CanucksArmy Gear: T-Shirt Design Contest Update

You may have missed it last week, but we’re launching CanucksArmy Gear with a T-Shirt Design contest and you still have time to submit a design and win!  The winner will receive five free t-shirts with the winning design,

Once again here are the contest rules: Please avoid using any official NHL or team logos. Also no player names or likenesses. Finally, by submitting a design and accepting a prize in this contest, you agree that CanucksArmy and the Nation Network owns the rights to that design in perpetuity going forward. Submit your designs to

Read past the jump for a gallery of t-shirt designs that have already been submitted from our readers!

The Schneiderman

Designer: @YYJordan

Sleek, elegant, heroic: this design has it all. 

CanucksArmy: it’s a riot! Part I

Designer: @TheStanchion

Ironic, simple, oddly gothic: what more can you ask for?

CanucksArmy: it’s a riot! Part II

Designer: @TheStanchion

A slick, stylish variation on the theme. 

The Word Bubble

Designer: @RhondaLeduc

Vibrant, endearing and a clever way around our rule against using player names!

Smart Asses

Designer: @Petbugs13

Petbugs is kind of a dick!

Fear the Weird

Designer: @MHenderson95

This t-shirt has Animal, it has Kassian, and it’s got a great slogan.

We really appreciate your designs so far and hope you keep it coming! We’ll have a vote and pick a winner over the weekend, and begin to retail the shirts closer to the NHL Draft. They’ll be super affordable and some of the proceeds will be donated to Five Hole for Food (we’ll have exact details on that once we’ve selected a winner and paid for the run of shirts). Because our readers, who will be designing and voting on the shirts, are the best, I’m confident the winning design will be nothing short of awesome.

Thank you to our readers for supporting us, you really are the best.