Canucks Open First Round Series Wednesday, Will be on TSN

Whoa, the Canucks series won’t be on CBC?
Photo Credit Jeff Vinnick/Behind the Lens

So the playoff schedule is set, and the Canucks will open their first round series against the San Jose Sharks at Rogers Arena on Wednesday night at 7:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. In an interesting and somewhat surpising move, the CBC, which gets to pick the Canadian broadcast rights to the two series they want most before TSN gets their first selection, decided to pass on the Pacific Time Zone series between the Sharks and the Canucks. So the CBC picked the Toronto versus Boston series and all-Canadian Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series between the Habs and the Senators instead, with TSN happily snapping up the Canucks series. 

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Here’s the full broadcast schedule per Vox.

 (3) Vancouver Canucks vs. (6) San Jose Sharks – TSN

Game 1, Wednesday 5/1, 7:30pm

Game 2, Friday 5/3, 7:00pm

Game 3, Sunday 5/5, 7:00pm

Game 4, Tuesday 5/7, 7:00pm

Game 5, Thursday 5/9, 7:00pm

Game 6, Saturday 5/11, TBA

Game 7, Monday 5/13, TBA

I’m sure there are Canucks fans out there feeling slighted by the CBC on this Sunday night, but seriously don’t worry about it. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that the network would’ve faced a whole whack of scrutiny if they’d passed on a series with two Canadian teams, and two series in prime-time (for the East coast audience, at least) just made better business sense. Also it’s worth remembering that the Canucks have been a cornerstone of the network’s playoff coverage for years on end now.

Plus there’s a wicked consolation prize. Just think about it: Chris Cuthbert and Ray Ferraro in the booth for a playoff series between the Sharks and the Canucks. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  • DCR

    It makes sense: Canadian tax dollars mean they really should cover any all-Canadian series, and giving up on Toronto’s first playoff series in almost a decade would be just wrong for CBC.

  • jonomacd

    there will certainly not be free streaming. bell media has already monetized their streaming service and that won’t change for the playoffs when MORE people want to watch.

  • Fred-65

    When TO & Mtl are knocked out they’ll (CBC) be back like nothing ever happened but will feel the need to tell us weaher we want to hear it or not how TO was robbed 🙂

  • utman

    This is the same CBC that has blatantly refused to show the Canucks on HNIC on Sat. nights even when they were the only Canadian team playing. I’d wager the same thing happens this year too, if the ‘nucks make it past the first round or two. It’s the same CBC that refused to send an HD camera to St. Louis for a Canucks’ playoff game a few years ago. But it’s the same CBC that has no problem taking tax payer dollars from Canucks’ fans.

  • utman

    “Plus there’s a wicked consolation prize. Just think about it: Chris Cuthbert and Ray Ferraro in the booth for a playoff series between the Sharks and the Canucks. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

    Drance, you missed one more key benefit to being on TSN… we get the original HNIC theme song as the intro.

    Yeah, I know the tax payer funded CBC didn’t want to pony up the cash to keep the rights, and let it go to TSN… but for anyone who grew with that song as the intro to HNIC, it just wasn’t the same in the playoffs without it.

  • Squibbles

    Vancouver is the third largest tv market in Canada, so it makes sense it goes third. And everyone does know that HNIC turns a massive profit, right? No subsidies required. This Hour Has 22 Minutes, on the other hand……..

    • Squibbles

      Vancouver is the second-largest market for CBC’s English hockey coverage, though. The Canucks broadcasts were even outdrawing the Leafs for a while (don’t know if that’s still true), which probably has a lot to do with them monopolizing the Pacific Time Zone.

      The business case for carrying the Canucks is actually quite strong, but I get that more eyeballs, in general, will be on eastern games, just because Westerners can watch them too.

  • Squibbles

    I love it. Everyone at CBC save for Hughson not only dislikes the Canucks, but also knows little to nothing about them.

    I’m not even a huge fan of TSN (that’s not to say I dislike them) but I just hate CBC’s coverage so much.

    I hope the Leafs win their series, so CBC can stick with them, and if the Canucks win they can continue on TSN.

  • Squibbles

    Did you catch Hughson’s coverage of the Canucks this season on HNIC? He was just as bad as the rest of the Eastern based guys now… stumbling over names, calling the wrong names of players and even called them Toronto once. I assume he’d brush up more for the playoffs but still.

  • Congolover

    Someone mentioned how HNIC refuses to show Canuck home games during the regular season. The fact is, there are many times the Canucks do not play a Saturday night home game, so it’s awfully hard for HNIC to show it if they’re not playing Saturday. It’s the NHL that sets the league schedule, not the CBC. If the Canucks want more Saturday night exposure on HNIC, they need to lobby the league for more Saturday home games. For some reason, the NHL seems to love to schedule the Canucks for a lot of Friday night/Sunday night games. Any slight by HNIC is an imagined one.

  • Fred-65

    Doesn’t RDS have access to the Quebec market any way ie Mtl is covered by RDS and who knows CBC French networks so why do they rank ahead of the Canucks. They’re already well covered.

    Any better have TSN than the CBC ( Canada Bashes Canucks )

  • Fred-65

    I’m very happy this series is on TSN! It saves us from listening to PJ Stocks stupidity! That’s one dumb arss sports caster. I’m sure the only reason he’s on he makes a fool out of himself every game!

  • Fred-65

    Hey folks, normally I would really agree with everyone mentioning HNIC slighting the Canucks, but this time I don’t understand why anyone should be shocked or surprised or feel slighted. Toronto is a no-brainer for the CBC to pick and the next choice is between an all-Canadian match up and the Canucks series… You cannot reasonably expect the CBC to not pick up the Ottawa/Montreal series and pick up the Vancouver one. Just makes no sense.