Canucks Army Podcast: with Dan Murphy


Friend of the blog, Sportsnet’s Dan Murphy, was kind enough to hop by for a chat with me about the current state of affairs for the Vancouver Canucks. In the podcast below we touched on a variety of topics including:

  • How much say Jim Benning had on this past draft class
  • Why the Canucks felt the need to give Ryan Miller the contract that they did
  • How many of the circulating stories about John Tortorella were actually true
  • Where the team and Chris Tanev currently are in their negotiations
  • How progressive the new braintrust will be in using analytics to help make decisions

UPDATE: A listener – @Roshirai – went through the trouble of transcribing the entirety of the podcast, and that can be found here in case you’d prefer checking that out instead.

Thanks for listening! 

  • BrudnySeaby

    First of all… Thanks for a good and interesting interview! 🙂

    And don’t take this too serious now… but hello there… First you go bananas for the Virtanen pick, and now when Dan Murphy seems comfortable with it, you turn around and say it’s fine, and quote; “I don’t even pretend to be a prospect expert”… eh!?

    Kind of hilarious, don’t you think? 😉 Because that’s exactly what you’ve pretending to be the last couple of days, not letting any readers have another opinion!

    So I guess it’s ok for someone like Dan to have a different opinion, but not your readers? Interesting… almost seemed like you had too much respect for him to oppose him. I was looking forward to hearing HIS opinions on all YOURS you’ve been having, but none of that… 🙁

    Thanks though… really nice podcast, and hope you can get more guests. And don’t be afraid to “challenge” them with your own opinions! 🙂

    • Dimitri Filipovic

      That’s not true. I feel like I’ve been pretty consistent in my assertions that I don’t personally follow draft eligible prospects nearly closely enough throughout the year feel confident enough to form definitive opinions on them. I try to read up on them as much as I can but any good scout will tell you that there’s an immense amount of volatility with each projection. You’re probably mistaking me with other writers on this platform. I’ve been saying the same thing about Virtanen whenever I’ve been asked ever since the pick was made, with that being:

      I would’ve taken someone else 6th overall but that doesn’t mean I think Virtanen sucks; in fact, his physical tools seem pretty desirable and he’ll probably be a good NHLer. I can totally see why the Canucks drafted him where they did. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s completely down to personal preference.

      None of that has changed, really. Hope that makes sense.

      • Dimitri Filipovic

        No it doesn’t. Sorry…

        You should take a good listening at your last pod before you answer again. You even laughed at the Virtanen pick, only to embrace it today!?

        • Dimitri Filipovic

          That was a misunderstanding then. I was laughing at an inside joke about how we had predictably pegged Jake Virtanen as a guy the Canucks were totally going to take at #6 super early on in the process only to slowly come to the realization that they actually were going to do so as we approached closer and closer to the draft, not at Jake Virtanen as a prospect. Then I laughed at the Cam Neely comparison because it’s absurd.

          Listening back to it I, totally unsolicited, said the words “I like Jake Virtanen, I think he’s going to be a good NHL player.” before we pointed out that a comparable was Jeff Carter.

          Anyways, if you want to discuss this more feel free to email me (it’s available at the bottom of each of my posts). I’m not sure I can explain myself more clearly, though. You’re picking a fight where there isn’t one.

          @Andy I definitely intend on doing just that the first moment I have a chance to do so.

          • Dimitri Filipovic

            I’m not picking a fight, but you really should read and listen to what you’ve said earlier this week, how you graded the draft picks etc…

            You were another guy (towards Virtanen) today in the pod, and that seemed weird. And if you feel so strongly Van should have drafted someone else, why didn’t you bring that up with Dan!?

            Now, have a nice evening! 🙂

      • Dimitri Filipovic

        I wouldn’t say you sound two-faced, but I think the last ‘side’ to the Jake Virtanen draft story would be to get some insights from GMJB & the scouting department on why they were so high on Virtanen, and whether they had any consideration for Ehlers or Nylander.

  • BrudnySeaby


    If Drance is looking to make amends for his (so far) failed attempts to contribute three posts a week to this blog, perhaps he would be so kind as to transcribe this “Murphy speaks” podcast for those of us who prefer the SparkNotes summary on a Friday afternoon…

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    The fact that we haven’t heard much regarding the Tanev stuff kind of worries me. I guess the Canucks have enough money to fit him under the cap regardless and it doesn’t matter when it gets done.. but still.. what kinda deal you think we’re looking at for him? 3 years 9 mil total seems like the common sentiment?

    Thanks for the podcast though it came in handy trying to close the final few hours before the weekend out. Maybe have Murph on more regularly during the season!

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    A few knives out eh Dimitri? I really enjoyed the interview. And I don’t see a flip flop on Virtanen. I think most of us got excited about what some writers were saying about other players and coveted them. And now that we have Jake, we have to be excited about him. That’s not difficult, it’s been declared, I think here, Virtanen’s good at hockey.

  • @Matt

    Heaven forbid someone’s opinion mature as they get more information.

    No, you have to draw your line in the stand and refuse to move no matter what.

    This is the internet, after all.

  • islander

    I like the Virtanen pick. One of the youngest in his draft class, lots of room for growth. Looking forward he has the size and skill to compete in the Western conference, especially in the playoffs. I feel less confident about the smaller guys like Nylander and Ehlers in the playoffs when they will be swatted around after the refs put the whistles away. As an aside I’m interested in watching this big Russian kid play. His skating and mobility looks pretty good after watching a few clips of him at the world juniors.

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    The facts are that after the top four players were taken, the rest of the forwards left were a matter of taste in player.

    I personally like taking the local boy who’s value had dropped a bit because of his shoulder surgery. Jake V is not just thrilled to be an NHL player, but playing for the team he watched growing up…. There is something special there.

    As far as the articles go, there was a definite negativity towards almost every move until the Vrbata signing. They should have taken Ho Song because he has more upside, why all the “size ” players drafted, Ryan Miller is an A enrage goaltender on an average team ect…

    Fact is that with better goaltending a “real” first line and improved PP this team is a playoff team again.the move to improve the fourth line, acquiring Vey for a second round pick there is a youth movement around the vets in the line up. With Tanev, Kassian,Jensen, Vey, Bonino, Horvat, Corrado Sibsa…. Thats 8 young players that will bring jump to a Veteran team. Also, I want those young players playing on a team working to make the playoffs! Losing is a culture and so is winning.

    Benning made quick, positive decisions. The teams culture is, you don’t want to play here, we don’t need you.. Add flexibility with the cap and contracts, this feels like a different Canucks team. The GM and coach came up through hard work and perseverance and expect the same from their players. I can’t wait for training camp!

  • islander

    Great pod, Dimitri (and Murph). Very interesting discussion. I like hearing from the local media because they have a lot more intimate knowledge of what is going on or at least see the team more regularly. The national media just don’t have that same level of insight. One thing though: I feel like a dick for even saying this, but Dimitri, you have a tendency to say “right” very very frequently in this pod as Murph is speaking. Not a bad thing, but it gets distracting after a while.