Top Five Trade Values on the Canucks

Grantland and ESPN’s Bill Simmons recently published his 2013 edition of his top 50 NBA trade value rankings. I “borrowed” the idea last year and ranked the top 50 NHL trade values, and will be doing the same in a few months once the Stanley Cup has been awarded.

And I’m going to use the same rules and factors to rank the top trade values in the Vancouver organization. What I am taking into account:

  • Age matters
  • Contracts matter
  • Position matters

Read on for the list, some honourable mentions, and a few other thoughts.

I’ll preface my top five with a few notes. Alex Edler is a very honourable mention here, and we may get to find out what his trade value actually is this summer. The Canucks may be smart to move him for a young center (say… Sean Couturier), as this would allow Jason Garrison to slide back to the left side. Edler is a good defenseman who is sometimes great and sometimes awful. He would have a lot of value – arguably more to a team like Philadelphia compared to the Canucks.

Thomas Drance and I are going to debate some bold moves in the coming weeks, and an Edler trade is definitely one of them. There are some intriguing names out there that Edler may fetch – Couturier and Bobby Ryan are two of them.

One more note – I received a lot of submissions on Twitter that included Chris Tanev, Zack Kassian, Frank Corrado, and Nicklas Jensen. Don’t overrate age/youth. Four good young players, but none of them are great. I highly doubt any of them would fetch any of the below five players in a one-for-one trade. Again, this is my opinion, and I am expecting some disagreement.

5. Dan Hamhuis

Contract: Three more years left at $4.5 million per season


Hamhuis is a top 20 defenseman in the NHL. He can do it all, and on the Canucks, he does. He logs the toughest minutes, he makes all of his defensive partners look good, and he doesn’t make many mistakes. He had a poor first round by his elite standards, but he is far and away the best defenseman on the roster. And he’s locked up for three more years at a very, very manageable cap hit. If Hamhuis was given offensive duties, I have zero doubts that he would approach the 40-45-point mark with regularity.

Will he get traded? No. Even if the Canucks go for a minor rebuild or retooling, Hamhuis has many good years of hockey left. He is a great skater and keeps himself in fantastic shape.

4. Cory Schneider

Contract: Two more years left at $4 million per season


I debated putting Schneider ahead of Kesler, but there is so much uncertainty with the NHL goaltender market (which we have seen time and time again over the past year, unfortunately). Roberto Luongo is available. Mike Smith, too. Ryan Miller and Marc-Andre Fleury could both be on the move.

Schneider is young, and he has proven he can carry the load of a starting goaltender. He had a poor showing in Games 3 and 4 of the series against the Sharks, but he probably shouldn’t have been starting in the first place coming off a tweaked groin and eight days off the ice. His cap hit is great, too.

Will he get traded? Very doubtful, unless Gillis goes against his word and keeps Luongo, or if he ships both of them in separate deals and brings in one of the other available goaltenders. Imagine that?

Proto was bang on with my top three:

3. Ryan Kesler

Contract: Three years left at $5 million per season


Ryan Kesler of 2010-11 would rank as the top player on this list. But I have trouble seeing that player returning any time soon. Kesler has undergone two very significant surgeries since that time (torn tendons in the hip and shoulder area), and he has been unable to stay healthy or play at an elite level with any sort of consistency. He went beast mode for about 40 minutes in the series against the Sharks, and it was quite apparent that his conditioning wasn’t where it needs to be (and that shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how little hockey he has played over the past two years).

Would the Canucks move Kesler? Doubtful. But you never know, especially if they can somehow land a younger top six forward for him. I think Kesler’s long term future is on the right wing, but the Canucks need to find the right center for him. Derek Roy wasn’t that guy (what a dud he was). The Canucks are paper thin up the middle, especially if they let Max Lapierre walk as a free agent this summer.

I’d like to see Kesler play on a line with Jordan Schroeder next season. His cap hit is great for what he brings when healthy, but how often will that be? The Canucks seem to get hurt by injuries more than most NHL teams. How much of that is related to travel? Overtraining? I’m not sure, and I don’t want to speculate, but it is awfully tough to win in the postseason when your top guys are always banged up.

