Last Call for the Nation Charity Playoff Pool


Playoffs? We’re talking playoffs…playoff pools to be specific.

Once again the playoffs are upon us and all Canadian hockey fans have to cheer for is the draft lottery, next season, and complaining about off season roster moves. Montreal made the playoffs, you say? Well good. Good for them. Enjoy your smoked meat, menthol smokes, and spring hockey…we hope you get swept, Montreal. How’s that?  No, we’re not bitter about it at all. *takes dump in litter box, confuses cat*

What we need you to do is head over to and sign up for the Nation Charity Playoff Pool. The rules are simple. You pick a team of players that will get you the most points throughout the playoffs. You know who’s hot, this should be easy. Since the pool is as easy as it sounds, we’ve thrown some wrenches in the mix.  Some of the players available haven’t even made the playoffs, so do your research.  This year, we’ve lined up some sexy prizes for the winners, including a $1000 prepaid Visa, signed jerseys, iTunes cards and more.

The fee to enter is only $10 and let’s not pretend, for a second, that you wouldn’t be spending that on something dumb anyway – the Rainbow Moon stickers can wait.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Inner City Children’s Program and our goal is to raise as much money for them as possible (we’ll be posting the total donation on the website later). So do the world a favour and put your hockey knowledge to good use and a better cause. Sign up now and sign up often – prizes and Internet superstardom await you. 

May the force be with you, but mostly with me.