Evening Headshots: November 13th

David Booth pays close attention to a question he’s being asked. Either that or Tony Gallagher just crop dusted the scrum.

Do you fancy a little Canucks news? Perhaps while a loved one watches Extreme Cheapskates and you do your best not to tear your eyes out? Well, save those peepers, because it’s time for Headshots. Lets get at it after the jump!

There’s no pigeonholing David Booth, according to Jason Botchford of The Province. If you fancy a little shap AND fancy stats all in one, this is for you. Does anyone else think of Rod or Todd Flanders when they watch Booth speak? He’s the happiest man in Vancouver. Almost in an obnoxiously contagious way. By the way, I tried really hard (not hard, not hard at all) to find a picture of any Flanders that would be acceptable in talking about Booth. No dice. [The Province]

The Pacific division is too hard, so Harrison Mooney penned this open letter to Gary Bettman. [Pass it to Bulis]

Good news. Jannick Hansen practiced with the team today. Bad news, he won’t play tomorrow against the San Jose Sharks. According to Jim Jamieson Hansen could return Sunday if he is cleared to play, as that’s the earliest he’s able to come off of the LTIR. [The Province]

If you happened to miss it earlier, Josh has the weekly Canucks prospect report. One day I hope to get the kind of positive comments he does in the comments section. One day. [Canucks Army]

Ian Lusher, who has a last name almost as awesome as Carlos Boozer, has a preview lined up for tomorrows game against the Sharks. [Rob the Hockey Guy]

Want a little bit more on David Booth? Here ya go, because we can’t beat this guy to death enough about his injuries, beliefs and the way his hairline is sort of crooked. [The Vancouver Sun]

I think that’s all for tonight, folks. I wanted to share the piece I wrote on the Canucks at 20 games, but it isn’t up yet. But, it does show I have opinions that aren’t peppered with F-Bombs. Oh well, maybe another time.

Thanks for reading.