Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Reportlet – June 5th, 2014

Welcome to this week’s version of the Comets Militia Weekly Prospect Report(let). With little happening in terms of pro talent at the moment, this moment in time can be considered the calm before the storm on the prospect front. 

There are plenty of rumours swirling around with regards to who the Canucks are interested with that ever-so-important 6th overall selection they currently hold, and we’re only 3 weeks away from finally seeing it all play out before our very eyes.

I’ve scourging around the internet and Twitter to bring you the latest information, which we’ll get into just past the jump. Read on for more about the latest in Canucks prospect rumours, news, gossip, and some things I’ve flat out made up to help pass the time.  


Normally this part of the column is devoted to providing a little bit of deeper analysis with respect to the past week of play, but since there haven’t been any games, we’ll have to mix it up. This week appears to be a Link Dump Extravaganza:

  • NucksMisconduct conducts an autopsy on Eddie Lack and his first year of playing/starting in the NHL.
  • Down in Syracuse there was some shap heat between the author of this article and Brendan M Burke, the Comets play-by-play man, who could not believe that Utica had a better hockey venue than the Crunch.
  • Scout Corey Pronman sees Ben Hutton as a good skater and a skilled puck mover but there’s still room for improvement on the defensive end of things. 
  • There have been no signs of signing Wes Myron yet. Don’t hold your breath.
  • As we move towards the entry draft we can start looking at possible prospects we can draft at 6th.  Pass it to Bullis looks at eight possible players.
  • Botchford reports the local prospects excite Benning.
  • Jamieson reports that the Canucks might take a chance on young William Nylander. Bring Willy Home.
  • Another rumour flying around is from Gary Mason on TEAM 1040, who said that the Canucks are desperate to move up to take Reinhart.  
  • Flames Nation has produced a list of players they could draft at 4th, some of these guys have overlap with names we’ve heard that will be available at 6th, which is why I’m passing it along to you here.
  • ISS has updated their final rankings and currently Draistl sits at 6th.
  • NucksMisconduct discusses the possibility of changing styles.
  • RFA Jordan Schroeder and his agent will be talking with the team next week about extending him. He has to be qualified by June 28th. 
  • Pond Hockey Thoughts discusses the idea of moving Schroeder to the wing.
  • Canucks Prospects put together this video on Sauve highlights on the year, and yes there are apparently a few.
  • In this week’s fake controversy, Cole Cassels was seen having hit Hunter Shinkaruk in the face, cutting him up badly. How can we have a player like Cassels on our team if he is so willing to blatantly and purposely hurt his teammates? I know I would be scared to be on the Canucks and on the ice at the same time as him. If he’s willing to do that in offseason training, just think how easy it would be for him to purposely put the puck in the wrong net!

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  • Fred-65

    I’m just hoping Florida take Ekblad and Edmonton is need of a “D” and take Fleury…that chnages the draft dramatically and give Vcr a Draisaitl or a Dal Colle.

    One thing that makes me wonder about the Vcr prospects is Horvat, I didn’t see the player that was projected to fans by management. He didn’t stand out in the WJC or the Memorial Cup. Gaunce didn’t show well in last Falls training camp…one of the first cuts. We can only hope Skinkaruck shows us more.