CanucksArmy Podcast Episode I (Part II)

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In Part I of Episode I of our relaunched podcast, we chatted with Dan Murphy and Jason Botchford about a whole variety of Canucks related topics. In Part II, the dramatic conclusion, Jason Botchford and I talk about the prospect of a Bure number retirement, Mason Raymond’s ability to produce in the postseason and how and when we’ll see the Roberto Luongo saga come to an end.

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  • acg5151

    I see a significant ability to retool this summer, for one reason: compliance buyouts. The CBC and TSN guys have talked about it, said GM’s are drooling for this reason only.

    This will leave some decent players on the market. Said player will have tons of $$ in their pocket, and looking to chose a destination – and can sign for cheaper.

    They’re gonna let Raymond go, most of us are fine with that. They can buy out Booth, Ballard. Booth, Ballard and Raymond are replaceable. Ballard and Raymond especially. We know Booth has good undelrying #’s, but he’s been injured for 75% of his time in Van. To replace those 3, it’s not that hard. They can add a Clowe, Torres, Ryder, Briere etc, or some other smuck who’s been bought out or hits UFA. There aren’t many roster spots available on Canucks next yr. They can easily replace then via UFA. Then there’s there biggest chip in Luongo. They can at least replace one of those postions w/ a Luongo trade.

    I’m not overly concerned. The Canucks have lost more man games to injury than MOntreal, Chicago, Boston, LA, St. Louis, or any other team sitting ahead of them in the standings. They’ve played without their #2 centre for 70% of the season. Their 2nd line winger and play driver for 75% of the season. Most teams couldn’t sustain even that. Then you add Bieksa who’s missed 1/4 the season, Kass/Ray/Higgin who combined to miss over half the season. Tanev, Ballard… Malhotra. They’ve missed so many components of their team this yr for prolonged periods of time. My point, we don’t know what the ‘real’ Cnaucks look like. We don’t. We flat out haven’t been able to see it this yr. They managed to sustain great underlying possesion #’s with all these injuries, without a #3 centre most the season. These other teams, plain and simply, haven’t had to sustain these amount of magnitute of injuries that the Canucks have. I think this is a really good team when healhy. We just need to get them there.