2. Daniel Sedin

Contract: One year left at $6.1 million per season

1. Henrik Sedin

Contract: One year left at $6.1 million per season


Like everything else with Daniel and Henrik, this writeup comes as a package deal. Would a team trade Daniel Sedin alone for a healthy Ryan Kesler? Maybe, maybe not. The Sedins are impossible to really “value” alone, as they will never spend much time apart (outside of an injury to one of them). And how many contending teams have $12.2 million in cap space (or the need for a top line LW and C)?

Their respective track records speak for themselves – 1-2 in organizational scoring, a Hart for Henrik, an Art Ross for each of them, and a Lindsay for Sedin. They had their best two-way season in 2013, at the age of 32. I don’t see the Sedins aging like typical skill forwards, as they rely less on speed and physicality and more on hockey sense and intuition. Look at Teemu Selanne, Ray Whitney, Jaromir Jagr, and probably the best comparison of all, Daniel Alfredsson. I see them spending another two or three years as top liners before dropping back into a supporting role

Will they get traded? Not a chance. They are the leaders of the team, and they set the tone for the entire organization. They combined for zero gaols against the Sharks, but they played well. I understand, at some point, that production has to trump the underlying numbers (or at least back it up), but the Canucks were essentially a one line team this season. And the Sedins can’t carry an offense any more. They need help, and it is up to management to get them that. A supporting cast of Booth, Kesler, Higgins, Raymond, Hansen, and Burrows wasn’t good enough. It’s time for some upgrades.

Mike Gillis’ best move as Vancouver’s GM came in late June of 2008 when he decided to fly to Sweden to convince the Sedins to stick around. From what I have heard, it sounds like the Sedins are going to go the Selanne route and sign short term deals for the rest of their career. Let’s hope that comes in blue and green jerseys.

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  • khlhfs

    I don’t agree that the Sedin’s are your most valuable players in fact I’d wager you couldn’t deal them if you tried. If my memory serves me correctly, the Sedin’s don’t actually have NTC’s they have a clause that stipulates that if they are moved it must be to the same team. Since the salary cap is going down I would say moving these players for 12.2 million greatly depreciates their value. Any doubters about the affects big contracts can have on star players should google Luongo, Roberto.

    Your most valuable players are also your two best, Ryan Kesler and Dan Hamhuis, both are solid players on reasonable contracts.

    • khlhfs

      “the Sedin’s don’t actually have NTC’s they have a clause that stipulates that if they are moved it must be to the same team”

      dont believe what you see on hfboards

      • khlhfs

        The Sedins don’t need a no trade clause to prevent the to be traded. There isnt a team that wants two players who dont perform in the post season. And look at it this way, if one sedin is struggling in a game, you can bet the other one is invisible as well. Now if they both get 25 min per game, that’s 50 min of invisibility.

        you see where I’m going with this? Can you imagine if this whole team where full of twins who cant perform? It’s time this franchise has rules of standards in place. If you are not playing well, you sit. You don’t get more and more ice time. AV obviously never believed in that, and year after year of the hockey gods showing him in the play offs how wrong he is, did he listen? One things for sure, AV is so dense, he’s like a 12 year old dog who just keeps lingering on and needs to be put out of his misery. I bet the man is sitting in his home now, thinking that next year will be the year the Sedins and Raymond and Edler will lead the league in scoring and bring the cup to Vancouver.

        What good is a coach if he cant even look at his teams and his own inability to succeed in the post season? Someone needs to tell Av that the regular season doesnt mean a hill of beans and for mercy’s sake, give AV a reality Slap.

  • khlhfs

    ” Will they get traded? Not a chance. They are the leaders of the team, and they set the tone for the entire organization. They combined for zero gaols against the Sharks, but they played well. ”

    Well that pretty much sums up why the team has played like a bunch of whining losers.

    ” They are the leaders on the team.” Wow, Jeff, do you seriously believe that? Do you or have you ever played a competitive sport before?

    ” they set the tone for the entire organization.” By that I take it that you mean they are good at making excuses like the franchise and the delusional fans, right?

