Dwight King and @Strombone1: Separated at Birth?


John Hoven (aka The Mayor) is an accredited L.A Kings blogger who runs the incomparable Mayor’s Manor, an L.A. Kings blog that specializes in miscellany. Who got the choice quote from Drew Doughty comparing the whining Coyotes to the whining Canucks? That was Hoven. Drew Doughty talking about how he hates the Canucks other times? Also John Hoven. Dustin Brown praising Dan Hamhuis while his teammates mostly take shots at Kevin Bieksa? If you guessed John Hoven, you’d be right.

All of this is a long-winded way of telling you that John Hoven’s blog is a gold mine. He was at it again today, asking Roberto Luongo about his resemblance with Kings winger Dwight King (pictured above). This was the first I’d ever heard about Luongo’s NHL doppleganger, but looking at some photos the resemblance is actually uncanny.

More on Roberto Luongo’s latest doppleganger after the jump.

Here’s what Luongo had to say about his power-forward twin:

Chris Higgins meanwhile added this barb:

I know Higgins was kidding, but I still feel compelled to clarify that it’s definitely a compliment to be told that you look like Roberto Luongo. I may not have thought that before this summer, but then I saw Luongo’s single ladies dance and reacted like I was Homer Simpson oogling Ned Flanders’ skin tight ski-suit. "Stupid sexy Luongo."

For what it’s worth, Dwight King apparently agrees: “He’s a great looking guy," King told Hoven less than a month ago, “He has a little more Italian in him than me. But, he has a nice look to his face.” I guess Dwight King has never seen this photo then:

So that brings the list of unofficial Roberto Luongo dopplegangers up to four by my count.

The most obvious other one is Sasha Baron Cohen of course:

Russel Brand is another (but only when Luongo’s hair is long):

And finally John Turturro:

What’s odd is that, though Dwight King does look like Luongo, I wouldn’t say Dwight King looks like any of Luongo’s other dopplegangers. There’s just something distinctive, perhaps, about Luongo in particular.

Which reminds me of a story (this is something of a digression but bear with me). About a year ago I interviewed Steve "little Stevie" Van Zandt who was doing press at the time for his Netflix original series Lillyhammer. I asked him what it was like being the "face" of Netflix’s original content offerings (House of Cards was nearly a year away from being released at the time) and he guffawed while answering "oooh and what a face!" I think we can all agree that this anecdote is applicable here.

Oooh! What a face!

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