Canucks Re-Sign Tom Sestito for Two Years

Realistically this was Sestito’s most memorable moment as a Canucks skater last season.

Tom Sestito is an okay fourth-line pugilist type. He announced today on Twitter that he’s been re-signed by the Canucks for two seasons:

The Canucks have confirmed the signing, and here’s a link to the press release.

Read past the jump for a bit more analysis.

There isn’t all that much to say about Tom Sestito’s Canucks tenure so far. He didn’t play that often, and got buried pretty handily when he did by the underlying data (though at least some of that is the result of his starting constantly in the defensive zone). Sestito fought five times with the Canucks last season, amassing a 1-3-1 record in the face punching competition (according to On the positive side of the ledger at least Sestito did well to limit the minor penalties he took, and wasn’t a complete liability at five-on-five.

Tom Sestito doesn’t really have the hands to play up the lineup, and he doesn’t really have the speed to contribute on the penalty-kill (or to get to those big hits). Still if Sestito is Vancouver’s fourteenth forward next season, no one should be too upset about it. By the same token, no one is confusing Tom Sestito with a Daniel Paille or a Shawn Thornton any time soon…


Jason Botchford has the terms of the deal:

That’s a bit of a rich contract for Sestito, and a one-way deal to boot. Aaron Volpatti got a similar type of deal from the Washington Capitals in the late Spring, but his cap-hit is 175k cheaper annually than Sestito’s. Ouch.

Perhaps there’s an ulterior motive to inflating Sestito’s cap-hit, however. After all a 750k hit could prove easier to sneak through waivers if that’s something the Canucks need to do at some point over the next couple of seasons…

  • While we don’t know the financials, does Sestito really merit a two year deal? Would he have received a two year deal from anyone else?

    I guess it depends on whether or not one or both of the years are two way deals. But the second year seems unneccesary.

  • @Rivalpiper I said he doesn’t take too many minor penalties and isn’t a huge liability five-on-five. Those are what I see as his strengths.

    @NM00 yeah a bit odd that he managed to get a two-year one-way deal. That’s for sure.

  • Squibbles

    Apparently it’s $750k/y so even if they do end up with better players ahead of him on the roster I guess they can always bury him in the AHL to lose the cap hit.

  • Squibbles

    I typically don’t care that much about a depth move because the overall impact is minimal.

    But after Botchford posted the financials, the contract looks even more unnecessary.

  • Fred-65

    Well he’s big….did I mention he’s big. If there’s a fire drill inte Vcr end you can count of two lines beibng in the midst of it The Sedins or the 4th line including Sestito.

    He is young and that counts for guy doing that job, players usually don’t fill out for that position until they’re little older

  • Fred-65

    Since this is a team that employs Lawrence Gilman, cap wizard, I’m straining to try to find a reason for this 2yr/1 way business, but so far I haven’t found it. This isn’t a catastrophe by any means, but just…why? And…really?

    • Fred-65

      Gilman & the Canucks aren’t really any better at managing the cap than most teams.

      When the cap management looked great (i.e. the 2011 cup run season) they had the right players at the right age.

      Now that the core is aging and the impact prospects aren’t there to fill the holes, there are many questionable cap decisions such as Luongo’s contract, Ballard, Booth and possibly Burrows, Higgins, Garrison and others as they age.

      Cap management is born out of having the right players at the right age. It’s overrated as a skill.

  • Fred-65

    Safe to say Gillis is seeing the trend. These are in demand right now, have been since Boston finals. Ottawa trade for Kassian, Edm trades for Brown. Like caman, how does that? Canucks are admitely getting younger, thank god. It’s good to have a heavy weight in the lineup – just in case.

    He also seems like a very popular guy in the room. Virtually every Canucks player tweeted him congrats. When he left Philly, all the Philly guys took to twitter to wish him good luck in Van. For context, not a single Canucks player took to twitter when Av was canned to wish him good luck. Or thanks for the 7 yrs. Lol.

  • BrudnySeaby

    Expect this trend of signing our UFA’s and RFA’s to continue in the next weeks. The Canucks will also resign Lapierre, probably for 1.5 mln. Because if they don’t, where will they get a 4C from? And just to be clear, I think Lapierre is a great (play-off) 4th liner (and can play 3C if in a pinch) especially if he can play his type of (yapping) game.

    Weise will probably get the same offer as Sestito, or perhaps 875,000 per year but with more term.

    Most curious though how the negotiations with Tanev and his dad are going… 😉

  • BrudnySeaby

    In my opinion both the term and dollar amount are too high. Not a good contract.

    However, the cap hit is only a small fraction of the salary cap so it’s no big deal. Also, Sestito does fill a need.