Locker Clean-Out Day came earlier than usual this year, so now what?

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This joke we made last night seemed to confound some people, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a mistake on our part. What it was, was a sad truth; the Canucks did in fact win their final game of the season for the first time since ’05-’06, and as their reward they’ll now have longer than usual to pick up the pieces and figure out what went wrong.

With missing the playoffs for the first time in 5 years came a premature locker clean-out day, with both the players and the coach facing the media one last time before going their separate ways. We’ll get into some of the choice quotes that came from it just past the jump. We’ll also go over a couple of roster moves the team made this morning, and look ahead to what’s next for both the Canucks and this blog.

The Roster Moves

This is a move that was expected, but nonetheless isn’t something that should just be glossed over. Both Jensen and Corrado will provide quite a beneficial shot in the arm to a Utica Comets squad that is scratching and clawing for a playoff spot until the bitter end. Based on how big a hole they dug themselves with their extensive early season struggles, it’s amazing that they’re still mathematically alive.. but they somehow are.

The AHL’s official website has a nice little primer which effectively paints a picture of the landscape. By the looks of it the Comets still face a rather uphill battle, but weird things happen in the AHL, and as long as they’re still mathematically alive anything is possible. They’re 4 points out of that final spot with 3 games in hand, but even if they’re unable to leapfrog the teams ahead of them this’ll at the very least provide two guys who figure to be up for roster spots with the big club to start next year with some useful experience.

Yesterday was something of a big night for Corrado in an otherwise meaningless game, as he scored a goal for the first time at the NHL level. While it was a shot that Karri Ramo would probably like to have back, I will say that Corrado’s continued ability to get shots from the point through traffic and on net is something that’s a legitimate weapon.

The Media Availability

First off, the most important news that came from it all was that Daniel Sedin appears to be fine after his CT scan checked out. He reportedly doesn’t have any sort of concussion symptoms, though it’s nice that he’ll have some time to rest up now given the propensity for those things to flare back up after the fact.

Many reports that were present on the scene were tweeting out all sorts of goods, but if there’s just one timeline you have to scour, it’s David Ebner’s. He seemed to catch onto this narrative guys like Henrik Sedin and Kevin Bieksa were crafting with all of their pleas for the team to “reload” rather than “rebuild”. While saying something like “we were playing with the best in the league until Christmas” is oversimplifying things and conveniently overlooking some key things, I still tend to side with that line of thinking over completely blowing everything up.

Kevin Bieksa in particular isn’t wrong. The team did get obscenely unlucky from top to bottom, and with a couple of timely moves this summer, they could see their fortunes reverse rather quickly. Of course one of those moves is likely getting rid of the coach, who based on the way he has been handling interviews over the past few days, seems like a guy that sees the writing on the wall. 

I am still of the belief that Tortorella isn’t long for this job once Trevor Linden “downloads all of his data”. It’s tough to argue with the fact that the team should go in a different direction in that regard after he spent all year trying to force a square peg into a round hole, neutering the team in the process because of his refusal to adapt.

What’s Next?

We’re not going anywhere. While there won’t be any games to cover on this platform, it looks like we’ll be just as busy as we otherwise would’ve been. The NHL Draft Lottery is tomorrow at 5 PM PST, and we’ll be hosting a live chat much like the one we did for the trade deadline back in March. Hopefully you can come spend some time with us then, supplementing the viewing experience. 

After that, we’ll have all sorts of draft previews and profiles as soon as we have a better idea of who will be available once it’s Vancouver’s turn to pick. There will also surely be a bunch of “sooo what went wrong?” stuff that we’ll be running, to go along with a GM profile series, and maybe, just maybe, even another head coach series for the second straight summer. 

Taking a second away from our calm, cool, and collected approach on this platform, I’d just like to thank all of you guys and gals out there that have made an effort to read the work we post on here, and make the comments section an *interesting* place. All of you are A-OK in my books (yes, even you, NM00). 

It has been a rather miserable season and I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to take a step back from it all to enjoy your summer in peace, but just know that we’ll still be here all the way through till next Fall’s training camp. Even during the dog days.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Torts calling another coach’s tactics bush league is the funniest, most perplexing thing in the world.

