Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Reportlet: Memorial Cup Edition


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As the days continue to get longer, the number of active prospects still playing with their respective teams continues to diminish. Bo Horvat was the last one standing, with his team playing host to the Memorial Cup. Meanwhile if we look overseas towards Eastern Europe, we see the IIHF World Championships taking place as we transition from the elongated round robin portion of the tournament to the good stuff.

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For the Memorial Cup, Anton Cederholm and the IIHF Worlds, read past the jump!

Memorial Cup

Heading into this tournament the London Knights finished 1st in the OHL in possession rankings with 56.6%, while Guelph was 4th at 54.6%. Edmonton (competing in the WHL) was fairly dominant, themselves, finishing 1st with 59.1% while Val-d’Or won the Q with 55.7% possession. But since they all compete in different leagues, it’s awfully difficult to hypothesize as to how the 4 stack up against each other. That’s why we have the Mem Cup; so what’s taken place in the 3-game round robin?

Team Wins Expected Wins Possession Close SF SA GF GA Sh% Sv% PDO
London 0 0 57.69% 138 111 4 13 2.90% 88.29% 91.19%
Edmonton 1 1 57.14% 132 105 10 11 7.58% 89.52% 97.10%
Guelph 1 2 49.69% 119 119 18 7 15.13% 94.12% 109.24%
Val-d’Or 2 1 35.53% 94 150 8 9 8.51% 94.00% 102.51%

The Memorial Cup is a good example of where PDO outrules possession. London has technically been the best possession team but it means nothing when your goalie cant stop anything and almost none of your pucks go in the net. The opposite goes for teams like Val-d’Or, and to some extent Guelph, who have been dominated in possession but have the PDO strongly in their favour. My guess is that Edmonton will beat Val-d’Or and then beat Guelph in the final, but given how big a factor PDO will play in the next two games it makes my statical predictions almost meaningless.

Unfortunately London could not win a game and therefore have been eliminated from the tournament, meaning that Bo Horvat’s time back in Canucks Prospect Survivor is over as soon as it started. In the three games he had 0 Pts, +/- of -1 and 2 PIM. He also had a penalty shot in the first game, against Val-d’Or’s Bibeau, and could not capitalize on it.

As says… It’s Bo Time! And make sure to watch the latest episode of London Knights: Quest for the Memorial Cup!

Other News

  • If you haven’t seen this yet, it is really worth the read. Thats_Offside compared the Canucks scouting over the last decade to a potato and the potato won. Then Cam Charron touches on it some more on Wednesday.
  • In the IIHF Worlds Kenins played in 7 games and earning 4 assists. He finished with a +1 and 13 SOG.
  • Jensen has also played in 7 games earning 2 points (1G, 1A), notching 8 PIM with a -2 as well as having 11 SOG.
  • Eriksson has now played in 5 games (mostly as backup) with 1 goal against making 10 of 11 saves good for a .909 Sv% and a 0-1-0 record.
  • Pass it to Bulis has covered the opening round of the IIHF Worlds giving a summary of all Canucks Prospects and players.
  • Given the large number of New York teams in the AHL and the fact that there will be an AHL re-alignment next year it is possible that the Comets could find themselves in an all-NY division consisting of Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Binghamton, and Glen’s Falls. Not all that bad a scenario given how frequently they’re playing 3 times in 3 nights.
  • As we prepare for the draft more and more mock drafts are coming out in bunches. TheHockeyNews published one recently and it was terrible, so I will let you laugh at it yourself.
  • Late last night Jason Botchford reported that the Canucks have said they were interested in Jake Virtanen for their 6th pick, a player known more for being big than good, while ignoring top players such as Nylander and Ehlers. So let’s hope they are saying that to throw off the other teams and that Benning is smarter than to draft him.
  • Surprisingly Cederholm was signed to an ELC so early after his non-impressive year. Both and Dimitri covered this.  
  • With the Canucks having a limited number of contracts left to give out, and Cederholm way down in the defenseman depth I can’t see management re-signing Sauve. I wonder who made this decision with the lack of GM. Cederholm was playing on the Winterhawks top pairing and was unable to produce any numbers; he’s been essentially a pylon.
  • @Butyoucarlotta verified this with some #fancystats showing that he was playing the role of a turnstile against Edmonton.
  • To show some differing opinions, the experts at Reddit’s /r/Canucks love this move.
  • Lack can still be considered a prospect and there was some really interesting analysis on his development, play and style.
  • NucksMisconduct wrote their autopsy on Darren Archibald mostly focusing on his NHL work. Check it out!
  • In this week’s fake controversy Jordan Subban had a video posted on Facebook where he claimed to squat 340 lbs x 3 but really the video only showed x2. If he is going to lie about something like that how can we really trust his character? We should be outraged by this and dump him. I know I couldn’t trust him if he was my teammate.


Utica Comets / The AHL put up this joke

    • Mantastic

      Never dis the hockey news! Greatest rag ever. They have a prospect ranking issue where Fleury is in the 8 spot. If the Canucks grabbed him at 6, I think that’s a good outcome. But if Del Colle is available…

    • Mantastic

      #scoreeffects is the reason why London has had such a high Corsi, they haven’t lead a single minute in this tournament and are always playing from behind.

      • I agree on the score effects, but there are ways of mitigating it by not using Sf%. Most noticably not looking at the 3rd period when score effects become exponentially larger. Hockey Visualized has done some good work on this.

    • acg5151

      Just curious, but I haven’t exactly heard anything bad about Virtanen. I recall CA doing a piece using fancystats to evaluate Bo Horvat a while back, maybe you guy should do a piece evaluating the guys competing for the #6 pick in the draft.