Canucks Army Contest: A Chance to Go Head-to-Head with Roberto Luongo

Judging by his face, Roberto Luongo ain’t playin’ games. Well, except this time, and that other time.
Image via Lights Out Poker.

Here at Canucks Army we make a point of attempting to give back to our loyal readers. Whenever we hold creative meetings with our staff, we bounce arounds ideas in which we could make the site more interactive, and get you guys involved in some capacity. Not too long ago, we came up with the idea of running a T-Shirt design contest, which was a hit.

Now, we’ve got something else in the works. Let me ask you a question: are you a fantasy football player? If so, great. But even if you’re not, don’t stop reading, and don’t let that stop you from entering your name into this particular competition. Pretty much the only requirement for you to be eligible to participate is that you are required to have a desire to beat Roberto Luongo at something, and that you promise you’ll do your due dilligence in doing so.

Would you like to be able to tell your friends that you squared off against Roberto Luongo and came out on top? We’re now giving you a chance to go mano-a-mano with the winningest goaltender in Vancouver Canucks franchise history. Read on past the jump to find out how you can participate in what I personally think is a pretty cool opportunity.

We all know that @strombone1 is one of the best accounts run by a professional athlete currently going, and that’s in large part due to his willingness to interact with the fans. He participates in the jokes, and he gets involved with the conversation. In the past, he has ran fantasy football leagues in which he personally sent out invites to some of the more vocal members in the Canuck fan twittersphere (also known as "the shap crew"). We’ve talked to him though, and this year we have secured a spot in his league for one lucky Canucks Army reader.

I know for a fact that while he’s not training or spending time with his family, he’s reading up on all of the latest draft guides and partaking in a plethora of mock drafts to get himself ready for the big day. He takes this stuff seriously. Which would make beating him all the sweeter, I’m sure.

If you’d like to partake, or know someone else that would, it’s simple enough. All you need to do is let us know why you should be in the league. Give us a sample of what kind of trash talk you’ve got up your sleeve for your potential match-up against Bobby Lou. Be witty, be snarky, be enthusiastic, be whatever you’d like to be. You have three options for conveying your message:

a) Tweet at either @SoYoureAnExpert or @CanucksArmy. Refrain from bothering the Strombonian one, at least with regards to this. If your idea is good and worthwhile, it’ll be passed along to him.

b) Email It’s fine if your submission runs long, but please do me a favour and choose Option B if that’s going to be the case. Hopefully there will be a decent number of entries, and I’d like to be able to sort through them as easily as possible. Sending me the reason why you should be selected spanning 4 or 5 different tweets gets in the way of that.

c) Leave a comment below. Just keep in mind that if someone sees your idea, and then chooses to be a weasel and spruce it up, it’s fair game. Anything goes. Some people will do anything to get ahead.

The contest ends on Sunday evening (let’s say at Midnight). After that, I’ll select what are in my opinion the best candidates, and pass them along to Luongo himself, who will then choose his favourite. He’s planning on setting the league up shortly, so you’ll be contacted fairly quickly after that. I can’t tell you all the details about the league at this time, because I don’t know them, but what I can tell you is that it’s for free. There’s no money involved; only bragging rights, and pride are on the line.

Good luck! And may the best man/woman get the opportunity to do what so many NHL players have done in the past – beat Roberto Luongo.