    That clown has serious mental issues. He has to make himself feel the victim or defender of something that does not exist.

    In his brain, I think, is a constant game of good guy vs bad guy and he has to play it out in real life. Everything he does is adversarial and he thinks there is some justification for his idiocy.

    Mind games.

    Too many coaches think motivating players comes down to mind games. Hartley on the other hand, seems to believe that teaching players how to improve their abilities or roles within a team are motivating to players.

    That’s why, imo, he plays tough guys a lot of minutes. They are improving some aspect of their games (within the system) and Hartley rewards them for their improvement. If you improve you’ll be able to help the team. If you help the team, you get to play more. Hence 4th line guys play 10+ minutes a game sometimes.

    Idiot Torterlla never thinks once about ‘teaching’ so when he sees big tough guys starting again, it must be about him. How Hartley is doing something to him.

    What a complete tool Torts is.

    He’s a guy who seems like he got punched in the face a lot growing up (from infancy unfortunately).

    • andyg

      No, the complete tool was a guy named Mike Gillis.

      Torts may have been punched in the face as an infant but Gillis was dropped by his parents on his head many more times….on purpose.

  • The Canucks won the final game of 2009-2010 against the Calgary Flames – that game gave us the greatest Sedin goal of all time.

    I think Henrik got four points and won the scoring race in that game, too.

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    “The team did get obscenely unlucky from top to bottom”

    I am still of the belief that Tortorella isn’t long for this job once Trevor Linden “downloads all of his data”. It’s tough to argue with the fact that the team should go in a different direction in that regard after he spent all year trying to force a square peg into a round hole, neutering the team in the process because of his refusal to adapt.”

    If the team was “obsecenely unlucky” and, in theory, the process that should lead to a better outcome next year was there from the coaching staff, why should Torts/Gully be axed for being the victims of bad luck?

    Not that I particularly want any member of the coaching staff back next year…

  • andyg

    Torts said that the team didn’t have the depth
    and so when the injury’s hit he had to basically run 3 lines.

    Part of why he was hired was because he was good at working with youth. Giving players like Lain, Arch,Dalpe 5 to 6 min a game showed that he was not willing to go that wrought.

    • andyg

      You actually expected Torts to play that terrible collection of young players more than the bare minimum?

      Torts was 100% accurate that people need to accept that it’s not 2011.

      And that the young talent is nowhere near good enough.

      Expecting more from an old core was a poor bet to make.

      But the bet was made above Torts’ paygrade…

      • andyg

        Do you really expect the homers here to accept that this isn’t the 2011 team?

        The 2011 team was at beast a 2nd round team.

        The homers have had their head in their asses for so long that everything smells rosy now.

        Why would the Canucks want to change when the status quo means that certain ppl keep their jobs and life is more comfortable?

        After all, a realistic venture into winning means that hard work his a must and we all know how much hard work and reality are like Kryptonite to the Canucks.

      • andyg

        Part of his job is to develop youth.

        We are talking about a 4 line here that can play 10min. He didn’t even try!

        If he is not willing to work and develop a 4 line and give them a chance then I am not sure he is the coach for a team that is headed to a youth movement.

        Ya Ya I know all of our prospects suck!

        • Marsh

          Assuming no adjusting the roster, next year would see a 4th line of Sestito/Dalpe -Richardson -Hansen.

          That is one thing that injuries did -move everybody at the bottom up past their competency.

          Just an observation -not to dismiss all the other problems.

  • andyg

    Speaking to the media, Torts was honest about how he was going to speak to Linden. He said he will be honest and he won’t go in the meeting to try and save his job because that’s not what he’s about.

    Torts will be brutally honest and tell linden what needs to be done to the club. In other words, look for the Canucks to fire Torts because we all know that honesty, reality and accountability were never the Canucks are about.

    This mans speaks the truth! Off with his head! To the gallows!

  • acg5151

    I think Linden will have trouble firing Tortorella because Tortorella off the ice is an extremely good person. A person that is brutally honest and has a genuine nice attitude.

