Canucks choose not to qualify Schroeder, Dalpe; let them walk

What a world.

You can now officially add two new names to the list of unrestricted free agents set to hit the market tomorrow morning, as the Vancouver Canucks have announced today that they will not be extending qualifying offers over to two youngish, formerly highly regarded but now vastly underwhelming centers. 

It’s a little surprising given that you figured someone like Schroeder would be worth giving another non-committal, low-risk chance since it seems like guys that were once former 1st round picks get endless opportunities at this level to try and regain what they once appeared to have. 

The Canucks obviously didn’t think so, and quite frankly, it’s hard to get too worked up about it. With Schroeder and Dalpe now gone, that leaves the Canucks with 4 RFAs left.

Despite the fact that Schroeder hadn’t necessarily shown much during his time here to suggest that he’d ever be able to be a useful contributor, it was still thought that the Canucks would walk through the motions with him because they didn’t really have anything to lose by doing so. He wound up with just 6 goals in 56 games for the Canucks, spread over two seasons because he couldn’t stay healthy. 

That was a major problem, as was the fact that he wasn’t really good enough to justify being given heavy offensively deployment in a top-6 role, but didn’t really fit the description of the prototypical bottom-6 NHLer, either. He always seemed to be stuck in something of a no man’s land there, but I wouldn’t be overly surprised to see him get picked up by an Eastern Conference team as a flier and have a few relevant moments. 

After all, what’s really that much different between someone like him and a David Desharnais, for example? They essentially produced at the same rate as in their 22 year old seasons at the AHL level. Moreso than anything it’s just a shame that the time the Canucks decided to invest in a diminutive guy, it happened to be one that wasn’t all that good. You probably shouldn’t search up that 2009 draft to see who wound up going shortly after him, is my advice.

As for Dalpe, his only season with the Canucks was disappointing if only because there was initially some reason for optimism that he’d be capable of contributing with a change of scenery. Whether he’s any good or not remains a mystery. All of his data from last year is confounded by the fact that he spent nearly half of his 5v5 time stuck with Top Sixtito, which surely did him no favours. When together the two had a 40.8 corsi for % and 23.1% goals for rate; when Dalpe got away from him, those numbers skyrocketed to 49.7% and 50% respectively.

He’ll probably have to go to some team’s AHL affiliate and earn another call-up sometime down the road, but we’ll always have the time he got to play third wheel to the Sedins:

    • jung gun

      His agent has stated that Santo would like to come back as a Canuck next season, but there’s a hold up. The issue is term. The brass doesn’t wanna hand out more than a one year deal, and Santo wants security. He’ll probably be lost to free agency….

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    Bit soon to be giving up on them (Schroeder’s only 23) but I guess they’re going all in on the size thing.

    No space for them either though. 3rd line of Higgins-Santorelli-Burrows and a 4th of Richardson-Matthias-Dorsett + trying to squeeze in Hansen/Bonino anywhere but the top 6.

  • Chungus

    There is no mystery on Zac Dalpe.

    If he’s anything more than a call-up, you’re a bad team.
    The game happens too fast for him and I think he’s afraid of contact. I haven’t seen any other ‘skill’ player miss as many breakout passes due to fear of being hit in a long time.

    Nothing against him as a man, but I’m glad to see him go. There’s no mystery about it.

  • jung gun

    I don’t really get cutting them loose while we still have jokes on the payroll like Sixtito… I guess I was just hoping for a semi-skilled fourth line. I wish Schroeder had gotten a fair look instead of being hamstrung with typical fourth liners and fourth line minutes. Oh well, it wouldn’t be the first time that injuries have derailed a promising hockey career. On another note, If we blow a bunch of money on Miller then I really have no idea what Benning is doing. Personally, I think the last thing we need is a big name goalie. If people thought the Luongo era was disappointing they’re gonna find Miller’s play downright depressing.

  • jung gun

    I think this was wise. Schroeder is just not strong enough to compete in NHL. Dalpe is just a bust, he only played because he was a favourite of Torts (the Idiot). I basically throw last year out the window as an example of several things. 1. Stupid owners interfering in something they knew nothing about. 2. A gutless GM who was way over his head in the position but had too much ego to admit it. 3. A head coach who is still living in the hockey world of the early 2000’s were hooking and holding were rampant. I would recommend that Torts (the Idiot) should go to Calgary where he can work under Mr. Bombastic and his group of puppets. They would get a long famously.

    I think the new leadership, especially Benning are showing real skill and tough decision making.

  • jung gun

    Santo it seems wants at least two years and about 3mil…. It’s a tough one because the guy did get run out of two teams after a descent year. Last year I was one of his biggest fans, but he did get hurt when his production started to slow. I believe they would have him back on a one year deal, but probably not two. Especially since they have Vey now.

    Schroeder just looks like he doesn’t fit anywhere. Center, wing offense defense. He was one of those Bold Gillis out of the box picks. He is 23 but it seems he has to rethink his approach to the game. Whatever he does now isn’t working. Get stronger, work on becoming a face off specialist, defensive forward with speed Ala Burrows….. Something just doesn’t click on the ice for him. Maybe a change of scenery is what’s needed.

    Obviously size is going to be part of the Canucks reset, so a small forward that doesn’t produce offensively is not a great fit.

  • islander

    As Randy Newman put it, “Don’t want no short people around here”. Stop drafting these “toolsy” little hobbits hoping they make it someday. Good work so far Benning.