    “They combined for zero goals, but they played well.”

    Wow, man. Who cares if you lose , as long as you ” play well” right? You seriously have brought losing to a new standard. So now we can forget about winning, as long as we lose and play well, than it’s ok.

    Jeff, now I see why the Canuck’s have sucked for almost half a century. What they need Jeff, right now going forward, is a reality check and accountability, not more excuses. What they need is a culture of winning, not LOSING. Never forget Darwin’s law, Jeff, it applies to the Canucks as well.

    This team doesnt need anymore ENABLERS, they’ve had that for 44 years now, and surprise, they still havent won anything yet. 44 years dont lie. 44 years disagree with your assessment.

    • khlhfs

      For a team you don’t like, you sure spend a lot of time thinking about the Canucks (the best NHL team in Canada for the last 6/7 years)!

      Anyway, about your comment on the post, it is true about the Sedin’s not being the top leaders… I would put them behind, Bieksa and Kesler in that area.

      I would be interested to see an article from Agnus on who he thinks fits in on the Canucks from the market.

      • khlhfs

        Best team in Canada? Then why is the best team in Canada on the golf course now, fanboy?

        As for the Sedins leading, leading in what area? The powers of invisibility? Punching Marchands glove with their face? Explain to me how they lead?

        Of course you would be interested in stats, that what losers do and talk about, stats and numbers and rules and what ifs and what could’s…Face it fanboy, the problem with the Cancuks are the same as how your mind operates.

        I’m sure you;d like the league to give the Sedins an award for play off invisibility if you could, wouldnt you?

        Why is it that you make so many excuses for such loser? Why is that? Have you ever played a competitive sport before? Doesnt sound like it, fanboy. Heck there’s a more simple question…do you know what winning is as apposed to losing? It’s obvious to me you dont.

      • khlhfs

        Also, one doesnt need to spend any time thinking about a loser franchise because the fact that theyve never won anything in over 40 years and your response provides all I need to know about why they stink.

        You best be a marriage counselor, not a canuck fan, it suits more to the way you think.

      • Brent

        I have a feeling the first post from “Isabel” is actually that jerk @fancan or @something with a Habs in it (previous article), cuz I’m Isabel!!!! Anyway…

        Agree. These people who hate and bash the Canucks spend an awful lot of time around these parts.

        In regards to the article…. yeah, struggling to see the point of this one, however, would be interested in an article throwing out possible “reset” moves the canucks could realistically make…

        • Brent

          Hey, do you want some more cheese with your whine? Put a sock in it lady. You sure you don’t work for those losers? Cause it sounds like you do. you sure you’re not Mr.s Gillis? Cause it sounds like you are. Hey, don’t blame people who are NOT delusional and can see the team for what they are, a bunch of useless, over rated soft, playoff chokers that they’ve proven themselves to be.

          Maybe you should realize that in ” these parts” we don’t like losers and folks support them.
          I have a feeling you work for that franchise and now all you’re trying to do is to save your pathetic job. Newsflash lady, pro sports is about WINNING, not LOSING. Do you really think those loser at GM place are really going to win the cup? You really think that this was a successful year for that franchise.

          You’re so delusional it must hurt for you to be you.Just becuase you LOVE drinking the Canuck koolaid doesn’t mean others have to.

          Go away lady, your loserdom stinks so bad it makes my comment smell from here.

          • Brent

            Look who’s talking.I’m sure it’s tougher when your team has been SUCKING for 44 years. How old are ya lady? You think you’ll make to another 44 years of sucking? think your team will win the cup before you hit the grave? Don’t bet on it you pathetic loser. Your team, a proven loser. You, now also a proven loser.

            Bye Bye loser.LOL

          • Brent

            You got burned, kid. HAHAHAHAHAHA!. Guys like you can’t argue with facts so you have to blame others for having an opinion.
            Next thing you’ll say is that no one is allowed to talk about your team’s losses. Grow up, kid, don;t blame others for stating facts, blame your team for losing. that will make you less of a homer. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

        • Brent

          Yeah, and go ahead and blame me, or montreal, and the league, and the refs, and boston, and bettman, and the short season, and everything under the sun for your team sucking.