    But I do hope Linden gets rid of Tortorella… maybe switch Tortorella to an advisory role? Or scout? Haha… I like Tortorella but in this day and age, you can’t just rip people off in the media; especially in a hockey-crazed city like Vancouver where even Zac Dalpe gets recognized. (No offence Zac).

    GM: Jim Benning
    Coach: John Stevens?

    I like Tortorella’s hard-work gets rewarded attitude… but his “systems” and not utilizing the Sedins to their advantage makes him looks really bad. But then, I am not opposed to Tortorella being given a shot to start the season… and if he sucks, get rid of him in January 2015?

    Also, I am hoping Canucks pick up Virtanen or Ehlers… or Nick Ritchie (if we want to go “Boston style”).

    I dont think Canucks are in shambles as the media has made it out to be. We got a lot of good players.. just need someone to guide them.

  • andyg

    BTW, forgot to mention… big shoutouts to Dimitri Filipovic and Thomas Drance for making this Canucks fansite a great pleasure to read all year.

    Makes work go by a lot easier. Ha ha ha

  • Jeff Lebowski



    During the holidays mother brought up the future of the NHL in Canada while enjoying our sumptuous family meal. Mother felt particularly sorry for the Canadian fans as only one team this year will make the playoffs.

    I scolded mother and told her to hush and that everything was going according to the plan. Mother looked a bit queried and I had to explain to her that the Canadian market was like money in the bank. When money keeps coming in, there is no need to raise interest rates or even give out fair loans.

    Mother was a bit slow to understand given her age but nonetheless I continued to lecture her the need for the league to keep the cup in the U.S. The Cup needs to stay in America I said because the U.S market is still skeptical of hockey. Once we have that market sewn up we may expand into Europe and bring the cup there as well.

    Mother asked what would happen when Canadian fans start to tune out? I had to bite my tongue hard not to erupt in front of our foreign born servants this time and further explained that I had already taken care of that matter. I made sure that at least one Canadian team would be going to the playoffs and that Canadians would be happy with anything so long as they see any sort of “CBC” hockey, even if it’s just one team.

    Then I sneered at mother to just be quiet and eat.
    The adafina our family had this year was particularly good, thanks to our newly trained ” African American” servants.

    Yours truly and sincerely, G.B.B.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Just heard Sedin talk about how he they lost their way and how it was “their fault”.

    No duh, really? Did the players think that it was Torts who couldn’t score?

    Torts was right saying the team was STALE. I think stale is a nice word. The proper word would be moldy and expired.

    Someone also needs to fire that shill Botchford. Your looking at one of the many voices of Canucks nation that keeps the status quo of failures in check. Gallagher being another one.

    When asked about the Sedins being able to do what they SAY Botchford answered that he didn’t know.

    Really Botchford? The fact hat the Sedins haven’t been able to get it done in around a decade still has you guessing? this so called expert in hockey is quick to say that the new coach will be fired yet has no idea when it comes to the Sedins..based on years of failure.

    What’s that smell? Smells like smoke and fish to me. i hope the Canucks follow the same road they always have. The Canucks and their darling media and fans are like children who think smoking is good for them. Why convince them other wise when you can shove a pile of smokes in their mouths and watch them choke?

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    I don’t think Torts is going anywhere. He seems like a Pat Quinn kinda guy and his final assessment of this team is bang on. You can only pull the cart with the horses you’ve got. I think this season exposed what everybody suspected all along, there was no depth help when we needed it.

    • Dimitri Filipovic

      “I think this season exposed what everybody suspected all along, there was no depth help when we needed it.”

      I could have told you that…10, 20 or even 40 years ago.

      Will it take another ten years to sink in and another ten years to finally do something real about it?

      Nah! Let’s give the Sedins and Burrows and Edler a longer NTC!

      • Jeff Lebowski

        If you don’t like the team, change the channel or go buy Gamecenter. Go Red Wings! Well, go Hockey!! Excited about the playoffs even though the Canucks aren’t in it. #embracechange #embraceslowchange

        Nah! Let’s give the Sedins and Burrows and Edler a longer NTC!

