his contract we will be in cap hell for the next 7 years and will be unable to move this over paid arrogant asset!

      Give us back Matt Stajan and let’s call it even? Please??

      • RealMcHockeyReturns

        FINALLY. When the Phaneuf trade happened, I actually thought Flames won it…Dion was already past his best, was 100% Dion-centric, and highly immature AND STILL IS YEARS LATER despite being Captain (bad choice like companies who hire tall people to be managers). Leafs fans are short-sighted and finally get it. We also got other decent assets in that trade like Ian White who had some good games and was flipped for other assets, Nik Hagman (same idea), and Jamal Myers (grittiness for awhile) while Sjostrom lasted one season and Aulie was traded away from Leafs. Thanks again Toronto.

  • Czar

    I am outside Todd Nelson’s house I rang the door bell no one answered.

    I then yelled “Can Yakimov, Marincin, and Pitlick come out to play.”

    He opened the door and said “NO!” and closed it.

    Anyway I am sad now.