Sedin Twins Power Sweden to World Championship Gold

Henrik Sedin gives a post game interview after scoring two goals in a championship victory.
Image courtesy RadioSporten.

The Sedins were widely criticized for "no showing" in the NHL playoffs earlier this month, as the Vancouver Canucks were eliminated in short order at the hands of the San Jose Sharks. The criticism was a bit much, considering the failure of Vancouver’s penalty-kill and the fact that the twins had a couple of really good games (games two and three) despite limited support from the rest of the Canucks lineup…

Following the inglorious playoff ouster, the Sedins joined team Sweden at the World Hockey Championships which were hosted in both Sweden and Finland this year (and last year too for that matter). In four games in the tournament the twins and linemate Loui Eriksson carried team Sweden offensively, giving the Tre Kronor a vicious, explosive power-play that powered the Swedes past Canada, Finland and Switzerland in the elimination rounds, and all the way to a gold medal victory on home soil. I suppose it’s a nice way to cap off a disappointing – albeit quietly impressive season – on a winning note.

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Against Team Canada on Thursday, the Sedins led the Swedish power-play to two third period goals erasing a one goal third period deficit to force overtime and eventually a shootout. While the twins missed, and missed spectacularly, in the skill competition the Swedish team prevailed when Canada’s fourth shooter Jordan Eberle hit a post.

On Saturday against the Finns, Henrik Sedin racked up three points (two primary assists and an empty net goal) while Daniel accumulated two. Henrik’s feed on Loui Eriksson’s second goal of the game was a stone cold beauty, right from Gretzky’s office (you can check it out at 1:15 of this video). The Swedes defeated the Finns by a score of three-to-zero.

On Sunday, in the gold medal game against the upstart Swiss – a team that hadn’t medalled at this tournament since 1953 – the Swedes fell behind early on a Roman Josi goal. But they rallied, with Henrik Sedin netting the game winner and adding a short-handed empty-net tally for good measure. 

In all Henrik Sedin ended the championship game with three points, while his brother was held off the scoresheet (which, come to think of it we don’t often see when Henrik has a three point game). Henrik was also named to the all tournament team.

Update (3:42 PM PST):

Here’s the highlights from Sunday’s final:

You’ll notice that Henrik gets pretty soundly burned by Roman Josi on the Swiss goal. Meanwhile it’s hard to imagine how Daniel Sedin wasn’t credited with an assist on Henrik’s game winner (at :30 of the above video).

The win wasn’t without incident for the Sedin twins as Daniel was rather dangerously checked into an open door at the Swedish bench relatively late in the third frame. Luckily he seemed no worse for wear when celebrating the victory, and he’ll now have four and a half months to rest off any lingering soreness. Still, this hit could’ve been a lot worse:

  • Cale

    It is ridiculous that the 3rd Sweden goal was allowed. I guess it doesn’t matter what country the refs/linesman are from, they will always be blind. Anywho, good for Sweden, I was pulling for them.

  • orcasfan

    When you mention that Henrik finished with 3 “points” and Daniel “none”, I assume you meant “goals” rather than “points”! What the NHL really needs to fix everything (apart from ref’s vision) is the larger rink size (like some of the CHL junior teams have). Then we would actually get to appreciate skill as opposed to goonmanship!

  • orcasfan

    This is why I dont take swedish or international hockey seriously. Sorry sisters, nobody cares about this no-touch tournament except you guys.

    But een hnl hockey is boring as heck now, since the league, the owners and their refs ( wwe game managers) sucked the life out of it. You look at the teams remaining in the play offs, they all play the same way, same type of teams, same boring games, and if be needed, then sock puppet Shanny and his merry men will gt the refs to dish out penalties to keep the series going longer. Ovie wasnt far off the mark. This leagues has sold out to pander the us market who dont even give a rats ass about the game.

    Sooner or later, the Canadian fans wont even cae anymore, most Canadian teams will then move south where the game will evolve into some roller derby crap or some WWE on icescapades. The games are all rigged to suit a type of team, so in other words, it’s basically fixed. All that BS about making the game more safer and exciting, no ones buying it. The stupid league cant even decide what a legal hit anymore, you hit a player and if he gets hurt, its a suspension, if he doesnt get hurt, then its legal. They talk about obstuction on and on, but come the post season, the dirty refs let every thing go or call lopsided penalties to keep certain teams in the series. The result, the games got no more life, no passion, but just a bunch of same old type of players doing the same old things scoring the same old goals winning the same old way. YAWN. No wonder Americans don’t want to watch Crocky, why would they when the WWE does so much better?

  • orcasfan

    It just shows that the Sedins can still play in a system that promotes skill. Larger ice allows more space. Giving the advantage to play makers and skaters. I bet Mason Raymond would do well here….that being said…

  • Goal! Goal!

    Goal! Goal Sweden!

    I love the wide range of goal calls the announcer has up his sleeve.

    Seriously though, good tournament for Henrik. He gave it his all for the Canucks and its nice to see him win one for his home country.