        Most fans were in agreement that those guys needed to be locked up for our Canuck team. What is wrong wit that? Henrik has surprised me as a Captain because I thought Kesler shoud’ve been the captain after Luongo to instill that nasty douchebag hockey (Dustin Brown, David Backes, you know that type of hockey). The identity of the Canucks would probably have taken a huge turn. We will never know.

        Pretty sure Linden thinks Henrik is a great leader to build his team around. We need to let Kesler’s Marian-Hossa-like-cup-desires go elsewhere and have Bieksa, Hamhuis and Burrows (and please God, can Garrison step up and power those shots on net! He’s good — Garrison’s dooope when he’s on target!). Maybe Kesler can fetch us a young stud D-man that can force Edler, Hamhuis and Bieksa into that brother mode a bit more. But at least this young d-man will be able to dictate the pace a bit too on the “stale” powerplay.

        • acg5151

          Woah…settle down there buddy. I wouldn’t want you to piss yourself over that kind of emotion. It’s just too bad the Canuck players who logs the most ice time had none of that emotion.

          Second, the Sedins have been invisible for the most part of the year. Are you telling me that it’s OK to fork out million and millions of dollars for hat kind of play? Hang on a second, I shouldn’t have said play, because the word “play” denote some sort of positive action. there was none by the Sedins…both of them.
          This is supposed to be a competitive sports team. I assume that the Sedins aren’t being paid those dollars for being nice guys.

          You can call Brown or Backes whatever you want, the fact is, they weren’t invisible like the Sedins. You are not going to go anywhere with 2 brothers who have no heart and who don’t show up. they are trending down sir, not up.

          And speaking of Edler he was the league’s worst with minus 39. Minus 39 bro..that number is lower than most Inuit towns in the winter. Can you please tell me how a guy who excels in kicking goals into his own net and is a minus 39 even has ice time, let alone a job?

          And that’s the tip of the iceberg. The Canucks have got more problems than an American car.
          Your pretty sure Linden think Henrik is a good leader? Well, that says it all about your logic doesn’t it? Linden has never won anything in his career, been out of hockey for years while running a fitness chain catering to downtown hipsters, has never been in the locker room and seen what torts has to deal with this year, he comes with no experience and in about a week you’re now proclaiming that Linden has some kind of almighty hockey seeing eye for leadership?

          Buddy, can you tell me what kind of mushrooms you’re eating because it sure as hell aint the same stuff I’m getting at Safeway?

          • Jeff Lebowski

            Hey you voice valid opinions. I propped you. We just agree differently on the Sedins.

            I do WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with you the problems of American cars though =)

            Backes and Brown-like type hockey is great.. entertaining.. hit after hit after hit… But the jabs and cheapshots they pull off is BS. So you’re saying that kind of hockey gets you cups?

            If that is, then we should get rid of the Sedins. BUT i just hope to see the “beautiful” side of hockey can win too… the Blackhawks doesn’t need to rely on David Backes and Dustin Brown type players to win the cup.. they got Toews, Sharp and Kane with the Backes-types as secondary players. I hope to think that the Sedins can do that with a competitive secondary scoring. I used to hate the Sedins just as much when they first played here in 2003 onwards but to see them face through adversity time and time again. I know that the best has yet to come from the Sedins.

            The thing with the NHL now is that it is fast but there’s still time for slower guys to play, I think. Jagr and Selanne are good examples… Henrik Sedin still carries the puck very well and I don’t think his foot speed will tail off too much in the next four years.

            Daniel Sedin has been invisible the whole season… But it seems like he likes to rely and wait on his brother to make the play than make the play himself.

            I really liked Torts for separating the Sedins and that they got a chance to see them play separately. Danny Sedin would be forced to make and carry the play more… I think he will do well if given the chance. There were small glimpses here and there.

            The problem with the “staleness” is because its the same ol sh8t….. The Canucks next season must learn to play well when the Sedins are on different lines and put them back together on the PP or pending their opposition. Canucks need to play better with more of their teammates… and this is why I think Torts is still of use because he calls it clean amongst the team.

            Besides Sedins gave so much to the community and cares about Vancouver… If we, as Vancouverites, don’t support these guys that bring the model professional and hard-working attitude to work every day.. then I am sad to call myself a fan.

