Evening Headshots: April 25th

Great shot of the Sedin twins by Michael Martin (NHLI/Getty)

Today at CanucksArmy, Jeff Angus handed out some NHL hardware and snubbed Henrik Sedin, Cory Schneider and Christian Ehrhoff, we checked in on some parting shots between the Canucks and Wolves organizations as the affiliation agreement between the two clubs expires (and also ran down some quallity of competition estimates for Canucks prospects), we previewed Thursday night’s game against the "Ducks," and Austin Wallace turned in episode three of the Week of a Canucks Bandwagoner series.

Read past the jump for more Canucks news and links.

Neil Greenberg picked his award winners today and in his estimation, Henrik Sedin deserves to be a Hart Trophy finalist this season. He’s absolutely correct too. [ESPN]

Ben Kuzma writes about the possibility of a Canucks AHL affiliate playing in Rogers Arena next season. Interesting that it’s just close enough to Abbotsford to interfere with the Heat’s territorial rights. Kuzma also brings up Tacoma and Seattle as possible destinations which would be pretty cool. [The Province]

Kevin Bieksa makes fun of the whole "body injury" nonsense, and more importantly assures fans that he’ll be ready for game one of the postseason. What a massive relief. [White Towel]

Cam Cole writes a hall of fame accounting of the events in the Roberto Luongo saga, "the eddying vortex of absurdity, the same occasionally rollicking soap opera that left you flabbergasted when it lasted through the summer of 2012, bemused when it persisted past the lockout, and resigned when it went unsolved at the trade deadline…" [The Vancouver Sun]

Blues fans appear to want a first round matchup against the Canucks. Careful what you wish for midwestern hockey fans! [The Hockey Writers]

The Canuck Way urges you to vote for Burrows or Kesler to be on the front of the NHL2014 cover. [Canuck Way]

VanCityBuzz has images of an upcoming Cory Schneider action figure designed by the legendary Seth McFarlane. Honestly it’s not that cool, partly because Schneider’s post is so, so lame. [VanCityBuzz]

Pass it to Bulis captions a cute youtube video about a cute dog that doesn’t want to wear clothing. [Pass it to Bulis]

Kent Basky writes an emotional good bye and thank you to Roberto Luongo, who has had an okay run in Vancouver I guess. [Nucksmisconduct]

Ed Wiles opines that Luongo made the Canucks winners. I still think it was Naslund. [The Province]

This is a video about a hockey obsessed social studies teacher at Rockridge in West Vancouver, and I’m not really sure how seriously to take it. I’m pretty sure it’s a joke because no one cares actually about sports that aren’t rugby at Rockridge.