Canucks Sign… Who The Hell Is Bobby Sanguinetti?


After Jim Benning landed his guy, he went off the board with his second ever free agent acquisition, picking up former Carolina Hurricanes D Bobby Sanguinetti for a basically insignificant amount of money. Just who the hell is Bobby Sanguinetti? Is this at all a meaningful signing? Will he even play in the NHL?

Everything you ever needed to know about Bobby Sanguinetti is after the jump.

Sanguinetti is a former New York Rangers 1st round pick in the 2006 entry draft. He was dealt to the Hurricanes in 2010, but has spent the vast majority of his pro career in the AHL. There, he was a top-end offensive defenseman, finishing 3rd in D scoring in 2011-12. Here’s his HockeyDB page, and stats on ExtraSkater. Since then, he’s had a cup of coffee with the Hurricanes and gone to the KHL where he spent last season.

With the Hurricanes in 2012-2013, he was played in pretty sheltered minutes (with terrible teammates too), but he easily crushed them, posting a staggering 57.3% Corsi%. His FenwickFor/20 was also through the roof, as his team generated shots at a higher rate than any team other player in the league when he was on the ice. His FF% was comparable to Drew Doughty, and he generated shots at a higher rate than offensive dynamo Erik Karlsson, albeit in hugely different (and probably not comparable) circumstances. His Player Usage Chart from 2012-13 with the Hurricanes:


Sanguinetti didn’t see much powerplay time though, and his on-ice shooting% was fairly poor, leading to very pedestrian boxcars (2-4-6 in 37 GP). He’s also relatively unproven Still, at just 26 year old and a short-term $600,000 commitment, this strikes me as a great bet to make. If it works out, the Canucks find a still-young, bottom pairing, second unit PP, right-handed shooting, big-bodied two-way defenseman for basically no money. If not, well, he slides into Utica ahead of Frank Corrado and instantly improves the Comets.

I mentioned yesterday that I’d like to target Brett Bellemore and Zach Redmond as potential low-cost NHL guys, and Sanguinetti is right up there in terms of promising young-ish UFA D worth rolling the dice on. Yeah, he’s unproven, but why not roll the dice on unproven guys who have done good things in the past. If you do anything at a comparable level to Erik Karlsson, you’re worth a look at the very least.

    • andyg

      All the sky is falling stuff is very tiring.

      You do know Kess is no longer a 40 goal guy. Also he did that only once.

      You may just find that last years combo of Torts and Kess caused the hole team to just give up.

      • andyg

        Addition by subtraction….. For sure!

        Look at how well the Rangers performed after they were let out from under Torts thumb. I expect the same type of rebound performance from the Nucks.

        • andyg

          “Addition by subtraction”

          That, plus Bonino and Matthias. Youth like Jensen,Horvat,Vey and Grenier.(maybe Shinkaruk)

          If they play 4 lines and keep the twins down to 18 minutes we will probably see them rebound.(they are 34 not 44)

          I am surprised that they have not signed Santo.

          People want change but have no vision on how to get there.

          • andyg

            I’d like to see Hunter go to Utica; Horvat back to junior, Gaunce start at Utica and same with Grenier. Jensen is another guy that might be better off in Utica too. Let them develop. Michael D. made a bit of a panic move by calling up Jensen soon after he started scoring.

            Why do people keep thinking we’re signing Santorelli? Do you think, with our glut of forwards, there’s room for him? I also hear he wants significantly more money and he is not worth it. Give that spot up to someone else. Maybe if one of the young forwards surprises/overwhelms then keep him up with the big club.

          • andyg

            We have 12 forwards counting Sestito,Dorsett and Vey. They seem to be bringing in Vey over Santo so hopefully it works.Vey is only 22 so more upside you would think.
            I agree that most of our youth will start in Utica and be called up when needed. Unless Horvat makes the team there is still room for Santo unless there is a trade or something else in the plans.

            He did play well last year and I would rather see him brought back rather than a bunch of money thrown at some aging vet.

          • andyg

            Santo was a solid player. Agreed. We have a few players much like him now – Bonino, Vey to name a couple. Slightly smaller guys with skill.

            We don’t have much size in the projected top 6. It might be on it’s way via draft picks a few years ago but not right now. Trader Jim did mention he still plans on addressing the offence this off-season so I don’t think he’s done the dealing.

  • Peachy

    I can’t bring myself to read the Ryan Miller article, but this is the kinda signing I can get behind.

    Stanton / Corrado / Snguinetti as the 5-6-7 defensemen isn’t bad.

    Now about that goal scoring problem.

  • Barnabas

    Never heard of Sanguinetti but his offensive numbers are intriguing. Could be a bit of a Nolan Baumgartner, excellent in junior and the minors but couldn’t quite pass the NHL bar–though I thought Baumgartner was pretty good in his one complete Canucks season.
    The downside for the Canucks is that Utica will be getting an AHL star offensive D. The upside is that Sanguinetti finds his NHL groove which will make him an outstanding signing.