          • Jeff Lebowski

            The NHL and any other modern sport will always move fast and faster. You cannot pas the puck any faster or shoot it any harder, the only room foe improvement has always been foot speed or speed in general.

            Jagr and Selanne are old players and are on better teams that can cover for them. They are the exception, not the rule.

            As for Backes and Brown, you may not like them but you have to understand that they are told to play with an edge, if they don’t they would probably lose their job. Now why would Sedins play with an edge if they always get away with not having one?

            In competitive sports, you either kill or you be killed. It’s how it goes. The Sedins opponents are not going to give them a free ride just because they’re nice guys. The sooner they realize this, the better success they’ll have. But it is too late for that, as the Sedins are not spring chickens anymore. that sounds a bit cruel right? But all good teams win on facts, not blind hope and prayers.

            Hindsight can be used as an excuse if the Canucks where in the league for one or 2 years, but it’s been 44 years. What kind of an excuse do the Canucks have left after 44 years? They can’t say, gee we didn’t know any better about the Sedins, or Edler, or Burrows or Luongo. If a person or organization can’t look back after 44 years and see what they have done wrong, then I’m sorry man, there is no hope for this team.

            The standard of winning, that bar is already set in the winners. The Canucks have no choice but to either meet and then exceed that bar to win, or they don’t and fail. Either way, there’s no ifs ands or buts about it. It’s clear that the last 44 years they have never exceeded that standard.

          • acg5151

            Jagr and Selanne are old players and are on better teams that can cover for them. They are the exception, not the rule.

            Better teams? NJD is not a better team than the Canucks. ANH is better than the Canucks cuz VAN does not match up well against Cali teams. I think ANH’s defense corps is suspect though…

            Sedins are great players. They are not guys that leave anything in the tank. Henrik played all the games he possibly can this year with sore/broken ribs. It MAY not be the crash-and-bang hockey.. but it has worked before. I dont think the game has changed immensely since 2011 except for the fact that other teams have a lot of bright young stars. I think we can expect more from Big Zack and hopefully Jensen.

            Now I’m not going to defend Danny Sedin as much because he is pretty awful this past season. He needs to up his game when it counts. Danny Sedin seems to have a bit of that Nazzy dust where he’s awesome during the season but invisible during the playoffs due to rougher and tighter marking.

            The problem with the Canucks is seems for the past few years with Sedins, Edler, Kassian and Burrows is that everyone seems to be so gun-shy… No one wants to shoot. Torts tries to simplify the game from the Vigneault laissez-faire style of attack, they’re just dumping shots on net from everywhere. I think Torts should be given a chance to fix and rectify his mistakes from this season. Good teams and people learn from their mistakes and I think Tortorella is a honest and strong character guy that can handle the pressure and challenge.

            There’s alot of good guys on the team.. and going through adversity like this past crap season will only make them stronger next season.

            Let’s stop the hate amongst ourselves for one day and hope Linden’s charm can rub some luck out of this lottery today.

          • acg5151

            “Better teams? NJD is not a better team than the Canucks. ANH is better than the Canucks cuz VAN does not match up well against Cali teams. I think ANH’s defense corps is suspect though…”

            Well if you really believe that then there’s nothing left for you except for you to get your parade hat ready when next years Canucks win the cup for you. I’ll see you at the parade next year.

          • acg5151

            -Let’s stop the hate amongst ourselves for one day and hope Linden’s charm can rub some luck out of this lottery today.-

            LOL – Hope and Luck… two things the Canucks and their fans will build their winning team with. – LOL

          • acg5151

            Hope and luck. Isn’t that what most underprivileged people fight for their life on? Many success stories come from ppl facing adversity.

            Sure. Stamp and laugh while they are down. You’re real class. But hey, you’re entitled to your opinion.

          • acg5151

            No , that’s what the Canuck fans and their team build from. Hope and luck. So far…no luck and certainly no hope.

            Get your parade tickets ready. The cup will come for you next year.

          • acg5151

            The Sedins were also injured half the year. Before December they were our leading scorers and had a solid pace going.

            Brown wasn’t thst impressive this year. Backes was. I would love either of those guys on my team.

