Sam Gagner is Basically Edmonton’s Version of Daniel Sedin

I can’t even tell the difference (Image via Rich Lam)

The NHL has me in a holding pattern of sorts, as I’m sitting around twiddling my thumbs as I wait for news regarding the length of Zack Kassian’s (and Dale Weise’s, but whatever) suspension. 

The worst thing that has come from Saturday’s incident – other than of course Sam Gagner’s broken jaw – is the amount of irrational comments that have been spewing out as people try to stick up for their player and team. Especially from people who are generally pretty on point with their takes. 

At this point though, I honestly can’t decide what the bigger black eye is for Edmonton: the fact that their team is now employing noted face puncher Steve MacIntyre, or that their fans/people who cover the team are comparing Sam Gagner to Daniel Sedin..

Read on past the jump if you’d like to take a trip with me to fantasy land.

It’s true. People are really doing it. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself:

Derek Zona of Copper and Blue (a usually very good Edmonton Oilers blog) pulled a move out of the Bill Simmons handbook when he, totally unsolicited, wrote a post built around his father, in which he proposed a new rule for suspensions. It’s both comical and sad at the same time, because I actually am usually fan of Zona’s work. On this occasion though, yikes. Here’s the money shot from the post I’m referencing:

"Kassian’s in-person hearing guarantees that he’ll receive a five game suspension, which is all well and good, but Zack Kassian is worthless, while Sam Gagner is a very good player. Under Dad’s system, the Canucks’ second-leading scorer from last season, Daniel Sedin, would miss as many games as Gagner is out of the lineup due to the injury. In this case, Gagner is expected to miss between 10 and 15 games, so Sedin would serve a 10-15 game suspension. See ya in November, Daniel."

Robin Brownlee, who contributes to our friends over at Oilers Nation took it a step further:

Dan Tencer sees your thoughts, Robin, and one-upps them:

Tyler Dellow, keeps the good times rolling. Did you know that he’s a lawyer, by the way?  

There’s no denying that Sam Gagner is a very valuable member of the Edmonton Oilers; they just signed him to a 3-year, $14.4 million deal, and he fills a big hole for them down the middle. All that stands with Boyd Gordon being the team’s top center is Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ frail little shoulders. It’s a bummer for the Oilers that they lost such a key piece before the season ever got underway.

But comparing him to Daniel Sedin is, um, getting a little bit crazy. And then some. I would have said that this all goes without saying, but.. apparently it needs saying. 

Sam Gagner came into the NHL in 2007-08, and in 414 games since then, he has totalled 91 goals and 258 points. He has yet to ecclipse the 49 points he set in that rookie season, though he was on a 65-point pace in this past lockout shortened season. 

In that same period of time, Daniel Sedin has scored 172 goals, and 452 points. He also won the Art Ross, Ted Lindsay, and was nominated for the Hart. Other than that, they’re basically the same player. 

For those scoring at home, we’ve reached two conclusions:

a) Sam Gagner = Daniel Sedin.

b) Zack Kassian is a criminal –> you cheer for Zack Kassian –> you’re probably a criminal.

For a while there I thought that we all may be the victims of an elaborate inside joke, but it appears that isn’t the case at this point. Isn’t it punishment enough for the Canucks and their fans that people are totally unironically equating Sam Gagner and Daniel Sedin? 

  • Mantastic

    Well this can only mean one thing………All those oil spills in Alberta have finally contaminated the drinking water bad enough,that it has started making people go delusional.

  • Mantastic

    To be fair, Gagner is 24 and Daniel is 33 on Thursday.

    Gagner has more points through his age 23 season than Daniel through his age 23 season.

    And Gagner doesn’t have a twin…

    • Gkpoil

      To be fair, Gagner started playing in the NHL at age 18; Daniel at age 20. When Daniel was a 5-year vet, he had 397 gp, and scored 83-139-122, and had already had one season where he recorded as many assists as Gagner’s career-high points total. However, the numbers aren’t as out of whack as either you (at one end) or Dmitri (on the other) would have it.

