The Clowe Down: Ryane Clowe Down to Either Canucks or Rangers

That’s the latest news on the Ryane Clowe derby per Bob McKenzie (a report that was quickly corroborated by Renaud Lavoie of RDS).

So the Canucks are in the running still, but the Rangers look to have pulled ahead in the bidding, which makes a lot of sense considering how the Canucks and Sharks play in the same conference and will be divisional rivals beginning next season.

Let’s get into this further after the jump.

Here’s more from Bob McKenzie on the likely price (a price which could become even steeper if Clowe were to re-sign in Vancouver):

While I’m sure the Sharks would prefer to deal Clowe to the Eastern Conference, Pierre Lebrun suggests that it might ultimately come down to Ryane Clowe’s personal preference:

Could Ryane Clowe choose Griffith’s way over Times Square? For what it’s worth he was certainly singing Vancouver’s praises (as well as Alain Vigneault’s) to Ben Kuzma earlier this week:

Vigneaut was my coach in junior (QMJHL) and I know how he likes a physical and competitive team and it’s similar to us,” said Clowe. “We kind of clash a bit and get after each other. They’re fun games and the kind I like to be involved in — high tempo and with a lot of energy. It’s what I like.”

Stay tuned. If Lebrun is right – and he pretty much always is – this situation may be resolved in short-order.


The Rangers and Sharks have basically agreed to a deal. The only hold up is getting Clowe to agree to go to New York, which he’ll presumably do.

The deal in place by the way is a 2nd and 3rd round pick with a conditional second if Clowe re-signs in New York in exchange for Clowe’s services. The ball is in Clowe’s court.

Update II

And it’s over. The Canucks have lost out on Clowe, who will be headed to Broadway. We’ll break down this near miss in detail later tonight in a seperate post.