Welcome back to our latest episode of the CanucksArmy podcast!

This week on the podcast we have Smylosphere pioneers Jason Brough and Mike Halford of NBC’s ProHockeyTalk blog, and we chatted at length about Roberto Luongo, Vancouver’s anemic offense, what we like about the John Tortorell-era and more!

Also Producer Josh and I chatted at length about sports media and the new Canadian Broadcast Rights deal before the Kurtenblog appearance, so you can check that part of the podcast out too!

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Thanks for listening and check back here next week for another episode of Canuck-centric goodness!

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    Great podcast.

    I completely agree with the guy who was talking about “kid gloves in Vancouver”. Because it’s true. People don’t know how to react to how he’s playing right now. They say “he’s ok”. Um, u kidding me? He’s sporting the leagues worst EV SV% of all starting goalies not named Dubynk. He has this entire season. I understand he got sent a raw deal with this whole trade, non trade situation. But it’s time for everyone, including Luongo, to wake up. He had his worst season in the NHL last season. He’s following it up with leagues worst EV SV% 1/3 through the season.

    I don’t hate Luongo. In fact, I like Luongo, I think he got a raw deal. It’s not about like or dislike. It’s about performance. And he’s been poor this season.

    I guarantee Gillis is sitting somewhere sweating beachball sized drops. They hoped he’d rebound…….. we’re still waiting….