      Now, let’s be fair to Gagner: The only thing that we can really say after looking at these numbers is that Gagner’s career has yet to recover from the horrible asset management of prior Oiler regimes. Hopefully he can return quickly, and show that his numbers from last year were the start of something new, and not just a hot streak.

      • Gkpoil

        How exactly am I “at one end”?

        I’m not saying Gagner is undoubtedly as good as Daniel is right now.

        I’m just saying that comparing a 33 year old’s accomplishments with a 24 year old’s isn’t exactly fair.

        Jagr has a lot more accolades than Daniel and Gagner. It doesn’t mean he is the best player at the moment, though.

        As you say, Gagner has to show his numbers from last year were not just a hot streak.

        And on a similar note, perhaps Daniel can return to PPG status.

        Also, I’m not sure where these “5th year in the NHL” comparisons are coming from.

        Gagner was in the NHL at 18 and Daniel was not. That certainly shouldn’t be held against Gagner…

        • The Oilers Shot Clock

          Nor by that same standard should it be held against Daniel that he wasnt in the NHL until the age of 20. I made a comparison of both players up to year 6 in their NHL careers (where Gagner currently sits)as it seems to be a far more fair comparison.
          Daniels productivity was well above where Gagners is while playing a lesser role, less minutes, and while playing on a contending team.

          I think Gagner is a great young player, who despite the Oilers best attempts to ruin his development, looks like he still progressing as a player.
          But there really hasnt been much indication that he will ever be the kind of impact player that Daniel has been for the Canucks.

          • The Oilers Shot Clock

            But we’re not talking about what Daniel HAS been, are we?

            I really have no idea what is being said on the Oilers blogosphere apart from what is being repeated on CA…

            But it appears the argument from the Oilers camp is that Gagner is as valuable RIGHT NOW as Daniel.

            While that is (probably) overstating it, I don’t agree with bringing up all of Daniel’s past accomplishments as proof that he is the better player right now.

            Also, considering how much the Sedins struggled (relative to expectations at least) until the full season lockout, I imagine them playing with the Canucks at age 18 wouldn’t have helped their progression in the least…

  • KleptoKlown

    Thanks. This gave me a chuckle. Is the Edmonton establishment putting us on or do they really think an accidental play is the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the NHL?

  • Gkpoil

    Oh man, gotta bookmark this post. It’s gold.

    I remember reading a poll on the Leafs HFBoards once, “NHL’s most irrational fans”. Answer = Edmonton. I would describe them more as ‘bi-polar’ fans. It’s tough living in a town like Edmonton, and then given a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since I was in diapers.

    Let’s not forget Dallas Eakins comments about Kassian “disturbing play by a disturbing player”. Say wha? Your prized pupil Taylor Hall has been suspended more in this league than Zack Kassian. So does that make Taylor Hall a criminal?

    Rational has gone out the window with Edm fans, players, crappy media ( ha ha Spector) and their bloggers. These people need to get out of that city more. Te pollution there is messing with their heads.

  • KleptoKlown

    Anyone else ever go to school with that scumbag kids who said he was going to get his dad to beat up your dad? That’s what these cOiler fans are reminding me of.

    Guess what cOiler fans, no one is afraid of the cOilers or there dads. If you want to play a physical game, bring it on, it’ll be fun to watch you little boys crying home to mommy.

  • Gkpoil

    Even cannuck bloggers are retarded, There is no comparison of D Sedin skills compared to Gagner. What the oiler bloggers are saying is that the canucks iced a goon squad the other night with the sole purpose to head hunt the oiler star players. Oiler fans are saying if you target our stars we (Smack) should target your stars. Hurting Kassian would probably help the canucks.

    • Gkpoil

      The Canucks iced a “goon squad”? The game had one fight. We wish we had a goon squad to ice. You have completely lost your marbles. Hockey is a contact sport. Stuff happens. Man up.