          Blame everything but your two sisters, over rated goalie, useless defense and a whining crew with a clueless coach. Hey guess what, toronto hasn’t made the playoffs for years and look how much better they’re doing then your sucky team.

          The only thing that needs “resetting” here is your delusional retarded devotion to losing, lady. Blind as a effing bat you are. Your team and you are an embarrassment to anyone living in Vancouver, 44 years of losing and you STILL have NO clue. Keep it up lady, another 44 years of awaits you and your sucky team.

  • Henrik will be 33 next season, I don’t know many #1 centers playing at that age.

    I think he will be very effective in the regular season, but during the playoffs , he is getting up in age. Also Kesler as you say seems inconsistent because of injuries. All a team needs to do is shut down #1 line and there will be no scoring.

  • khlhfs

    how is Edler not on this list? he’s probably the highest value player without a NTC (currently) on the team at this point and we have a surplus of leftie defensemen

  • khlhfs

    Joined up to let you know what a stupid article this is. Who cares, listing 5 strong players with good trade worthy contracts that won’t get traded. Point? … you do have a new “citizen” now.

  • khlhfs

    what the hell is the point of making a post about the trade values of players and then literally selecting all the ones that will not be moved? seriously what?

  • khlhfs

    Sad to say, moderating is now needed for the comments. It’s just getting brutal and detracts from the article, just as the good discussion on here used to add to the article. I’m just surprised it’s sprung up during the offseason. Maybe it’s just one person? Plain weird.

    • khlhfs

      Eye roll. I’ve seen this happen before in forums where fanboys congregate like a swarm of wasps.
      It usually starts off a couple of comments made that the house fanboys dislike. Then there’s a cry for moderation. Then there are comments the fanboys don’t like that get banned. Then the site becomes nothing more than a fanboy butt kissing fest.

      Some of the fanboys need to grow up. It’s a part of life. If they don’t like what someone has to say, even if it’s the truth, then they need to man up and stop crying. Sadly, this mentality isn’t rare anymore in these times. We see it everywhere, but especially the lack of accountability. The Canucks and their supporters are guilty of this. There are Canuck fans that want the team to man up and make real changes, not go through the same motions year after year, decade after decade. Sadly, it will fall on deafs ears because a team that has never had accountability exists because it has supporters who have no clue of what accountability is either.

      It’s time for the Canucks and it’s fanboys to man up and admit that the pile of fertilizer dont smell like roses.

      • Brent

        I agree that we can all improve ourselves. Maybe Gandhi put it best: “We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.”

        Thank you for your own intelligent words. Do you have a blog you can link to so we can learn more about your insights into “these times”? It sounds like you have years of experience in internet forums that we could all benefit from.

        • Brent

          Dude, this is a hockey site. you know, it’s about pro hockey, and like any sport, there are winners and losers, and that line is very very thin. This site isn’t about existential problems of mankind and what may ail them.

          If you’re looking for inward wisdom and philosophy, what are you doing here? Are you one of those comment cads on youtube and every where else who feel they have to discuss everything and anything in the world even though it has nothing to do with the site?

          Let me remind you again that this is a hockey site, not a AA clinic, nor is it the Gandhi show, this isn’t about philosophy either. If you don’t like what someone has to say about a team then make your own comments about the team, not act like someone’s has put their finger into your yogurt cup. Hey, it’s about hockey, not about you you you you you, Comprende, amigo?

  • khlhfs

    Hi, I started watching the team since they’ve were at the Pacific colosseum and I have to say things have progressive gotten worse. I cannot see this team winning cup with the Sedins. They have no grit, no heart, no toughness, no sacrifice, no passion for winning and no scoring for sure in the post season. The lack all the attributes any captain should have. You cannot ask a non leader to lead and expect anything otherwise.

    The boston finals were an embarrassment to the citizens of Vancouver. I’d rather be called a rioter than have the Sedin’s call themselves the leaders of this franchise. The Sedins may be good for the Swedish league, but not in the NHL. Lets give our Canadian boys who got skill and heart and are willing to do anything to win the cup a chance. I’m sick and tired of the 10 year Canuck cycle of over rated teams and players and the chances they undeservingly get.

