I (Henrik Sedin) am (was) Ironman!

Just a quick note for a sunny Monday afternoon:

Not at all surprising. Henrik Sedin was struggling all night versus Calgary, before finally being shown some mercy by being taken out of the game in the 2nd period. The last time the Canucks played a game without him, they lost a 4-3 game to the Chicago Blackhawks on a hat-trick by Tyler Arnason, all the way back on March 19, 2004.

Henrik was one of the NHL’s ironmen (and still technically is until the lineup sheets are submitted tomorrow—the other is Jay Bouwmeester) and we’ve talked up the importance of longevity on this page before. I guess we’d taken for granted that you can almost always expect Sedin to give you 82 strong games, until you can’t. The injury doesn’t look particularly serious, mind you. Ribs heal, but they hurt like hell and breathing becomes an issue.

You know which Iron Man doesn’t get enough respect? William Shatner:

    • argoleas

      With a rib injury there is every possibility that he will not go. These take time to heal, especially if there is a break or cartilage tear, and I dont believe it is in his or Vancouver’s interest for him to play injured there.

    • Brent

      In a Vancouver Canucks centric world, that would be great for us as he certainly would be more rested. But Swedes are pretty nationalistic, and I suspect he would have to have several broken bones, large one’s in fact, (rather than just a broken finger and cracked ribs) to not play.

  • argoleas

    But the Sedin brothers are soft Europeans, right meathead hockey fans? Playing 679 consecutive games, good for sixth all-time, is easy right?

    I really hope that Hank gets healthy quick, is ready to go for the Olympics. If there was ever a week where it wouldn’t be bad for him to take it off, this is it.

  • argoleas

    Congrats to Henrik! He’s my favorite Canuck from this core group, and possibly of all time.

    Upon browsing for discussion about Henrik’s streak coming to an end, I came across lots of comments from haters that somehow found a way to demean Henrik’s impressive accomplishment.

    There are people that can’t survive a season of no-contact rec league without having to sit out a game or two because of some ailment. Meanwhile Henrik was the tip of the spear for nearly 700 games straight in the top league in the world against the biggest, fastest, nastiest players out there.

    In conclusion the internet is full of stupid.

    Go Henrik!