Afternoon Headshots: March 20th

Credit Dan Fuggles for this one (seriously, click the link)

This not a family newspaper. This is the internet.

Smylosphere, you’re up!

Drance wrote earlier today about the amazing AHL wheel o’ affiliates, here’s the Moon-dog giving his thoughts over at PiTB. Caution: moving parts. [Pass it to Bulis]

The Gman penned an ode to the 70s slapshot. His inspiration: Jannik Hansen. This season *must* be the greatest the Great Dane has ever been. Everything is turning to gold for the hardest-checking alto in the NHL. [The Province]

Noted Twitter-ruffian Wyatt Arndt is turning into something. What it is, I don’t know; he’s reached a new level on the Pantheon, he’s got press box access. Here’s his breakdown of the ‘big win’ over the Blues. (Why is ‘big win’ in quotation marks? It felt fun.) [Legion of Blog]

Wyshinski says Drew Doughty is a big fat baby for whining about the Canucks and Coyotes being whiners. Believe me, he did. [Puckdaddy]

Dave Ebner always tries to bring a different take to Canucks coverage – he is a one-man sports desk at Globe BC, after all – and he’s got some nuggets at the end of his game story that give us some sense of the feeling in the room about AV. I know most of you think guys like me are nuts for not having a problem with the big guy (actually, he’s not that big, I’ve stood next to him) but you know what? I think you’re nuts! [Globe and Mail]

The Canucks put a GoPro camera behind the goal on Saturday. It caught Alex Burrows’ six-seconder on Saturday night… 

Mark Spector’s mostly way off the radar…but I have to give him props for this line: "We applaud his dogged patience, but it has left Vigneault with a Top 6 player dressed in goalie pads and a baseball cap at the end the bench every night, and a wonky team save percentage of .905." It’s from his bit at about Vigneault’s alleged noose. []

A few people noted it today, but Jeff Paterson put it well:

Who is next up? Could it be Darren Archibald? If not him, then Andrew Gordon? Anyway, Elliot Pap thinks someone might be up.

Unless we are going to see some AA on the fourth line.

  • Fred-65

    Holy crap maybe it’s just because it’s getting late but I laughed a lot harder than I should have at you calling HM the moon dog. It’s good to see someone have fun with these entries because I’m sure they can get pretty tiresome for bloggers.