Zack Kassian called up, Bill Sweatt Returned to the Wolves

After a "conditioning" stint with the Chicago Wolves, that was reportedly a disciplinary stint in actual fact, Zack Kassian has been recalled from the Chicago Wolves. In total Zack Kassian only played a single game with the Wolves during his slap-on-wrist re-assignment, and scored a goal early in Chicago’s 5-3 victory over the San Antonio Rampage.

Kassian will now re-join the Canucks, presumably for Thursday night’s home game against the Edmonton Oilers. Meanwhile the team has returned Bill Sweatt to Chicago.

      • Fred-65

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  • Fred-65

    Kassin was sent down because of his social life in Vcr ( it’s been reported now for a few days ) He likes his bubbly pop it appears and a youngster in town on his own tends to look for ways to fill in his days. I’m sorry that he pulled Tanev along with him. I hope they can straighten the guy up, in fact both the guys. Remebber O’Brien and what happened too him after his social life went awry. Lets hope it doesn’t go that far with Kassian and Tanev