Canucks Army Draft Lottery Live Chat


Who needs the playoffs when you’ve got the NHL Entry Draft to get excited about, right? RIGHT? That’s the line of thinking you’ll need to start becoming comfortable with if you’d like to sleep at night in the coming weeks, as you watch other compete for the Stanley Cup while your favourite team doesn’t.

Whenever things aren’t going all that well in the present, a good compensatory mechanism is to look ahead to the future. That all starts tonight, as the ping pong balls will be picked and the draft order for June 27th’s event in Philadelphia will be determined. 

The Canucks head into it with a 6.2% chance of winning the 1st overall pick. Let’s hope the team didn’t start Jacob Markstrom and Mike Zalewski in the final games of the season all for nothing. 

  • The Benevolent Orca

    1. Fire Gillis

    2. Tank all the way down to #25

    3. Win the draft lottery

    4. Fire Tortorella

    5. Hire new GM

    6. Select Sam Reinhart 1st overall

    7. Move the AHL team to Abbotsford

    8. Make some BS fantasy trade for Evander Kane

    9. Sign UFA Jaroslav Halak

    10. Reset complete

    • The Benevolent Orca

      Kane seems to have a lot of baggage off the ice. Not something all that great for the locker room.

      Wether I agree with this list or not…. I feel bad for Trevor Linden now…

      • The Benevolent Orca

        Does Kane have any more baggage than Stanley Cup champions Mike Richards & Jeff Carter?

        Or Tyler Seguin?

        If Winnipeg is in the mood to sell low on Kane, the Canucks should at least inquire.

        Even though I suspect other teams have better assets to offer…

      • argoleas

        The “baggage” that Kane seems to have has to do with a hypersensitive media environment in Winnipeg and insane fans who seem to be outraged by him being, a 21-year-old. It’s hard to take most of this stuff seriously — at least Chicago had the good sense to realize that their Kane was young and dumb (though beating up the cabbie wasn’t exactly glorious) instead of jettisoning him like Boston did Seguin or Philly did Carter and Richards.

        If Winnipeg is dumb enough to sell low on Kane we should be all over it — but there’s no way that we have enough to offer if a bidding war opens up. People who think that Kesler should fetch us the moon should give their head a shake — Evander Kane should (and will) command a far greater price on the open market.

        • argoleas

          That’s a good point about Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks.

          I’m willing to put up with alleged off ice nonsense from a premium player like Evander Kane.

          I don’t have as much patience when a coach like Torts, Keenan or Carlyle has off ice issues, though…

          • argoleas

            I dont think any team needs to put up with any such nonsense any more than any other employer, although to be fair, no employee should put it with any BS from employer (on ice as well as off) as well.

            The main question is whether the player puts hockey first. If yes, then off ice stuff can be worked out when player realizes it is to his own benefit to fix those issues. I think Kassian is a good example. Clearly he has become more professional. As long as he doesn’t get into trouble, and it does not affect his game, let him party and drink as much beer as he wants. A hockey career is not a 10-20 year prison sentence.

            We can also factor in the fact that Kane may really welcome playing back home. Wont affect his trade value to Winnipeg, but may help with those off ice issues.

            But really, this is still a pipe dream as even at a reduced price, he wont come cheap. Still say top pick and top prospect going other way. Not sure that is a good idea.

          • argoleas

            Sure teams don’t have to put up with nonsense, either.

            But then you run the risk of, for example, selling low on Seguin, Carter, Richards etc.

            These are millionaires in their early 20s.

            Why wouldn’t they enjoy their priviledge?

    • andyg

      So we know we are not getting Reinhart. (unless we make a trade)

      Moving the farm to some where in the lower main land would be smart and good for the over all brand.(lets hope)

      You said you you would come up with a list of who you would pick once we got to the end.


      I agree with Halak. (not a full rebuild kind of move though)

    • argoleas

      1. Stop using illegal drugs

      2. Fire Linden

      3. Fire the entire scouting staff

      4. Get rid of any Canuck Alumni

      5. Get rid of the entire core

      6. Get on knees and beg Scotty Bowman to come

      7. A life time contract and all powers to Bowman

      8. Let Bowman evaluate Torts.

      9. Send Edler to Russian Gulag.

      10. Reset complete.

  • argoleas

    Typically I don’t like to promote racism in hockey.

    However, I’ll make an exception if Leon Draisaitl does not have the correct passport for the Flames and/or the Islanders/Sabres…