            Edler doesn’t fit with this team anymore, agreed. He looked like he was turning it around of late but I don’t see him with this team beyond this year.

            That being said, I don’t understand the Sedin hate. They are the greatest Canucks we’ve ever had. Henrik captained us to a game 7. It’s not their fault that they are getting older. It’s obvious they won’t be able to be the players we saw in years past but I don’t see any reason why they can’t rebound and have a few more seasons with decent production. They are great community guys, hard workers, and a good example to our young prospects coming up.

            We just need to surround them with youth and get everyone on the same page.

          • Mantastic

            Where do you get the Sedin hate thing from? This year Sedin was hurt? Ok, tell me, what did he do the year before when they won one game in the first round? Where was Sedin the year before that when they were swept by the Kings?

            If Sedin was hurt this year then he shouldn’t have been playing.

            And if he wasn’t hurt then why does Sedin get a free pass? Considering he’s getting the most of the minutes and he’s sure paid pretty darn well.

            “Surround them with youth and get everyone on the same page?”

            Your assumption by saying that is that the Sedins are not good because they are not surrounded with better players. Ok, here’s the thing….you can make that argument for EVERYBODY. You can therefore say that Ballard and Edler don’t play badly at all, it’s just that they don’t have better players to play with, right?

            Another thing…the Sedins had a better group pre 2012 and how well did that go? Was it good enough for the cup? So now, do the Canucks have to bring in Crosby, Toews, Stamkos and Datsuk to help the Sedins play to their full potential? Gimme a break man. At what point do you point the finger at the Sedins, when you go through the whole list of players in the NHL?

            If bringing in better players helps cover the Sedins asses, then why do you even bother having the Sedins to begin with? Wouldn’t it be esier to just get rid of the handicaps and bring in new players and start fresh and cheaper altogether?

            “We just need to surround them with youth and get everyone on the same page.”
            Hey, with that philosophy, we can say that it Mike Gillis wasn’t to blame…we just needed better support staff to surround him. Ha!

            Come to think of it, my lazy ass coworker says that about himself all the time…if only he had someone else to pick up his slack, the company would be in better shape. AH…NO I DON’T THINK SO.

      • Jeff Lebowski

        Actually, some of the depth players along the way have been great in their roles. No waaay they go anywhere in ’94 without the cast of plumbers they had. 1982 was pretty much a team of role players. So acting like it’s been a constant isn’t exactly true.

        You can say it just about with any team depending on the era, but I wasn’t talking about 10, 20, or even 40 years ago. I was discussing the present. I feel your pain, but I don’t think it’s as bad as it seems to you.

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    Why is it either or? I think Gillis create the conditions (woeful drafting, loyalty to an aging core, not developing any system depth) and Tortorella did a pretty terrible job of utilizing the resources that he had. It was clear what riding an older group like the Canucks core was going to mean come the second half of the season and against tougher opposition, and it was also clear that some of the deployments make little sense (why play the Sedins on the PK if you have an excess of 3rd liners who are supposed to excel at it?).

    One is gone, the other should follow and we should settle in for some uncertainty during the rebuild.

  • andyg

    I find it hilarious that Torts complains about Hartley’s actions when Sedin was down. Torts was angry because Hartley was asking the refs why there were no roughing minors for the Canucks that jumped in after the hit. Torts says it was disrespectful to worry about such things when a player was on the ice. Yea..he may have a point…good to see Torts was so concerned about the welfare of his player that he was able to watch the rival coach and listen in on his conversation. Great concern there Torts. As an Oiler fan…I hope the Canucks keep this guy…great circus to watch and ensures years of futility for the Canucks for sure.

  • andyg

    For all you people who are eating up the,I’m so honest routine from Torts. Keep in mind that he is trying to save his job.

    Do you not think that all the players were listening to his final statement where he through the team under the bus.

    That should go over well next year! He basically said that he was too easy on them and that they were old and stale.

    Now that is coaching!!

    The bright side is next year we will be going for 1st over all if he comes back.

    • Marsh

      Keep in mind, Torts at least had the sack to come out and say he’s not going to grovel and beg for his job.

