Tom Sestito: “Hobo on skates”

By now, you know that Keith Olbermann doesn’t like goons. But if you’ve missed it…have a look-see.


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Some comments after the jump.

OK, for clarity’s sake – I also don’t think much of fighting in hockey. But I’m not here to revisit the ban fighting debate. I’m here to talk about Olbermann’s cherry picking of Sestito’s actions. To be blunt, I expect more of you, Mr. Olbermann.

You’ve been a leading opinionated-socially-conscious-sports-journo for a long time. I’ve always appreciated your willingness to voice your opinion on matters beyond the rah-rah arena, be they sporting or political. People who follow me on Twitter know I’ve got a similar bent, so this probably isn’t surprising.

But what I’m not a fan of is taking a lazy, simplistic pot shot. On Tom Sestito’s status as an NHLer, Olbermann’s mostly right. The big New Yorker is there for one main reason – his fists. Of course, we’ve seen the story get more interesting this year, as the team has given the big guy an opportunity to be more than a one-dimensional pugilist. For most of his career -again, as Olbermann correctly noted – Sestito hasn’t been up to much scoring. Now, there’s been a touch of it. (And of course, go further back, we find out that he scored 42 goals his final year in the OHL.)

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But that is somewhat beside the point. Olbermann’s commentary is stunted. He talks about the act, which was pretty hilarious. Jordan Nolan, as we know, was an unwilling combatant. Whether he should have been willing is a different argument.

But what Olbermann really should be talking about is not really Sestito – he should be talking about the culture of the NHL, a culture which still tolerates lesser players taking runs at star players. Jordan Nolan tried to take out Henrik Sedin. Dale Weise actually took out both Drew Doughty and Jonathan Quick.

If Keith Olbermann wants to rage about stupid acts in hockey – maybe he should be talking about that. What Sestito did was merely a symptom of stupidity, not the cause.

Sir, you’re better than that.

EDITOR’S NOTE: .. and then there’s this, as he got into a little verbal spat with Sestito’s 13-year old sister on the Twitter. 

  • acg5151

    Whatever. It’s an American broadcast and this guy is in it for the ratings. He can’t let the whole picture ruin his rants. I guess the audience doesnt need to know about the crap Nolan pulls on the Sedins (Monday wasnt the only time he ran at one of them). Nolan is no better than Tommy but this guy probably didn’t research the topic nor and I’m sure he’s never watch a full NHL game. Ah well.

    • acg5151

      It matters little that this is an american broadcast. It’s totally tongue-in-cheek, as well.
      Tom Sestito ought to be honoured. What do you think the over/under would be that he would get a mention, not to mention (but I totally want to mention) being the worst person in sports, on Keith Olbermann’s show? These are big days for Big Sexito.

  • acg5151

    Keith Olbermann is terrible anyways. Msnbc is pretty much unwatchable at this point and he is a big reason why. Maybe he should be more concerned with his job and less concerned about Tostito STICKING UP FOR HIS TEAM.

    I like how everyone ripped the Canucks for the last couple of years for being a bunch of one dimensional pansies. Now that we have guys that play the game tough we are still the villains of the hockey world. All I have to say is this –


      • elvis15

        Why not? I don’t think it was repeated over and over. Fans are excited about something. Everyone is different. Is there some general rule book or code of conduct out there for NHL fans? Could you point me to this publication? It seems you have all the answers here…perhaps you should publish a book…maybe one telling people, in general, how to govern themselves. There ya go! Something for you to do besides troll! 🙂

  • elvis15

    The “World’s Worser” graphic in the bottom left of the video thumbnail should be a clue this is tongue in cheek a bit. I haven’t even bothered to watch it, but from comments I’ve seen, others have seen it and agree. Not much in that, and the tweeting with Sestito’s 13 year old sister is just stupid, but it’s a bit overblown.

  • elvis15

    You expect Keith Olbermann not to cherry-pick?

    Have you ever watched Keith Olbermann?

    I used to enjoy him, years ago. But his last year or so on MSNBC he morphed into a self-important blowhard parody of himself – he lost his perspective and his humour and just got mean and joyless. He continued that way on Current. Don’t expect he’s gotten any better now.

    He should rename his “Worst Person in the World” (or whatever the current variation is) to “People Keith Olbermann is better than”.

  • acg5151

    To be fair, Tom Boxtito looks like he could play the part of a hobo in any production that required it.

    Seriously though, Olberman is the extreme opposite of Bill O’Reilly. Nothing he says, ever, should be taken seriously in any way.