Canucks Army GDT #5 – Sharks @ Canucks

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The San Jose Sharks are going to be one of the best teams in hockey this season and will probably win the Pacific Division. Like the Vancouver Canucks, they had tonnes of regular season success between lockouts. Like the Vancouver Canucks, they won an infinite number of Presidents’ Trophies more than Stanley Cups during that span. Unlike the Vancouver Canucks, the Sharks landed two exceptional talents out of the Entry Draft and have been able to rebuild on the fly.

Also, there’s rumblings about a third draftee. Maybe you’ve heard about him, if you’d watched Sportscentre or Connected this week, turned on a radio or done so much as boot up your computer. Yes, unless you have been sitting on the couch staring at a blank TV screen for the last two days, or been comatose, you have heard about Tomas Hertl.

He’s Czech, he’s young, he’s cute, he smiles a lot, this is dream, he has a punnable name, and he inspired the greatest hockey quote of the modern era from Joe Thornton, who explained in explicit detail what he would do if he had scored four goals in a game. (Brent Burns said something similar. What is it with Hertl that makes grown men want to show off their goods?)

Hertl scored four against the New York Rangers on Tuesday night. While most of the hockey world was ready to fall asleep after watching an entertaining affair pitting Roberto Luongo against Corey Schneider, there was that plucky Czech. He just NEEDED the headlines.


Puck Drop: 7 PM PT

TV: Sportsnet-Vancouver

Radio: Team 1040


Here’s a special video presentation to the hospital patients and shut-ins, the pensioners, and the recently-awakened-from-a-coma:

Pretty cool, at the very least. Yes, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Sharks right now, and not least because they’re 3-0 and leading the Pacific. They’ve out-scored their opposition 17-4, have an early Corsi Close rate of 60.1% and have out-shot their opponents 99-52 at even strength

They had a pretty good homestand to open the season, is what I’m saying. Of all the teams they played, the Canucks were probably the closest to beating them. Vancouver miraculously held the Sharks powerplay off the board. That’s the powerplay that scored this goal against Phoenix:

Pretty much, how I intend to set this game up is that the Sharks look like an unstoppable juggernaut so far through the season. Vancouver has a chance to stop them.

Sharks forwards, via dailyfaceoff:

All in favour of calling the Hertl-Thornton-Burns line the “TV-MA” line? The Sharks boast a ridiculously deep lineup, with Joe Pavelski and Tommy Wingels on the third line. Fourth line boasts two former first round picks cast off from their original teams. Those players tend to be good hockey players.

On defence:

The noteworthy change is that Brad Stuart was suspended for three games for this hit on Rick Nash. Stuart and Scott Hannan are interchangeable veteran (old) defencemen. Antti Niemi should get the start. 

For the Canucks, it looks like Mike Santorelli is at least going to start the game with the Sedin twins, seeing as that’s where he finished the last time around. In 14:52 with Santorelli this season, Henrik Sedin is a 74.1% Corsi, which probably shouldn’t last. Santorelli has three goals on the year already including two in overtime and he’s already become a bit of a redemption story. He scored 2 goals in all of last season’s 34 games. It is worth noting that his 50% shooting percentage is completely and entirely unsustainable.

John Tortorella had the American Express line rolling together in the first half of the game against the Devils, although he relegated David Booth to the third line when he flipped Santorelli and Jannik Hansen’s spots in the lineup. Hansen will probably start with Ryan Kesler and Chris Higgins. Booth, Brad Richardson and and Dale Weise actually looked pretty good against the Devils—with Richardson on the ice the Canucks out-shot 8-3 and out-Corsi’d 10-6. That was despite 9 defensive zone starts.

Does it matter who is on the fourth line? Has anybody actually seen video evidence of Zac Dalpe playing a shift yet? He was ineffective as a depth centreman in Carolina and has some chance to succeed as a regular winger. To me, Dalpe should be with Richardson and Booth playing wing. It’s not like Torts is using Dalpe for faceoff duties anyway. 


  Canucks Sharks
Record 3-1-0 3-0-0
Goal Differential +3 +13
Faceoff % 51.6% 49.1%
PP % 13.3% 26.7%
PK % 100.0% 80.0%
Fenwick Tied % 54.6% 62.9%
Corsi % 53.9% 59.3%
PDO 97.9 107.3

via and Hockey Analysis 



Our friends over at after offering two specials for tonight’s game:

Quick Start on the Sharks – Vancouver must score the first goal and win. Internalize that the team that scores first usually wins about 70% of NHL games. This pays out $2.50 per dollar bet, which is quite tempting. I don’t believe in players or teams being “due” but they’re going to have to beat the Sharks eventually, right?