      Can’t say the same thing for Gillis. Too bad you guys let Gillis connive and BS you into thinking that stale team was a contender these years.

      Threw the team under the bus? Well, it’s never the teams fault now , is it? What’s your angel , man? Do the Canucks players you to make excuses for them? Or are you married to some of the players? You sound like your off the beaten track by a few thousand km.

      The bright side is that there is no bright side now that you guys let Gillis turn an above average team into what is essentially Vancouver’s Skytrain. A money pit.

      Time to get out the clubs and wack some old cougar Canuck seals, kiddos.

    • Jeff Lebowski

      I really think David Booth should go.

      But I heard him on Team 1040 and he said he wasn’t able to work on any off-ice agility training exercises (whatever it may be, I dont’ doubt his dedication). So that’s why I dont think he should go. There’s only 1 year left. No point buying him out UNLESS an upgrade is offered at a low cost.

      If Tortorella stays, Booth should stay so that there’s some consistency coming back next year because things seemed to gel a bit together when the Canucks played together and when they actually had Kesler, Sedins and Burrows together?

      Does anyone know how many games Kesler, Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin and Alex Burrows were on the ice together for a full game this whole season? I heard somewhere it was five games? True?

  • Marsh

    – canucks off season will be to access future risk ie- how much gas is left in the tank?

    – ears will have to be shut and eyes wide open to make this assessment. the players voices leave me in doubt. the rotten fruit speaks louder than promised seeds.

    – lindne will have to see that rome was not built in a day and that the slaves have now taken over the colosseum.

    – a likely 50% culling of athletes will have to take place. dimaonds are not the canucks best friend.

  • Marsh

    I would like to apologize for missing an important detail in my previous post.

    I had mentioned that ” The adafina our family had this year was particularly good, thanks to our newly trained ” African American” servants.”

    I must admit that I had left out a small detail. The fact is the meal was also prepared by our fantastic “Filipino cooks” as well as our entire service staff from “all” walks of foreign life.

    We the Bettmans are all about equal opportunity. Unless it has to do with who gets to win the Stanley cup.

    Yours truly and sincerely, G.B.B.

  • Marsh

    So…NHL does no further discipline…rescinds the game misconduct…and now announces that John Tortorella has been fined an undisclosed amount for his comments to the media today! LOVE IT! Classic Canucks’ hockey…self-imploding! Canuck fans thought this season was disappointing…I have a feeling next season will make this one look like the Canucks were contending for the Cup!

  • Marsh

    Brendan ‘sock puppet’ Shanahan is the Leafs new President.

    Well at least he’ll have a front row seat to deal with the BS that is player safety board and the NHL brass and the NHL rules and the refs.

    Hahaha! Time to eat your own sh#T, Shanny! Bon Appetit! Hahaha!

  • Marsh

    It’s funny how after Sedin said at the press conference that it was their fault for the poor play the Province’s Botchford goes on about the uncertainty of Tort’s future.

    Someone needs to give Botchfart a white cane.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    I wasn’t going to bother posting, but decided to in order to thank Dimitri and the other authors for their interesting posts.

    While I read the main article every day, I must admit that I decided to no longer read the comments section at the end of last year’s season. The inane gibberish that some people (I presume they are human) post is not worth anyone’s time.

    • Jeff Lebowski

      If you didn’t read the comment, than how do you know if it was good or bad?

      So by saying that you no longer read the comments because it is inane and gibberish tells everyone here that you did read the comments and because you don’t like the opinions you felt entitled to post your own opinion.

      so in other words you’ve just exposed yourself as a liar and a hypocrite.

      I’d hate to you see on any committee of human rights and free speech.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Now that front office Shanny is with the leafs, my bet is on the Leafs being the first Canadian team to win the cup in a long time.

    The leafs players will take alot of liberties on their opponents without any fear of punishment.

    Haha, the NHL doesn’t bother to even hide it’s corruption anymore. I think boxing is more reputable now.

  • acg5151

    NM00, please take back any criticism I have ever levelled at you. After reading this thread I will gladly take you over the “I’m pissy and I need to vent” crew who have shown up. You may be pissy, but you are informed pissy.