Afternoon Headshots: April 15th

Yep. Check your reasonable expectations at the door.
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Today at Canucks Army we looked at why it might make some sense to play Kesler on the wing (which might not even be happening now, apparently), wrote up Frank Corrado’s assignment to the Chicago Wolves, and previewed Monday night’s game between the Canucks and Predators.

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First of all, it was a sad day in the entire sporting community what with the attack on the Boston marathon this afternoon. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected, with the first responders, and with the entire city of Boston. 

Our pal Cam Charron writes about analytics, and why they’re worth caring about. What did you expect his work to be about? Gum drops and rainbows? [Legion of Blog]

Zack Kassian looks to get the "bite back" into his game, and notes that he thought he found a rythym, even though the offense wasn’t there, when he was skating alongside David Booth earlier this season. The underlying data would suggest that he’s absolutely right about that. [The White Towel]

Excellent stuff from Harrison Mooney on Kesler playing the wing, and Vancouver’s decision to "load up" their top-six forward group. [Pass it to Bulis]

Really enjoyed this bit from who profile several Canucks players who were way more dominant in video games than they were in real life. Cliff Ronning and Mason Raymond – come on down! []

Former slam-dunk champion Nate Robison was photographed arriving to a Chicago Bulls game while wearing a Hartford Whalers cap and a Vancouver Canucks shirt. Bet that went over well in Chicago! [604Now]

Henrik Sedin talks to Jason Botchford about why it’s imperative that the team not to just back into the postseason. [The Province]

Wyatt Arndt photoshops pugs into Canucks related photographs. Pretty funny, and super cute. [Legion of Blog]

Nucksmisconduct selects Mason Raymond’s sick hand-eye goal against Calgary as their Canucks play of the week. [Nucksmisconduct]

Finally I’ll leave you with this photo of Alex Edler, and Henrik and Daniel Sedin, reading Canucks Army. At least, that’s what I imagine they were doing… (Photo uncredited via sealcat, safe bet that it’s actually taken by Jeff Vinnick for