Canucks Army GDT #81 – Canucks @ Oilers

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Remember: it can *always* be worse.

What has transpired during the 2013-14 season with the Vancouver Canucks can be considered nothing less than an abomination. Basically everything that could go wrong, seemingly did; *everyone* went down with an injury, an integral player asked out with a trade, the GM got fired, and the coach will likely be handed his walking papers, as well. Based on what we’ve come to expect from this franchise over the past few years, it sure feels like this has to be rock bottom. 

But let me assure you, that it’s not. You don’t make the type of face Dallas Eakins is making in the picture above unless you’ve seen some things, man. You never want to go full Edmonton Oilers, and now that Eakins – once considered a hot coaching prospect being courted by numerous teams – has, there’s no turning back.

It’s vital to keep some semblance of perspective during rough times like these, and remember that it can absolutely always get worse. We’ll get a first-hand glimpse at that tonight, in the penultimate day of the schedule, when the Vancouver Canucks visit Rexall to take on an Edmonton Oilers squad that’ll surely be ready to play, what with this being their version of the Super Bowl and all. 

Broadcast Info

Puck Drop: 7:00 PM PST


The Canucks

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In case you had any questions about what the intentions would be for the Canucks tonight, rest assured, their eyes are still in fact on the prize. And so with that, Mike Zalewski – whom the Canucks signed about a month ago after he finished his season in RPI – will make his NHL debut. 

Apparently this is stemming from the fact that he “practiced really hard” which is amazingly transparent and hilarious at the same time. There is no real desire to actually win tonight, so why not given Ol’ Zalewski a shot? He practiced hard!

Unfortunately Daily Faceoff hasn’t adjusted for this news yet, but it appears that he’ll wind up slotting in for Top Sixtito, which makes sense since he’s their best player and they’ll likely want him to rest up for a long playoff run is pretty insignificant, other than signalling that the Canucks would probably like to get in and out of this game without stirring up another massive kerfuffle. 

Kevin Bieksa will sit out, making way for Jason Garrison to return to the lineup. This is kind of a bizarre decision, considering what we know about the injuries Garrison has accumulated this season. I just figured he was being shut down for the season after being scratched against the Avs, but that’s obviously not the case. Meanwhile Bieksa himself has been playing on a bum wheel for a while now, but will nonetheless be representing Canada in the World Championships instead of, you know, getting healthy for next season. I’m sure that the Canucks are pleased with that.

Chris Higgins is sick, so Jordan Schroeder draws into the lineup. Meanwhile, Jacob Markstrom starts again for the second straight time. God bless him.

The Oilers

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This’ll be Ryan Smyth’s swan song, so add that to the list of reasons to believe that the Canucks could be headed for an important loss tonight. I’m sure that the Oilers will want to win one for the Former New York Islanders Great. 

Enjoy the game tonight, you guys. Out of respect for tonight’s hosts, make sure to have one last good cry in tribute of Smitty, before throwing your jersey on the ground to honour the 2013-14 Edmonton Oilers.

The Numbers

Canucks Oilers
5v5 Corsi Close % 52.0 (9th) 43.5% (28th)
5v5 GF/60 2.12 (T-20th) 1.96 (28th)
5v5 GA/60 2.17 (14th) 2.78 (30th)
5v5 PDO 99.6 (19th) 98.9 (25th)
5v4 GF/60 4.87 (27th) 5.54 (21st)
5v4 SF/60 58.0 (4th) 46.8 (24th)
4v5 GA/60 4.96 (6th) 5.75 (12th)
4v5 SA/60 39.0 (1st) 56.3 (22nd)
  • beloch

    Linden will look like Eakins is a couple of years. The teams up north are in such a sad state.

    The biggest problem is that teams don’t develop players. They draft them, chuck them into the farm team and that’s it. That is what they call rebuilding or retooling.

    That’s why Detroit has good players from anywhere in the draft. They develop players. They train them.

    The Canadian teams draft and then do nothing. Then you hear the team say ” so and so draft pick isn’t ready. He isn’t ready.”
    Well no duh. You’re supposed to make them ready! you’re supposed to help them by training them!

