Afternoon Headshots: March 18th

Apparently at least one of today’s How I Met Your Mother re-runs features Cobie expressing her fandom.

Up, down; left, right; Wild, Canucks. It’s how it’s meant to be. 

Or maybe not. It’s never been an enjoyable experience when the Canucks play Minnesota. The first two pairings are balanced. Not sure this matchup ever really is.

Read on for fun from around the Smylosphere and beyond.

At The Province, Ed Willies figures the Wild have a better future than the Canucks. Free agent siginings, some kid named Brodin? Hmmm. [The Province]

The Wolves had a huge punch up with the grimy Rockford Ice Hogs. Frenemy Jordan Bowman broke it down; other frenemy Daniel Wagner broke it down; they both did such a good job, we left it alone. (Which do I favour? Well only one of these gentlemen has blog-mobiled with me, only one has bloged with me.) [Legion of Blog] [Pass it to Bulis]

Over at Nucks Misconduct, nucksandpucks looks back at Henrik’s filthy penalty shot against the Preds last Thursday. Here’s hoping that just like we expected that game to be dour but were proved wrong, tonight it’s the same deal. 7-4 games are miles better than 1-0 shootout wins. [Nucks Misconduct]

 Some more intriguing tweets: 

Well isn’t that interesting…

Mike Burnstein works his 1,500th game as Head Athletic Trainer for the Canucks tonight. I remember when he got hired. He didn’t have a mustache, he was a young guy. Up to that point, trainers had always seemed to be middle-aged guys. That was my perception, anyway. (And this is no knock against his late predecessor, Larry Ashley, who was by all accounts pretty awesome.) has put together a pretty nifty slideshow in his honour. []

"And it’s perfectly clear to anyone who’s watched the last few games that the Wild and the Canucks really don’t like each other. " – this is from Hockey Wilderness. Don’t bother. 

Cam Tucker reports that Scott Arniel, Wolves coach, thinks Nicklas Jensen staying in Chicago is the right thing. Overextended expectations, pressure, you know all that kind of stuff. [Metro]

Pucked in the Head’s Chris Withers chimes in with a sort-of review of the Millionaires sweater. [Pucked in the Head]