Evening Headshots: June 26th

Don Taylor wastes no time trying to goad John Tortorella in a controversial answer about Larry Brooks.

Today at Canucks Army we broke down essentially every method the Canucks might use to get out from under Roberto Luongo’s contract, and took a longer look at Mike Gillis’s draft strategy as it pertains to player age.

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Apparently the majority of Vancouver sports writers were hungover from yesterday’s John Tortorella love in, so it was a light-day content wise on Wednesday.

David Shoalts thinks the Bryzgalov buyout foreshadows an inevitability, that the Canucks will have to use a compliance buyout on Luongo’s contract. [Globe and Mail]

Daniel Wagner snares Tony Gallagher in a couple of contradictory statements in a Spitballin post over at PiTB. Also riffs on other Cancuks related topics. [Pass it to Bulis]

Over at the mother ship Colin Hope nails a list of top-10 Canucks draft picks (all time). [CDC]

Speaking of Tony-G, the G-man writes about the opening of the buyout window and wonders which players are about to cash in. [The Province]

VanCityDan has recently performed player autopsies on Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo. Definitely worth a read! [Nucksmisconduct]

Steve Ewen profiles possible late first round pick Curtis Lazar of the Edmonton Oil Kings. Lazar would look pretty good on the Canucks Young Stars team next September, I reckon. [The Province]

Great stuff recapping yesterday’s Tortorella press conference from our pals over at We’ve Got Twins. [We’ve got Twins]

Finally here’s Tortorella meeting some of his new charges following yesterday’s Newser:

  • puck-bandit

    Torts meeting new charges:

    CoachT, speaking to Hank, “You’re uh taking off later this week?”
    Hank, “Yup, yup”
    Left out of video was CoachT’s response: “Oh, too bad, because I was thinking of starting a shot blockin’ clinic. Maybe you’ll call off your summer plans? It’s time to get stiffer.”

  • puck-bandit

    The last guy I expected to get Tort’s going was Don Taylor,little out of line, and getting stale. I would really like to see Tort’s succeed in Vanc. We diehards need a little hope for the coming season.
    Don’t care how he uses any of the players, just want to see more out of the whole team.
    What you missed when Tort’s was talking to Hank was the iron behind his back, that should stiffen him up.

    If Vanc buys out any contract I would be shocked, it is just not a traditional method for the ownership group we have, could even see a Schnidee trade? Ballard I’m sure will be trade bait, and am sure someone will pick him up. Makes no sense to buy him out, just don’t think he is the failure that everyone has made him. Who knows, new coach, new culture, new attitude.