    • andyg

      Developing players is the way to go.

      We finally have our own farm team and Green seems to be doing a good job. The question is,if you are a Canucks fan.

      Are you willing to wait?

      Jensen is looking good but should still be in the AHL.

      • andyg

        I think anyone is willing to wait if there is a real process of development going on.

        Players in any sport and on any level need to train and develop if they are going to reach the next level in their careers.

        Even with sports like Tennis, Djokovic and Nadal wouldn’t have reached the top by constantly training and developing.

        It’s no secret that the causal fan or the homers do not understand and are unwilling to be patient in regards to developing players.

        Then there is a question of whether players up north are being developed. My answer would be no. See, the Canadian owners are lack of a better word, money hungry and LAZY. They do not want to SPEND money to train young players because invariably, money will have to be spent in order to build for future generations.

        The Canadian owners only think of the revenue they are getting now and look at the game as strictly a business. IE- How much money do can I make before the Sh&t hits the fan and i have to get out?

        I always remember Scotty Bowman’s comment that winning in the NHL starts from the top, the owners. All of the useless teams owners could care less about winning as long as the money flows in.

        that’s why you will never see a competent manager in places like Van because of people like Aquafunni. And the ones that do care about winning like Torts, is like a lone salmon trying to swim upstream in a river of fish going the opposite way.

        Torts won’t last here not because of himself but because of what’s around him. Just look at his first year here. Not only did he have no real help from Gillis, his buddy was also trying to throw him under the buss. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starting to feel real sorry for torts. He should have stayed well clear of the border after leaving NY.

        • andyg

          Owners need money to survive. It is a business. In this league that comes from ticket sales. The fans have the control.If the fans make it known that they are willing to be patient that will go a long way.

          The changes made this year were because fans threaten to not renew ST.

          • Surviving and gouging customers are two different things. check out the gas prices lately. Does anyone think the BC government and their buddy oil companies are in financial troubles? look ow long before it took the idiots to turn on Gordon Campbell.

            The owners of the Canucks did not fire Gillis because they care for the fans… they fired him because they cared for the fans money. Once that money is flowing again, it’s back to the same smoke and mirrors.

            If linden stumbles, their next plan would be to hire Naslund as I think Bure has more self respect than to get involved with this circus.

      • andyg

        I agree completely that the Canucks having their own farm team and developing players the way they want will make a big difference down the line. It also will allow young coaches like Green to get a look for possible promotion down the line.

        Can’t agree on Jensen though. After he finally picked up his game in the AHL and the Canucks were going south…. Why not bring him up and see if he can play with the big boys. If the Canucks were going to the playoffs and Santo wasn’t on iR Jensen would be back in the AHL. I would have brought up Corrado earlier also. They played him too many games last year and have burned two years of his entry level deal. Next year he will play with the Canucks and then watch the Tanevish bickering back and forth start over one year deals. Another bad decision by gillis. Geeze

        • andyg

          I am all for bringing them up for a shot. Especially when they are on a hot run. Young players will come up all pump with adrenalin, put up some points and then cool off. Move them back and forth until they are consistent at the NHL level.

  • I have no idea what Torts is doing with the defense…. Garrison is hurt now he isn’t . This team is a mess because it has no leadership. If anyone wants to know why Gillis is gone, look no further than Schroeder. He is under sized with average talent all around. Gillis drafting was abhorrent. Instead of drafting guys with a skill set or size to play in the NHL he was gambling on “intangibles”. We’ll watch tonight and see whatJordan brings to the game.

    As a hockey fan, I have to give it up for Ryan Smyth.. Heck of a player and loyal to the Edmonton fans out there. Outside of the 2011 Canucks, I was really hoping that the Pilers team would break the Canadian curse on the cup.Good show Ryan, hope there are more players like you coming down the line.

  • andyg

    The things Dallas Eakins has seen.

    Kevin Lowe – “Dallas, take a look at these photos I have of the owner and if you don’t think I’m the one in charge here, you got another thing coming.”