    The excuses from Gillis won’t help this team except to save he and AV’s job. They have never bother with drafting, scouting, managing, coaching. Grabner, look at where he is. it seems the franchise sees drafting as a way to aquire old go nowhere players. After years of losing, with no prospects, no young talent, no good core players, they begin another 10 year cycle of the same old. i don;t know who’s more delusional at this point, a mental patient or Gillis and the organization and it’s new hipster fans.

  • Brent

    The Sedins are awesome players that’s for sure, and we are lucky to have them. Also, they do tremendous work for the community, and have really given back beyond what should be expected. I would put them up there with some of my fav Canucks of all time (also Burrows is up there).

    However, for what it’s worth, as much as they are some of the best leaders by example, I am not sure if Henrik is the best captain, and if Daniel should be an assistant captain. I just think that Bieksa and Kesler are better spokesmen, which I think would be a part of the job spec for captain on any team.

    I think it should be Bieksa for Captain, Kesler and Henrik with an A… it is a really small thing, but just my thought on it.

  • Brent

    So long as the Canucks keep pinning their hopes on two guys who don’t hit, lead, or even score when it counts, or on a D that coughs up pucks, and on a goaltender who has meltdowns and lets in soft goals in critical times, they will never amount to anything. Just like the team fo yesteryear who had hope for Linden, Lumme and Mclean. You can’t win the Belmont stakes with donkeys. And close isn’t good enough, for every eyar there is always a finalist, we can;t use that as some excuse for success…it’s not.

    Gillis and AV should have gone along time ago. Though, it was Burke who brought in the Sedins, gillis has mismanaged this team with a passion. Gillis won’t fire Av because Gillis knows that no one but Av is stupid enough to work with the over rated team he built.Gillis also knows that any other coach coming in will expose him for who is is, that is, an inexperienced lousy GM…and Gillis cannot have that if he want to keep his job.

    You can’t have a good hockey team when your GM is cares more about saving his own hide than anything else. The list of excuses from Gillis speaks for itself. He can’t blame his players because he is the one who put them on the ice. and if it is the players and coaches fault, which it is, then that means Gillis is solely to blame. Gillis is a person not interested in anything but self preservation.

    I can see what Gillis is thinking now, next year, if the team makes the playoffs again and wins 3 games in the first round, he’ll come out and say it was a success…cause after all, let’s face it, after this year, it can’t get worse. Or can it. should Av stay, look for the players losing a whole streak of games when the season starts, and it will be another year wasted and bye bye Gillis and AV, and half the team. You can only get rid of people like Gillis when they fall on their own sword.

    As for the Sedins, fans need to remember that this is a hockey team, this isn’t charity. We don’t pay the Sedins for doing community work, we pay him to win games. We are not paying the Sedins to get bowled over by Tim Thomas. He wears the C, it stands for Captain, not CAN”T.

  • Brent

    It’s funny how there is a common factor with the Leafs and the nucks. Both were built by Burke,except that the leafs now have a better GM and coach and are one game away from beating the big bad Bruins. the Nucks on the other hand couldn’t win one game against the so so Sharks in the first round and the team has been decimated even worse than the over rated one they had 3 years ago.

    tis’ not the best of times for the nucks. The only good news is that they fired Burke, problem is…they have 2 guys in AV and Gillis who are worse than Burke.

        • Brent

          I just told you, only you’re being s ” Sedin ” about it and can’t accept it. Go read it again, and if you can’t, then take some reading lessons. Note how it’s just you and one more nitwit here who cant’ accept the truth. You need to save yourself energy and use it to support Gillis and the sedins and Av and the rest of the cast of losers for next year. You’re better when you fork out money to fill the seats over at Garbage Management Place, rather than trying to delude people here. After all, your team wouldn’t suck so much without blind and dumb twits like yourself… and for that, you should give yourself a big pat on the back. Oh wait, you already have! LOL

  • Brent

    Well I gotta hand it to the Leafs for taking game 6 and sending the series to a one game take all.
    it’s so much different compared to the team here. They got a coach who likes to tell it like it is, good or bad, unlike AV. The players there not once have i heard making post game excuses like some of the so called leaders here. god, if I had a dollar every time I heard Daniel say that they deserved to win, or that they played well despite losing. I wouldn’t need to work.