D-Men Chipping In – This pays $4 on a $1 bet. Jason Garrison or Alex Edler must score a goal in a victory. The odds may not be good for this one. Edler scores in about 10% of his career games and Garrison in about 13% of his. You’d want the combined percentage to be a little over 25%, to factor in that the Canucks need a victory to win the bet as well. Side-note: I’m sure by now you all know that Dimitri and I have a bet on whether Jason Garrison will finish the year above or below 14.5 goals. I have the “under” on this one, and had a few nervous hours before they changed the OT winner in the game against the Devils to Santorelli. I could go without those scares for a week or so, thanks.

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  • Mantastic

    there is a new power bet for playnow: if Jumbo scores 4 or more goals tonight and sharks win, it pays out a whooping 19-1!

    won money on the last game with Streaking Santorelli.

  • Mantastic

    I’ll put this out there again. Does luck begin the shift tonight?

    The Nux have shot 5.5% at ES in last 8 gms vs SJS -the Sharks 9% Nux- PDO 965 SJS1036. some score effects but more bad luck..

    • antro

      There are certainly similarities (Thornton/Marleau/Pavelski vs Sedin/Sedin/Kesler).

      But then there`s Couture.

      And Hertl.

      And maybe Nieto.

      Pre-UFA upside is a large reason their window remains open…

  • Mantastic

    I’m a little surprised that everyone is so readily jumping on the San Jose bandwagon.

    Sure they are a great team, I freely admit that, but a 107.3 PDO? Anyone else remember the Lighting from last year (or was it the year before that? I don’t remember). They started out of the game just annihilating the opposition, but they also had like a 109 PDO.

    I’m a little surprised there was nothing about tempering expectations due to the apparent good luck over in San Jose.

    I guess the TB thing was two years ago, because last year was Chicago, who were not only ridiculously good, but had a much lower PDO than SJ has now.

    I’m just saying, what happened to paying attention to PDO of teams who have hot starts?

  • antro

    Well, looks like another loss to the Sharks. Hear that Gillis? Your team isn’t good enough for the Sharks. What have you done Gillis? And don’t sit there deluding yourself into thinking that somehow your team will beat a team like the Sharks in the playoffs. does it still surprise ppl here anymore when the Canucks lose to “better” teams? I think the only one surprised is Don Taylor.

  • argoleas

    YES! And the Luongo’s streak of at least one stinky goal per game continues!!!!

    Crap effort, crap concentration, crap will by the team lead to a crap result. Well deserved. Play well and sometimes you might lose. Play like crap and you will always lose.

  • argoleas

    The team looked tired and listless. Looked like they lost every 50/50 battle. Played with the puck like it was a grenade. Even AV would be embarrassed, if only his team was not even worse. Sharks look sharp and determined, and always one step ahead, and did not seem overly bothered by Canuck fore-check. Mostly looked like boys vs. men.

    But the perfect PK continues, and super Santorelli struck again, so something was salvageable.

    Canucks, met your new Blackhawks nemesis.

  • argoleas

    Same performance versus Flames and Devils except Sharks are a good team. Canucks were outplayed in every aspect of the game, but especially the defense. Hammy, Bieska and Stanton all were guilty of bad plays that gave up goals. Stanton was horrible tonight and the second goal play when he just stuck his stick out instead of protecting the puck with his body should get him sent down. Corrado shoud be playing not Stanton…. if Stanton doesnt clear waviers, good luck.

  • argoleas

    Well, there’s always light at the end of the Canuck tunnel, like how well Av and his Rangers are doing. Oh wait, they’re playing like turd! LOL Who knew Av was going to be an average and ineffective coach? Where are all the AV lovers now? LMFAO. Well the Canucks got a good coach Problem is, their team is average and their GM of the team is even worse.

    Meanwhile , Sakic, Roy and their band of merry men are rolling along. Who knew that running a good team meant that you had to get real good managers and coaches who knows what it’s like to win? Who knew? Wait, the Sedins are going to bring us the cup, right? lol

    • argoleas

      Yes, the fans are the only reason why an organization such as the Canucks have existed for over forty years despite a cow dung of a track record. You won’t have drug dealers if you don’t have addicts.