CanucksArmy Podcast: Episode 4

We feel you Luongo.
Photograph by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

I’m not going to lie to you, this episode of the podcast is pretty depressing for diehard Canucks fans. But hopefully it’ll be interesting too. We’re joined in this episode by Ray Ferraro of TSN with whom we talked about the Canucks series he’s calling and about analytics in hockey. We’re also joined by ex-Kurtenbloggers Mike Halford and Jason Brough who currently work at breakneck speed over at NBC’s Pro Hockey Talk blog (in fact, they posted three times while you were reading this introduction). 

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A quick guide to the podcast: 

Ray Ferraro on the Canucks/Sharks series: 0:45-12:12
Ferraro on Analytics: 12:12 – 18:15
Kurtenbloggers: 18:15 to the end.

Thanks for listening and check back next week for a new episode! 

    • pheenster

      If? After how many years of this over rated teams choking, you think it’s still a matter of if? AV is a lousy tunnel vision coach, he got badly out coached in the finals, his team got EXPOSED for what they truly were, which was an over rated delusional regular season owner puff team.

      The team has gotten progressively WORSE since the finals,trading away scoring and grit, and keeping the same uselss sedins, luongo, raymond,edler, burrows core. After losing to LA in 5 the year after, AV has the nerve to say
      ” Who could have foreseen this?”

      REALLY AV? You mean you couldnt see how a team that was exposed in the finals, then after losing some key players with essentially nothing else done could lose in the first round?
      You Couldnt see how a team with a captain who cant perform in the play offs and eats up more useless ice time with his twin could possibly effect the outcome of a game let alone series?

      Maybe Av is living in the world of ginger bread, where everyone wins and losing is not losing, and everything has icing on top.
      And now Av goes out to say that he thinks the team can win ONE game. This folks, is how bad it’s gotten. When the coach of a so called ” good ” team is crying to just win ONE game. As if ONE game can save his sorry head from rolling. Maybe it is, who knows with this franchise. Maybe Gillis put in Av’s contract that should AV win one lousy game this playoffs, he wont get sacked.

      It is truly pathetic that when other franchises dream of making the playoffs or winning the cup, this one dreams of winning ONE game from the Sharks. Someone needs to put the gm, the coach and half the players on that team out of their misery and for any credibility this game has left. It’s pretty evident that half the team hate playing with the sisters, the coach and all his pet favorites. How else can you explain the lack of even trying anymore? They tried to get Av sacked last year but low and behold, Gillis gives AV an extension. So to outdo that 4-1 series loss, the team goes for the sweep loss.

      No one on that team is going to stick their necks out on a line and work their asses off just so the sedin sisters and AV’s favorites can get a free pass. If you were a player on that team, why would you work you ass off, hitting, checking, bleeding, fighting, to get the puck to the two sisters who dont do NONE of that. Never did and never will. This isnt a team, this is AV’ country club, where his favorites get a free pass out of doing nothing, and the rest have to pull up their sleeves and bust their nuts. doesnt sound like a team to me, but some sort of a a slave farm.

      Mark my words, even if they fire Gillis and Av, which they should, so long as the lazy useless post season do-nothingers like the sisters, edler, burrows,raymond, leaky lu stay on this team, you can expect the expect.
      I wonder what the marketing slogan will be next year. ” The Canucks, an exiting loss is always better than a boring win.” LOL