    It’s time for Canucks nation to buck up and stop making excuses for failures. it all starts with the owner down to the GM to the coach and scouting and players. You can’t fire the the owner but how Gillis has managed to keep his job is the 10th wonder of this world.

    Get out the brooms and finish the job the Sharks started.

  • Brent

    Just as I suspected @fancan can’t man up with his team AND gets outwitted by a girl, TWICE!

    Anyways, I come to these sites to read the articles and am interested in hearing their different opinions and point of views. Don’t agree with all of them, but usually are great thought provoking articles, and then you get idiots coming along spewing complete childish nonsense… really too bad, and pathetic at the same time.

      • Brent

        Still can’t answer the question eh?

        I’m guessing your a pathetic HABS fan

        … cuz they did really well this year… and oh, what place did they come in last year, and the year before that… That’s what I thought.

        Let me guess, oh the injuries, oh but the refs…

        Go crawl back in your little hole you tiny little puke.

        I’m done with you now.

        • Brent

          How many cups your team won? Can you answer that question?

          I’m guessing you’re a loser , just like your team of 44 years plus a goose egg.

          Speaking of excuses, look at what your GM had to say, and especially your two sisters.

          Now, with that said, go back to buying tickets for your suck ass team, you little maggot.

          You’re done with me? LOL. Good one, you want a hanker-chief for your tears?

          Your team is done and so are you. Go celebrate your presidents cups and your heroes, like Linden and Quinn and the sisters.

          44 and a goose egg says you and your team are LOSERS.

          Don’t lie, you aint done yet. You want to lose another 44 years….you little gooey glob of slimey snot.

  • Brent

    So as an avid oilers fan who flat-out dislikes the Canucks, I just have to weigh in on one point:

    The Canucks are CLEARLY the best Canadian team of the last 6-7 years. CLEARLY. And I really don’t like them… not a fan at all.

    But come on, no one else is even close. Calgary and Edmonton are embarassing. No one has been afraid of playing Montreal in years, Toronto may be getting better (we’ll see how they do next year).

    Ottawa is fun to watch, and did a great job the last two years with a very depleted roster. They are in my opinion number 2 on this list… but a distant 2.

    Doesn’t mean I think Van has what it takes to win a cup. Doesn’t mean I don’t think they dive with the greatest vigor and intensity. But come on, the record speaks for itself, regardless of cup success.

    • Brent

      Calgary and Edmonton have won the cup. The cup banners says it all. The Canaucks are 44 years of lies and pipe dreams. A true embarrassment to their own city. Winners are those who have won. the Canucks have never won, so they have no right to feel good about anything. Presidents Choice cups dont count.

      What they CLEARLY are is an embarrassment and a WASTE of TIME. Don’t make the play offs if all they ever are gonna do is CHOKE.

  • Brent


    It’s suprising that the Canucks site with the biggest focus on analytics would have the most unintelligent comments section ever. I mean, this reads like a mixture of transcripts from a TEAM 1040 call-in show and the twitter feed of some random Canuck-hating Oiler fan.

  • Brent

    Completely got side-tracked by that broken record idiot above me that I didn’t even post what I initially wanted. Lol. Probably pointless now, but I’ll give it a whirl anyway…

    Canucks fans: given the recent bitter history between the Bruins and Canucks I’m curious to know if there are any Bruins you guys would consider trading for, and if so, who, and who would you send back? (Doesn’t have to be limited to trades, could be UFA’s, etc).

    I know we’re an unlikely trade partner, but seeing how your article is about trades that are unlikely to happen…

    • Brent

      The answer is NO, because no one in Bruins-land wants any Canuck chokers on heir team.

      By the way, 44 of LOSING gets you ZERO credibility.

      Zero cups = zero cred= zero assets= sero trade.