Another week is in the books and another star player is taking heat for not performing when it mattered most. Crosby had a tough second round, but so did a lot of the Penguins.  If you had Crosby in your pool, like I did, he didn’t exactly help out much in the standings.  After jumping almost 100 spots last week, I was ready to stop blaming Chris Kelly and forgive him for me being stupid enough to pick him.  Well, I’m falling again and I don’t think even smashing into the concrete can stop my decline this time around.


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For the second week in a row, this Rammertime fellow is dominating the leaderboard! How did you do it, sir? You must have known something that the rest of us didn’t, of this I’m sure. I know what it is, you picked guys that were actually playing in the playoffs didn’t you? You didn’t fall for the dud picks like Alex Ovechkin, Chris Kelly, or Gustav Nyquist…*realizes that Nyquist “played” during the playoffs” Yeah, no points worth of playing, Gustav! Thanks a lot, regular season hero.

Speaking of Crosby…there was a lot of debate going around Twitter about who you would rather build your team around – Toews or Crosby.  It’s a tough call. Sid is a point producing machine (playoffs aside) and you can’t question his skill.  Toews, on the other hand, seems to have ice in his veins and always seems to rise to the occasion when it matters most. So I’ll leave it to you, Crosby or Toews – what say you?

Did anyone else notice that there was no games on TV last night? NO. GAMES. It’s going to get even worse in the conference finals and eventually the Cup Finals. We may even go multiple days without games. That’s no good for anyone.  Even worse is that this is a reminder that the season is almost over!  With no hockey, we may actually have to spend time with our families and not drink beer during the week! Do you realize this? Oh the humanity!

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Last week, I was in 178th place so you may be thinking that my fall down the standings hasn’t been that bad. BUT…I encourage you to look at my lineup and see how many Penguins and Bruins were on my roster. Regardless of what happens in the Kings/Ducks Game 7 tonight, I will have 1 player left on my roster for the rest of the playoffs.  I will be depending solely on either Ryan Getzlaf or Drew Doughty to power me through until the end.  Frankly, I don’t like my chances.  I expect my fall to be steep and relentless.  I have embarrassed my self and I have embarrassed the Shaolin Temple.

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Dear Ryan Getzlaf/Drew Doughty

One of you handsome gentlemen will be my only hope for climbing out of 191st place and into the top 20 where the prizes are.  I know it’ll be a hefty task for you to accomplish, but I know that either one of you can do it.  I believe in you.  You’ve both won Stanley Cups, and you’ve both won Olympic Gold medals – if anyone can do it, it’s you guys.

Ahh screw it…I’ve got no chance. Can I have some money instead?


  • Jeff Lebowski

    Id build my team around Toews… probably because i am an Oilers fan, and that leadership is the thing we are lacking most in our organization.

    Crosby is the better player in my opinion, but we have a lot of skill that can score, we just need a leader to lead them in the trenches and rise them all up when we need it.

    how many games have we been leading after 2 periods, only to lose in regulation. Leadership would cure (or help) that. Its why I would pick Toews.

    Speaking only of hockey, and not directing it at any specific team, i would choose Crosby to start the building of a team. He is the best player in the world right now, and there is no question that he would go #1 overall if there was a global draft right now.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    “Even worse is that this is a reminder that the season is almost over! With no hockey, we may actually have to spend time with our families and not drink beer during the week! Do you realize this? Oh the humanity!”…….

    But, but, but, Baggedmilk

    What about patio beers

    or back yard* beers, dude.

    * sub “Golf Course”,”campsite” or “Football” as desired.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    The winner of the Stanley Cup will come from the west, Kings or hawks. Now those are real contenders. All that time the Canucks had doing nothing while the Kings and Hawks built their team to what it is today…so sad. All that wasted Canuck years doing the same things, saying the same things about how hard building a winner or contender is while the teams next to them went out and did it.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Well folks, Ray Shero of Pen just got sacked, eight years after winning just one cup. I don’t know why but i have this feeling that had Vancouver had the Pens team along with Shero and Bylsma with the very same stats, they would have been given a lifetime contract. I guess standards are different in different places, not that I think Shero shouldn’t be fired. On the painful side Vancouver had a guy named Gillis for around the same time as Shero, won nothing and made an over rated team to the level of the Oilers. Now all that’s left for Linden to do is to find a way to trick fans into thinking next year will be an improvement, cause let’s face it, the team after this season has no where to go but up, right? Well, up to the stratosphere of mediocrity where Linden will there by claim it to be success.

    Pavel Bure must be laughing still. The curse of Bure lives on.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Have the Canucks hired Benning yet?
    Better hurry up before Pit signs him….

    Would you rather have Malkin and Crosby or the twins on your team for the next 4 years???


    • Jeff Lebowski

      The Pens would never trade Malkin and Crosby for 30 Sedins. sides, Vancouver is going to have the twins until they learn their lesson and until every delusional fan learns once again that the franchise has no idea what it is doing.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    AV has now won the first game against the Habs in round 3. I take it the coach wasn’t the Canucks problem but the GM and it’s PLAYERS?

    Now carry on about the corsi stats and delusional WhiteCastle dreams, Mr. Clavens. Hahahahah!

  • Jeff Lebowski

    If Av makes it to the finals again, which seems likely given that Boston was happy just to beat the Bruins like the Canucks were happy to beat the Hawks in 11, at least he won’t have meltdown Luo and the rest of the no show team to worry about. No invisible Sedins, no hand biting Burrows, no weak defense, no pump my tires Luongo,

    Av must be loving it. Still, AV will lose to anyone coming out of the west as it appears he’s always on the wrong coast at the wrong times. There are only a few players in NY making a big difference and once the Kings or Hawks shut them down it will be a repeat of 2011 for AV. Still, everyone has moved on except for the inept core that is still with the Canucks.

    I don’t think Gillis is handing out is resumes to any NHL teams at this time…or ever.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    The league is lucky that the Pens selected Stall in the draft rather than Toews…. That line up would be unbeatable.

    The Pens firing their GM sure outs a monkey wrench in Lindens plans. I can’t imagine Benning would take the Canucks job over a Pens team with Crosby and Malki . Bummer

      • Jeff Lebowski

        A GM taking the Pitt job over Vancouver has nothing to do with the Canucks. It’s a good job on a good hockey market. Any GM would change the organization to fit their vision and standards.

        Fact is no other team could compete with building around Crosby and Malkin…. Maybe Chicago with Toews/Kane/Hossa.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    ” Any GM would change the organization to fit their vision and standards. ”

    So by that what Gillis was then doing was building a team to fit his vison and standards.which meant a vision he made up along the way and no standards.

    ” A GM taking the Pitt job over Vancouver has nothing to do with the Canucks. It’s a good job on a good hockey market ”

    No, it has nothing to do with the fact that Vancouver Canucks have been spinning their wheels for so long because they keep doing the same useless things that never got them anywhere.

    Vancouver Canucks is a lame monopoly and run like one, otherwise, if any other remotely successful big name team were here, the Canucks would have been shipped off a long time ago. But we all know Canadians love getting stiffed by monopolies and wheat cheese boards. There’s probably a board to manage a board. Look at Skypit. All those gas taxes you pay go to keep those losers around to burn more money.