    • Gkpoil

      By goon squad you mean a bunch of young guys that our coaches were trying to evaluate to see which ones are ready for the NHL? Unlike the Oilers the Canucks don’t just ice their AHL team and charge NHL ticket prices.

  • 24% body fat

    Uh Demitri, Gagners progression is actually ahead of Seding for age and years in the league.

    It is Bold to assume Gagner wins an ARt Ross, but it isnt a far off comparison if you look into the context of there careers to the same point in time.

    • Gkpoil

      Is that so, because in 2006/2007 Daniel (at 26) had 36g 48a 84p playing 18 min a game

      Gagner was on pace for 24g 41a 65 pts while playing 19:30 per game. Not even close to the same numbers and that is being generous as to whether he could maintain that pace.

      In fact if you look at their numbers from the age of 26 back Daniel would have 310 pts and Gagner 286 pts while playing 3 more minutes per game during the same time frame

      Why would you even look at the possibility of what one player might be to his team, to what one player is and has been to his team anyway? There is no context to do so in this arguement. Daniel Sedin is the best player on a contending team and has been for nearly his entire career. Gagner isnt and hasnt been any of those things.

      • Gkpoil

        Would it be fair to add that Daniel Sedin played more playoff games in his rookie season then Sam Gagner has played his entire career?

        … nah that’s not really fair haha.

        Poor Oilers fans.

        But in all seriousness, Coach Eakins & Ben Eager should really think twice before they utter anymore threats. It was a bad luck play, deal with it. Don’t poke the bear Oilers, this doesn’t end well for you!!

  • Gkpoil

    Not sure who the other guys mentioned are, but Zona and Dellow are usually levelled headed. Not sure where this is coming from, but I’ll assume they’re still fans and were hoping for something positive out of Edmonton to work with this season. Not having their top 2 centres won’t help.

    These debates never go anywhere.

    You complain about hits and preach deterrents. You offer up different solutions and new ways to change things.

    But the problem is no team is innocent in any of this and really has no leg to stand on. Hall kneed Clutterbuck. Sedin was elbowed by Keith. The victims were recently offenders and the offenders were recently victims. To say you’re hard done by is hypocritical.

    Deterrents don’t work. Lucic and Horton were on the ice when Savard was creamed by Cooke.

    The actual justice comes from the league. That’s the most frustrating part for everyone.

  • Gkpoil

    Sure a lot of animosity for an accident. Kassian got the usual NHL justice. I think he deserved what he got but they’d never hand that suspension to a Duncan Keith near playoff time.

    Tough to take the NHL seriously. There’s a reason it’s a distant 4th when discussing big league sports in North America.


  • Gkpoil

    Note: That I used Daniel at age 26 and Gagner at age 24 as a comparison to how long they had been in the league for as opposed to age, which would seem far less relevant to a players progression.

  • The Oilers Shot Clock

    I think his eye for an eye article was a bit silly…but at the same time I agree with him that hiring thugs fails and that the real deterrent needs to come from the league. I have always liked the idea of draft picks combined with suspensions…If a player gets on a repeat offender list, then any suspensions to that player from now on would involve the stripping of draft picks from one team to the other. Suspensions are not enough when chances are the team wont miss that player anyways. The draft pick awarded would reflect the severity. If Cooke was costing Pittsburgh 2nd, or 3rd or even 4th round picks for his antics,it would be his own team that gets him inline.Guys like Torres,Carcillo,Cooke…the list goes on, they would all start being held accountable by their own team.

  • The Oilers Shot Clock

    Wow, maybe you need to read a little more into the comparison, it starts and stops with the 2nd leading scorer on the team. He isn’t comparing the actual player but the players value to the team. You’re an idiot.

    • The Oilers Shot Clock

      Finally someone else saw how it was intended, not as skill being equal between them but that they were both the second leading scorer on their teams last year.